‘Doctor Cha’ Episodes 11 And 12 Recap & Ending: Will Jeong Suk Divorce In Ho?

Doctor Cha found out about her husband’s affair and moved out of the family house to live in the dorms. In Ho realized his mistake after Jeong Suk left the house, and while he was drunk at the medical camp, he accidentally revealed to other doctors that Jeong Suk was his wife. It worsened the situation for In Ho, as Seung Hee got upset with him. Jeong Suk turns a blind eye to In Ho’s affair because she doesn’t want her children to suffer, but later, she finds out that In Ho also had a daughter with Seung Hee, which makes her reconsider her decisions.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Can’t Eun Seo Attend Art School?

Jeong Suk realizes that In Ho has cheated on her for a long time, and now she feels that she was fooled. She loved and cared for him all these years when he was spending time with another woman. Dr. Jeon tries to comfort her by telling her how her father also cheated on her mother. She worries about Jeong Suk because she has seen how much her mother has suffered. Jeong Suk is worried about Irang, and when Jeon tells her that she was also in high school at the time and it was difficult for her to handle, she gets even more worried. Irang has been acting strange lately, and so has Eun Seo. After the two fought, Eun Seo injured her hand, and now she will be unable to attend art school. Seung Hee blames Irang for it, and to infuriate her more, Jeong Suk asks her to quit the hospital to protect the reputation of all three of them. Seung Hee won’t back down and get everything snatched away from her. Seung Hee says that she won’t leave the hospital and that Seung Hee will not break up with In Ho. Jeong Suk had no idea that her children were aware of In Ho’s affair, but In Ho himself let Jeong Suk know about it because she seemed too concerned about them finding out. She meets Irang first because she is the youngest, but she is relieved to know that Irang can handle it. Irang shows support to Jeong Suk, which gives her the power to face what’s coming.


Seung Hee is frustrated because not only is her relationship with In Ho breaking down, but her relationship with her daughter is also getting disturbed. She declares to Jeong Suk that she should be leaving the hospital and In Ho as an apology for stealing In Ho from her twenty years ago. Jeong Suk and Seung Hee are both adamant about their own opinions and In Ho is the one suffering, as deserved. He needs to make a decision about whom to choose. Jeong Suk is too tired because of the drama happening in her life and falls into a deep sleep after taking her medicines. She doesn’t realize that her dorm has caught fire and is filled with smoke. When Roy Kim doesn’t find Jeong Suk anywhere, he goes to her room and saves her at the right time. However, In Ho also comes running for Jeong Suk, and he doesn’t like seeing Jeong Suk in Roy’s arms. As the dorms are going to stay closed for a few days for inspection, Jeong Suk has to find a new place as she won’t go back home. Roy Kim has opened his place for the residents to stay, but Jeong Suk is hesitant to go there alone. So, Dr. Jeon accompanies her so that she won’t feel uncomfortable. In Ho gets angry and jealous of Roy and tries to take out his anger at the meeting when the two get into a fight over budget distribution. Their feud won’t stop anytime soon, as they get into a physical fight while trying to stop two other doctors from fighting.

What Mistake Did Jung Min Make?

There are already rumors about the love triangle between Roy, Jeong Suk, and In Ho, and Jeong Suk is worried that the fight between the two will only add fuel to the fire. Now that Jeong Suk knows about the affair, Roy has become more comfortable calling out In Ho for his mistakes. People are targeting In Ho from every side. Jeong Suk, his mother, his children, Roy and Seung Hee, all want him to make a decision. In Ho took his time and finally came to a conclusion. Seung Hee is desperate to get married to In Ho and have a family with him and Eun Seo, but In Ho doesn’t want the same. He has decided to break her relationship with Seung Hee. He has been relying on Jeong Suk for everything all these years and cannot leave her or their family on their own. In Ho wants to live with them for the rest of his life, asking for their forgiveness. Seung Hee cannot accept his decision and chooses not to break up with him. She is not going to give up until she gets what she wants. On the other hand, Jung Min has broken up with Dr. Jeon, and he is hurting. He loved Dr. Jeon and even thought about marrying her, but things turned out differently. His mood is not good, and he is distracted during work. However, his distraction costs a patient her life. He didn’t pay attention to the patient’s condition, which worsened quickly, and the patient died during the surgery.


Jeong Suk and In Ho need to pay attention to their children, as this issue is affecting them as well, even if they don’t show it. Jung Min has made a big mistake, and the parents of the patient have threatened to sue him for medical negligence. This can be harmful to his career, and he is aware of it. He disappears right after the surgery because he is in shock. Dr. Jeon manages to find him, and even though they are not a couple anymore, she still promises to be by his side until he recovers from this tragedy. Irang’s scores have also dropped, so Jeong Suk has a word with her while In Ho talks with Jung Min. In Ho has always been a daunting parent, but Jeong Suk tells him to handle Jung Min’s issue calmly. In Ho understands Jung Min because he also made mistakes when he was younger and doubted his judgment. He calmly tells Jung Min to learn from his mistakes and assures him that he will take care of the issue so that it won’t harm his career. In Ho’s solution is to blame the family medicine department, where Seung Hee is the chief of the department. When Seung Hee finds out about it, she gets angry and argues with In Ho in front of everyone.

Seung Hee has threatened to expose their affair in the hospital if In Ho tries to break up with her. However, In Ho has made his decision. He goes home to see Jeong Suk preparing food in the kitchen. Both he and his mother wonder if Jeong Suk has come back for good. They don’t remember, but Jeong Suk remembers that it’s her father-in-law’s Memorial Day. In Ho and his mother try to help Jeong Suk, and that’s when Jeong Suk tries to give them hints that it is the last memorial meal she is preparing, but they don’t understand it. In Episode 12, “Doctor Cha” tries to find every possible reason not to divorce In Ho, but she has had enough. She was holding back for her children, but they already knew and were more worried about her. She needs to get out of the constant cycle of fights and wants to regain her pride. She announces to In Ho that she will file for divorce, but right at that moment, In Ho collapses.


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