‘Demon Slayer’ Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

While taking time to set the stage and stakes for the inevitable final conflict between Muzan Kibutsuji’s horde of demons and the Demon Slayers led by the Hashiras, the fourth season of Demon Slayer has progressed at a relatively slower pace, but with the fourth episode, we can’t help but feel that the anime adaptation is really stretching the very barest of plot points to make an entire episode. With bare minimum action and not much character work either, this doesn’t feel like the way to deal with one of the most popular anime in recent years, and with such slow pacing from a ten-episode-long season, a fan outcry is bound to happen sooner or later. 


Previously, Tanjiro had completed his training with former Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui and provided the amateur Demon Slayer trainees with some solid motivation to match up with Tengen’s stringent training regime. A new, unknown fourth Upper Moon of Muzan’s rank is shown to be keeping literal and figurative ‘eyes’ over the novice members of the corps, implying that the lord of the demons is well aware of every detail about the Hashiras. Wind Hashira Shinazugawa and Serpent Hashira Obanai seem a bit fed up with the routine duty of training the novices and want to put their skills to the test by battling each other instead. The painstakingly slow fourth episode of this ongoing season sees Tanjiro training with Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito, whose swordsmanship is the key highlight of the episode.

Spoilers Ahead


How Did Tokito’s Training With The Novice Trainees Go?

If honing physical and mental strength was the focus of Tengen Uzui’s training in the previous episode, the emphasis of Tokito’s training is solely on swordsmanship skills. As Tanjiro meets with Tokito, he gets surprised to see that Mist Hashira has brought Kozo Kanamori, the talented swordsmith from Swordsmith village, to give him a permanent refuge in his residence, as he wants his swords to always remain in their best condition. From the way Tokito’s sword cuts through a paper plane in a static position, Tanjiro realizes how serious Tokito is about his blades. 

However, one point of similarity between Tengen and Tokito is that both of them are extremely strict with the novice members of the corps. As Tokito manages to knock the trainees down over and over while dueling and point out their flaws, they begin to feel discouraged. Some of the trainees request that Tanjiro plead with Tokito to dial it down a few notches, but Tanjiro rightly opines that the relentless training of the trainees is actually more punishing on Tokito himself. 


How Did the Battle Among the Three Hashiras Go?

Training the members of the corps during the day, Tokito spends the night honing his own skills by battling against other Hashiras. As the episode reveals, at night, Tokito goes out and interferes in the training battle between Shinazugawa and Obanai and takes on both the Hashiras in a fierce duel. The battle gets tense to such an extent that one misstep could cause grievous injury to either of them, and therein lies the significance of Hashira training. 

As Obanai asks Tokito about the status of novice training, he informs them about Tanjiro’s progress, which grabs Shinazugawa’s attention almost instantly. The hothead Wind Hashira gets excited at he prospect of besting Tanjiro and showing him the difference in strength level between adept Slayers and a Hashira. It should be mentioned that, much like in the previous episode, Muzan’s ‘eyes’ are still hovering over the Hashiras, as the new fourth Upper Moon keeps a tab on the activities of Tokito when he ventures outside at night. Battle preparations are underway on both fronts; the difference is that Muzan and his lackeys are more informed than the slayers. 


Was Tanjiro able to complete Tokito’s training?

Tokito’s sword training resumes the next day, and noticing a lack of urgency among the trainees, Tokito surprises everyone by asking for real katana instead of wooden training swords. The trainee facing him almost goes through a panic attack and forfeits before even taking his stance. Seeing the trainees scared, Tokito states that he appreciates the way they have held their own so far and wants them to survive in the fierce, unforgiving battle against the demons, which is why he has been so tough on them since the beginning. 

Tanjiro clashes his sword with Tokito’s and impresses the Mist Hashira with his improved temperament and stance. Tokito reveals that Tanjiro has successfully passed his training and is ready to move forward to train with other Hashiras. Tanjiro keeps his promise to the trainees by asking Tokito for a paper plane flying challenge and mentioning that Tokito has to go easy on them if Tanjiro wins. We learn that Tanjiro had known from Kanamori that making paper planes was one of Tokito’s favorite hobbies, which is why he brought up this odd request all of a sudden. However, like sword fighting, Tokito’s skills are unparalleled in paper plane flying as well, as he easily bests Tanjiro on every occasion. But seeing the Mist Hashira opening up a bit and being way more approachable than they earlier thought, the novice trainees start bonding with him as all of them engage in making paper planes and flying them in unison. This brings a smile to Tokito’s face, justifying the title of the episode in the process. 


Later, as Tanjiro is about to take leave, Tanjiro reveals to Tokito that he knows full well how important it is to prepare for Muzan’s forces, as Tanjiro’s sister, Nezuko’s ability to withstand the sun (despite having demonic affliction), has already resulted in dark forces planning their way to overwhelm the Slayers. Tanjiro mentions that the only reason he is able to train with Hashiras without worrying about his sister is because she is in the safe hands of his mentor, Sakonji Urokodaki. The episode comes to an end with Tanjiro vowing to get stronger and Tokito strengthening his resolve to finally end Muzan together. Barring a few strong moments, overall the fourth episode didn’t serve much purpose as a whole and seems more like a filler episode—not the good one at that as well. Hopefully, as Tanjiro moves to train with other Hashiras, more actions will follow, and a direct conflict with Muzan’s forces will be showcased instead of jam-packing the finale.

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