‘Desperate Lies’ Spoilers And Series Recap: Is Oscar Dead?

After watching the trailer for the upcoming Bollywood movie Bad Newz, I stumbled upon something really mind-blowing—superfecundation. It’s a rare condition where a woman can get pregnant by two different men at the same time. Yes, that means she can have twins with different fathers! Who knew this was even possible? This fascinating and somewhat shocking scenario also pops up in the Netflix series Desperate Lies. Here’s how the story goes: Liana, the main character, gets pregnant by her husband, Tomas, and also by a man named Oscar, who unfortunately forced himself on her. As a result, Liana ends up having twins with two different dads: Mateus, Tomas’ son, and Marcos, Oscar’s son. This situation totally turns their lives upside down and leads to all kinds of chaos and drama. There are so many questions that come to mind: How did Tomas cope with this situation? Did Mateus and Marcos ever find out about their different fathers? Was Liana okay with everything that happened? Let’s find out all the answers from the recap of the series, Desperate Lies.


Spoilers Ahead

What did Tomas do after knowing the truth about the pregnancy? 

Liana and Tomas had what you’d definitely call a rocky marriage. They were far from perfect, but both loved kids and thought having children might help solve their problems. However, things got complicated when Tomas started to see having sex with Liana as a chore. This led him to cheat on her with a woman named Claudia. When Liana confronted him, Tomas walked out on her and blamed her for putting pressure on him. This broke Liana’s heart. To drown her sorrows, Liana went to a bar, where she met Oscar, her late brother Lucas’ best friend. Oscar had always had a crush on her, and they ended up flirting. After a drunken night, Oscar took her home as a gentleman. But that was all pretending. Liana begged him to leave, but he didn’t listen and forced himself on her despite her saying no.


Meanwhile, Tomas got into an accident and was hospitalized. Liana was devastated. She felt terrible guilt, couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror, and felt like she was the one who had committed a sin. After Tomas recovered, they decided to move on and forget the past. Little did she know, she was pregnant with twins from two different fathers—a rare occurrence called superfecundation. Liana was terrified about the pregnancy after knowing Oscar might be the father of one of the babies, while the other was Tomas’. Scared and unsure, she considered having an abortion. But this was a child she had longed for, and Tomas was over the moon about it, as was the rest of the family. So, after gathering her courage, Liana decided to tell Tomas the truth. He felt betrayed and shocked. After much discussion, they decided that after the babies were born, they would keep Tomas’ child and give Oscar’s child to a couple named Sergio and Betina. However, after the babies were born, Liana couldn’t go through with it. The twins, Mateus and Marcos, needed each other. As soon as Marcos was given to Sergio and Betina, Mateus’ health started deteriorating. Liana couldn’t bear to lose either of her children. Despite Tomas’ protests, she took Marcos back from Sergio and Betina. Despite never wanting to in the first place, Tomas had to raise both children as his own.

How Did Oscar Die?

Even though Tomas raised both children, Mateus and Marcos, he could never get past the fact that Marcos wasn’t his biological son. He often picked fights with Marcos, blaming him for everything because he couldn’t forget that Oscar, a criminal, was Marcos’ father. Liana begged Tomas to treat both boys the same, but Tomas just couldn’t do it. His resentment was so strong that he even sent Nelson, a police officer, to Oscar’s bar to get him arrested for dealing drugs. Oscar was then sent to Argentina. Life seemed to settle down until Oscar came back. He was in huge debt, and his new bar wasn’t doing well. When Nelson told him that Tomas was behind his arrest, Oscar was puzzled. Why the hatred? Was Tomas jealous because Oscar had slept with Liana? Then, after meeting the kids, Oscar noticed that Marcos looked exactly like him. This made him suspect that Marcos might be his son, and Tomas had tried to hide this fact by sending him away. He was so determined to uncover the truth that Oscar took help from Claudia, who was the boys’ coach, to help him get a DNA test. The test confirmed that he was indeed Marcos’ father. Oscar saw this as an opportunity to extort Tomas and Liana. He didn’t want to be a father; he just wanted to use the information for his own benefit. He demanded a million dollars from them so that he could repay his debts. When Oscar confronted Liana and Tomas at their home, Tomas was furious. He couldn’t take it anymore, and in a fit of rage, he fired his gun and killed Oscar on the spot.


What happened to Tomas? 

This incident turned Tomas, Liana, and their family’s lives upside down. Tomas was sent to prison for 12 years without parole. The Tomas who entered prison and the one who came out were completely different people. During his time in prison, Tomas did a lot of thinking. He realized that by hiding the truth about his wife’s “infidelity,” which was actually rape, he ended up suffering the most. So to take revenge, he began sleeping with Claudia again while he was in prison after she confessed her part in the DNA test scheme. Tomas stopped meeting with Liana and hated receiving letters from Marcos, who wrote to him often. Eventually, Tomas convinced himself that only the truth could set him free. Tomas became a leader in prison and managed to get out within six years for good behavior. Once out, he just caused chaos. He threatened to tell everyone that Liana had an affair with Oscar and that he had been raising two kids he never wanted. He even posted videos on social media as part of his political scheme to gain empathy from people calling Liana a liar and a cheater, despite being the one who cheated on her when he was in jail.

Liana wanted to keep this truth hidden for the kids’ sake, but she had no choice but to reveal it. Marcos initially struggled to accept it and felt abandoned by his family. However, Liana and Mateus stood by his side by giving him a sense of belonging, and he eventually accepted the truth. Tomas, who tried to ruin their lives because he spent years in jail, ended up destroying his own life. His obsession with appearing to be a truth-seeker was purely selfish. He claimed to do it for Mateus, but Mateus ended up hating his father for his actions and true colors. Tomas divorced Liana and married Claudia, and at their wedding, Oscar’s father tried to kill Tomas for revenge. And guess who came to save Tomas? Marcos. He did not want Mateus to lose his father, as he had lost his own. So he stopped the attack. Despite saving Tomas, Marcos received no gratitude from him. Tomas was just too proud and saw it as Marcos’ duty as he practically raised him. This was the final straw for both Marcos and Mateus, who lost all respect for Tomas. Mateus abandoned his father and chose to live a peaceful life with his mother, Liana, and brother, Marcos.


But Tomas’ downfall didn’t end there. His pride and rage turned everyone against him. He wanted to be superior, but now Liana was the one speaking the real truth, sharing her story, and gaining followers and respect. Tomas, on the other hand, faced the opposite. His political career ended because of his selfish agenda, and he ended up back in the place he hated the most—prison. How did that happen? Tomas became so vengeful against Liana, Mateus, and Marcos that he tried to set their house on fire. Luckily, the police arrived just in time and arrested him. His version of the truth never set him free; instead, it ruined everything for him. As for Liana, Mateus, and Marcos, they ended up living together peacefully, and here the real truth actually sets them free. It was a hard battle, but they overcame it together. We can only hope Tomas doesn’t get out of prison anytime soon to disrupt their lives again in the future. But I think no matter what he does, he won’t ruin anything, because hatred and vengeance never win. Only love does. After all, despite Tomas’ numerous attempts to separate the brothers, he couldn’t. Marcos and Mateus, like two peas in a pod, belong together.

Sutanuka Banerjee
Sutanuka Banerjee
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