‘Doctor Cha’ Episodes 13 And 14 Recap & Ending: How Does Seung Hee Help Jeong Suk?

Doctor Cha was already aware of In Ho’s affair with Seung Hee, but she had decided not to divorce him for the sake of her children. However, she later discovered that Ho had a daughter and that her family had been hiding the truth. Jeong Suk moved out of the house to live on her own, but now In Ho is determined to bring Jeong Suk back and has asked Seung Hee to break up with him. The situation has worsened for In Ho, and he is losing on both fronts as Seung Hee refused to break up with him and Jeong Suk asked him for divorce.

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Jeong Suk’s Mother Learn About Ho’s Affair?

In Ho collapses after Jeong Suk brings up the topic of divorce, but nothing is going to change Jeong Suk’s decision now. She even tells her children about her decision, and as usual, they support her. In Ho kneels before her, but Jeong Suk won’t forgive him. Ho is determined and will do anything to impress her. His small efforts start with bringing her breakfast every day to her dorm, but Jeong Suk is more annoyed than impressed. Meanwhile, Roy Kim has done another good thing for Jeong Suk by saving Jung Min from getting sued. He explained the real cause of the patient’s death to her parents and how Jung Min or anyone else could not possibly have saved her. The parents realized that they were just trying to blame someone out of grief when they already knew that their daughter wasn’t going to survive. Jung Min’s colleagues congratulate him for getting himself out of trouble, but he gets agitated. He doesn’t like that people congratulate him when a patient dies because of him. Jeong Suk thanks Roy Kim for helping Jung Min, and In Ho gets jealous seeing them together. Even Seung Hee tells him that something is going on between Jeong Suk and Roy Kim, and he doesn’t like to hear it.

Jeong Suk’s mother has been sick for some time, and she has given up on finding a treatment after visiting many doctors. She keeps on hiding it from Jeong Suk until Jeong Suk surprisingly finds her in pain one day, alone at home. She insists on getting treated at her hospital, and Seung Hee gets assigned as her doctor in charge. It turns out that Jeong Suk’s mother had already consulted with Seung Hee once. She is happy to have Seung Hee as her doctor, but Jeong Suk asks her to request another doctor. She gives the excuse that Seung Hee is In Ho’s ex-girlfriend from college, but her mother just laughs it off. In Ho has been trying hard to get on Jeong Suk’s good side, but nothing’s working. With Jeong Suk’s mother now in his hospital, he sees it as a perfect opportunity to win over Jeong Suk again. He pays close attention to her mother and shows her how much he is trying for her. He takes Jeong Suk’s mother out for dinner together with his family at his mother’s suggestion, and even though Jeong Suk is not interested in going, she has to go for her mother. She doesn’t want her to know about Ho’s wrongdoings just yet. However, luck is not in their favor. Ho’s mother sees her boyfriend at the restaurant with another woman, who turns out to be his wife. The two women get into a fight, and the other woman calls both In Ho and his mother adulterers, and Jeong Suk’s mother happens to hear it.

Will Roy Kim Reunite With His Biological Mother?

While Jeong Suk’s mother is shocked and fuming mad after learning about In Ho’s affair, In Ho has to keep the situation under control. To add to his worries, Seung Hee arrives at the same restaurant with Eun Seo, and he has to request that she leave to not make things worse for all of them. Seung Hee and Eun Seo leave the restaurant disappointed because they were going to have dinner together for the first time in a long while. Eun Seo is not as upset as she used to get before because she is used to it now. Instead, she asks Seung Hee to move to the USA, where they can start a new life together. Meanwhile, Jeong Suk’s mother scolds In Ho for his affair and Jeong Suk for hiding it. She even guesses that Seung Hee is the one with whom In Ho is having an affair. In Ho requests that Jeong Suk’s mother convince Jeong Suk not to divorce him, but she refuses to solve their issue. She is so mad at them that she refuses to continue her treatment as well. However, she needs to go through urgent surgery because of an abnormality in her brain. Jeong Suk’s mother is relieved from one pain, but her underlying issue is still undiagnosed. Even after multiple tests, the doctors are not able to find out the actual problem.

Roy Kim has been trying to find his biological family, and he has finally found them. Only Jeong Suk knows about him being adopted, so she needs to know the good news first. Roy is both excited and nervous, so he asks Jeong Suk to accompany him to the social services department. Roy finally gets to meet his father and siblings—not his mother because she has passed away—but the meeting is extremely disappointing and heartbreaking. They only agreed to meet him because their father is suffering from cancer and the doctors had suggested an urgent operation for the bone marrow transplant. He doesn’t talk to Jeong Suk after the meeting, but she understands him. Meanwhile, Jeong Suk is thinking about moving her mother to a different hospital with a better neurology department, but Seung Hee will have diagnosed her illness by then. Seung Hee spent sleepless nights researching to find out the illness, so she requested that Jeong Suk let her treat her mother. Jeong Suk’s mother gets better soon, and Jeong Suk thanks Seung Hee for it. Seung Hee feels sympathy for Jeong Suk for the first time as a mother because Irang visited her to apologize to her and told her that she would give up on art school too. Eun Seo is already hurt, and Seung Hee doesn’t want Irang to suffer as well, so she tells Jeong Suk to talk with Irang because all of them have hurt their kids enough.

Everyone is finally coming to their senses and realizing their own mistakes. Jeong Suk’s mother wrote a letter to Seung Hee, as a woman and as a mother, to tell her that it isn’t too late to live an honorable life, and Seung Hee cried reading it. She knows that she is letting herself and Eun Seo down by clinging to In Ho, but she seems to have been making up her mind slowly. Jeong Suk sends a divorce notice to In Ho when he refuses to get a divorce mutually. She can’t hurt herself or those around her anymore. However, Doctor Cha Episode 14, has quite a disturbing and upsetting ending. While Jeong Suk is happy that everything is finally going her way in life, her health seems to have worsened. She suddenly starts getting dizzy and spits out blood, worrying herself.

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