‘Devil In Ohio’ The Book Of Covenants, Explained: What Cultic History Does The Book Carry?

“Devil In Ohio” revolves around the lives of Dr. Suzanne Mathis and her patient Mae Dodd. Suzanne had a beautiful life until Mae stepped in and ruined everything for her and the Mathis family. Mae was found in a deadly condition, wherein her back was brutally carved with a pentagram. She escaped for her life and ended up in the Remmingham Memorial Hospital, wherein she was treated by Suzanne herself. At first, Mae was desperately stuck in a trance wherein nobody could make her speak, but with time, Mae opened up to Suzanne and shared all the inside details of her cult. Well, Suzanne delved into Mae’s well-being completely, and in this process, she forgot to mingle with her children and their lives. The family of five had three beautiful daughters: Helen, Jules, and Dani. They all wanted their mother to come out from Mae’s shadows, but this didn’t happen until it became too late.


Throughout the “Devil In Ohio,” viewers will get more insight into the shocking revelations of Mae’s birthplace, Amon County, Ohio. With each piece, Suzanne connected all the dots since her cult represented various animals and signs as a part of their daily prayer. Moreover, the whole cult believed in the presence of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel. Their history dates back thousands of years, when the people of Amontown were led by a crow to live a new life with abundant crops and a better livelihood. But, Suzanne knew that Mae was under a lot of negative influence because she was misguided by the cultic history of Amontown. Whatever history the younger generation was exposed to, it didn’t contain the entire truth. Moreover, they hid many facts about the past, causing the younger ones to believe that sacrificing themselves is indeed an important goal in their life.

That’s the reason Mae couldn’t leave her past behind. Even though she escaped the county, her beliefs were stuck in her mind. The biggest proof for this would be Mae’s way of asking favors from Lucifer and her aim was to acquire all the love from the Mathis family, she placed some of their items in there and made her wishes. Amid this process, Suzanne caught her, and here Mae shared more details about her wish place. Moreover, Suzanne also got to know about the existence of the Amontown cult as well, and Mae reveals that she’s still a target since she broke the chain! If the chain is broken, Mae will be struck down with Lucifer’s wrath, and she further reveals that this happened to a young boy named Enoch from the same town.


Enoch became the ‘light bearer,’ that is, the ‘chosen one.’ But his motives were entirely different from those of the people residing in Amontown. As a ritualistic practice, Enoch was supposed to burn down Michael Calvo’s barn, but his compassion towards other people couldn’t make him do it. So, to pay the price, Wilkins threw him into the fire, but miraculously he was saved, and now he has changed his entire identity and well-being. On the other hand, Mae was fooled by Enoch’s story, and her father, Malachi Dodd, lied to her saying Enoch was struck down by lightning. Suzanne knew she had to get Mae out of this trance, but Enoch’s story was not the only one which was used to fool her. Many other children from the cult were misguided by the ‘Book of Covenants.’ The whole story of the book revolves around the ancestors of Amontown, that is, Caleb and Seamus.

Caleb and Seamus were heartbroken by the calamities that their people had to face in their hometown, Connemara, Ireland. After all their desperate attempts to survive, the people of Connemara were dying. At that time, these people followed Yahweh, but still, nothing helped.  They had to face a catastrophic failure in their lives. When everything seemed to be breaking down, Caleb was enlightened by the presence of a crow, and he knew this message was not sent from Heaven. Instead, the crow was a messenger from Hell. Little by little, Caleb began to trust the messenger since he revealed that the people of Connemara could lead a happy life if they followed “Lucifer, The Granter of Wishes.” Caleb knew this was the right choice since young children and his own family were dying of famine. Caleb spread his word to the existing people of Connemara, and everyone clung to his hope, except for one person, that was Seamus’ wife, Mary. 


According to the conventions of Amontown, Mae got to know an entirely different aspect of the story, which was false. Caleb put forth a proposal to wed Mary, but Mary refused as she still had to deal with the pain of losing Seamus, and this marked her pure, for which she turned herself into an offering and sacrificed her soul for the betterment of the whole cult. Now she has become the first link in this chain. This phenomenon was later coined as’ Sliocht An Diabhail’ or “The Devil’s Own.” But in reality, Enoch revealed that Mary was killed, as she was burned alive by Caleb since she refused to marry him, and this whole story was covered up with faith. Now, the same thing was destined to happen with Mae as well. Since the town met with famine again, Mae had to sacrifice herself and make a pact of marriage with the First Prophet. Suzanne saved her from the painful memories of Amon Town, but little did she know that she had become a part of Mae’s wishes as well.

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