‘Doctor Cha’ Ending, Explained: Does Jeong Suk Get Another Transplant?

Doctor Cha had given up on her career as a doctor in her resident year after she got pregnant with her first child and had to get married to In Ho. In Ho was in a long-distance relationship with Seung Hee at the time, and Seung Hee was welcomed back from the USA with this shocking news. After finishing her studies, Seung Hee went to the USA again, and some years later, she met In Ho again briefly during a conference. However, even in their short time together, they got intimate, and Seung Hee got pregnant. In Ho didn’t know about it until Seung Hee returned to Korea with her daughter. In Ho and Seung Hee started dating again while Jeong Suk was clueless and busy being a housewife. She had been diligent in her roles as a mother and a wife, but after almost facing death, she questioned her life choices. She made a huge decision to restart her career, which was challenging yet rewarding. She was happy with her new life, but then she found out about Ho’s affair. After a lot of contemplation, she decided to get a divorce, and another tragedy happened. Jeong Suk’s health had been worsening because of her failed liver transplant, and she needed another transplant, but she had different plans this time.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Jeong Suk React To Roy’s Confession?

Both Roy Kim and In Ho are ready to donate their livers to Jeong Suk, but she refuses to receive them from either of them. She doesn’t want to get tied to In Ho when she is trying to get a divorce from him, and she doesn’t want Roy Kim, a young man with a life ahead of him, to go this far for her, since she is nothing more than a friend. She is ready to accept her death if nothing else works out. Roy still tries to convince her to get a transplant from a living donor while she still can instead of waiting for a dead person. Jeong Suk is still not sure what to do and requests that Roy give her some time to think about it. She goes to her family’s home and packs her remaining things. As if she is expecting herself to die soon, she makes side dishes for her family and writes a letter to her children after going through the old photo albums. Ho has been feeling upset and guilty, which helps him make a big decision. He signs the divorce papers and requests that Jeong Suk receive his liver without any burden. He expresses that he wants to see her alive and healthy, at least as the mother of his children, if not his wife. Meanwhile, Seung Hee decides to quit working at her current hospital to run the hospital that her father left behind. Along with this, she also breaks up with In Ho, but they decide to stay on good terms as friends and parents of Eun Seo.


Jeong Suk agrees to get a transplant, and In Ho goes through with the surgery despite being scared. Both he and his mother regret not doing it sooner. The surgery is successful, and right after the surgery, Jeong Suk and In Ho finalize their divorce officially. Ho has been promoted to the position of director of the hospital, but he feels empty because he doesn’t have his family to celebrate with him. If he hadn’t made a mistake, he would have had a happy family with him. However, he is trying to be a good father now to both Irang and Eun Seo. After Eun Seo learns about his divorce, she asks both In Ho and her mother to get back together but quickly realizes that it is not going to happen. Seung Hee is happier now that she has broken up with In Ho and is running her own hospital. Ho also mentions to her that it would be too shameless of him to go back to her mother after everything that has happened. On the other hand, Roy Kim finally confesses his feelings to Jeong Suk and gets rejected right away. Jeong Suk wants to live her remaining life just for herself and also suggests to Roy that he should date someone suitable and try having a family.

What Is Jeong Suk Doing Now?

Three years have passed, and Jeong Suk has opened her own clinic after finishing her residency. Jeong Suk is living her life to the fullest and also runs a cafe specializing in healthy salads. She has also been featured in a medical magazine for her unique approach to building healthy eating habits in her patients. She gets the motorcycle license that she has always wished for ever since she saw Roy Kim on his bike. She is grateful for the life she has been gifted twice and uses it to help others. She often volunteers to help elderly patients in rural towns and has been consistent in doing so. She still meets Roy Kim for regular checkups and is happy to know that he has met another woman and is in a serious relationship with her. Meanwhile, In Ho has become busier than ever because of all the surgeries he is performing at Seung Hee’s request. Seung Hee has dedicated herself to her own hospital and has signed a deal with In Ho’s hospital. In Ho has been tired lately, but he also helps Jeong Suk with volunteering activities. Meanwhile, Jung Min has completed his military service and is working as an army doctor. However, he is thinking about returning to the surgery department at his previous hospital.


Jung Min is still dating Dr. Jeon, and they are thinking about getting married soon. Irang has also started studying at the art school. Irang had given up on art school, but Seung Hee told her not to feel guilty and to do what she wanted to do. Eun Seo has let go of all the hate toward In Ho and her mother since Jeong Suk told her that none of the things in her life were her fault, so she should live happily without any hard feelings toward anyone. Jeong Suk finally found her place in her life. Even though it was late, Jeong Suk followed her passion and became a doctor. Now, she lives her life however she wants without worrying about anything or anyone.

‘Doctor Cha’ Season 2: Expectations

Doctor Cha Episode 16 ended with Jeong Suk embarking on a new journey in her life. She endured all the obstacles and hardships and overcame them with a will to succeed. She often felt disappointed and wanted to give up on everything, but luck always worked in her favor and gave her reasons not to. One might call her life pitiful for everything she has been through, but all the challenges have only led her to an even better life. Jeong Suk has achieved all her dreams, and yet she still keeps on dreaming while living a passionate life. She was such a positive character, and we would love to see more of her. She is an amazing doctor, and Doctor Cha Season 2 also has an amazing opportunity to create a show around her life as a doctor and her patients. Many medical dramas have gained popularity and appreciation with this concept, and Doctor Cha could be an addition to that list.


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