‘Dhak Dhak’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Manpreet, Sky, And Uzma?

The question of whether the journey is more important than the destination looms large in the film Dhak Dhak. The director, Tarun Dudeja, deserves accolades for making this wonderful piece on wanderlust. The amazing cast of the female-oriented film includes renowned actresses who grace the screen with their presence and performance. How a wonderful group of four female bikers overcome obstacles and reach their desired destination has been beautifully portrayed in the film. Will the bikers be able to connect with each other’s stories and understand each other better? Will they be able to fulfill their dreams as they get to know themselves better? Let’s find out the answers to these questions through the detailed summary and ending of Dhak Dhak.


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What Are Sky’s Dreams?

Sky is a renowned social media influencer with a lot of followers. She has a dream of covering a unique story that will change her life forever. She comes across a guy while making a video on bikers for her channel, and he tells her that his grandmother is a bike enthusiast. She approaches Manpreet to cover her story, and she expresses her wish to go to Khardungla Pass. Initially, Sky refuses, but later, when she sees her enthusiasm, she agrees to cover her story. She also sees her benefit in it, as she knows that covering her story would be good for her career. She decides to make the documentary on Manpreet’s enthusiasm as a biker making her first ever trip at the age of 60. She also inspires two other women to accompany them on their way to Khardungla Pass. Her free-spirited nature is contagious, and she passes it on to the other three fellow bikers. She is the brain of the trip, but after an accident that leaves her without her shooting equipment, she loses her enthusiasm to carry on with them. Later, however, she joins them back, as she realizes how important the trip is for Manpreet.


What Inspiration Did Manpreet Have?

A 60-year-old lady decides to ride her bike to Khardungla Pass after winning the bike in a lottery. Initially, she tries selling it off, but when she later learns to ride it, she becomes enthusiastic about making the trip. If Sky was the brain of the trip, then Manpreet was the soul, and it was she who helped others bond during the trip. Despite being the eldest in the group, she was inspired by the unwavering spirit of the women in the group. She did not want to spend the rest of her life being a burden to her daughters and her sons-in-law. She wanted to prove to them that she was worth something, even at her age. She agrees to Sky making a documentary on her and is seen to be the most energetic one in the group. She also forms a bond with a stranger during the trip when she falls sick, and he, along with the other girl, decides to help her out in the situation. She, however, fondly remembers her husband all throughout the trip and tells others how supportive he is of her. She spends the most amazing time of her life and gives up on her fear that she will be judged for her failures. 

How Did Uzma’s View Change After She Met the Other Ladies?

Uzma, a housewife but a very talented bike mechanic, is shown to be repressed by her husband. He is chauvinistic and wants her to do things as per his wishes. When he says that he won’t be supporting their daughter’s education and buys her a laptop, she embarks on the journey along with Sky and others, as Sky offers her money in exchange for coming with them on the trip. Sky wanted to take her along because she saw her talent for repairing bikes and thought that it would come in handy if any of the bikes malfunctioned. While on the trip, Uzma finds her old self and finds a life away from her husband’s tyrannical oppression. She had initially decided to go halfway with them on the trip, but later, when she gels well with them, she decides to go all the way to Khardungla Pass with them. Her helpful nature is brought out when she decides to help a group of fellow travelers when their car gets stuck on the road due to fog. She ties a searchlight to the rear end of their own bikes to show them the way. She transforms into a bold woman and is seen threatening her husband that she would oust him from the motor vehicle company that her father had handed over to him. She does that to ensure that her husband withdraws the police complaint. He had made a false complaint on the basis of a woman stealing a bike and fleeing from his shop. She does that to ensure that she is able to reach Manpreet on time with an oxygen cylinder when she falls severely ill. This portrays the bond that the women have developed within a short period of time!


What Obstacles Do They Face in Their Journey?

The women face a lot of difficulties on their trip, but they manage to help each other out through every situation. When Manjari meets with an accident and loses her track, the others worry about her and decide to wait for her in a motel. They all come together to celebrate Uzma’s birthday when they realize that she has been missing her daughter after being away from her for a while. The women also face a sudden problem when they meet with an accident and the police get involved, and they find that Sky is carrying drugs. The police demand a hefty bribe from them, and they manage to rid her of the situation by contributing money out of their own pockets. They go to a cheap motel to rest, and the manager of the motel manages to drug them with weed cookies and record their video. He uses that video to gain more social media attention to promote his motel, and it goes viral in a short timeframe. The others later think that it was Sky who leaked their footage but find out the truth later and stick by each other in the difficult situation. Sky’s luggage and bike washed away in a sudden flood, and when the others saw that her urge to continue the trip had died out, they tried motivating her. The motivation, however, doesn’t seem to work initially, and she decides to leave but comes back later for the sake of their bond. When Manpreet falls sick, the others frantically go out in search of medicines and oxygen cylinders for her. They stand by each other throughout the trip in every difficult situation, which helps them make it a success eventually!

Final Thoughts

Dhak Dhak is quite inspiring for travelers who want to explore the world and have a lust to see the world and have new experiences. The guts of the four travelers who rely on each other are incredible. They manage to deal with every situation hand in hand and finally manage to achieve their goal of reaching the mountain top. The dedication and perseverance with which the travelers manage to complete their journey despite their challenges are very inspirational. The way traveling shapes an individual’s life and the way it changes their outlook towards life has been portrayed in the film Dhak Dhak. The plot of the film is very beautiful and shows how traveling can heal an individual in the long run.


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