‘Demon Slayer’ Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained

When it comes to inspiration, actions speak louder than words—a resolution that forms the crux of the third episode of the ongoing season of Demon Slayer, as Tanjiro, as an adept slayer, is given the heavy duty of taking on the responsibility of helping the novice trainees of the Demon Slayer corps. The Hashira training arc isn’t merely limited to the Hashira and our main team of Slayers getting empowered; it also focuses on strengthening the entire organization to stand against Muzan’s Demon Horde. 


Previously, Lady Tamayo had accepted Kagaya’s invitation to join the Demon Slayers and assist Shinobu Kocho in formulating a plan to take down Muzan. However, Shinobu isn’t too keen on the prospect of joining hands with a demon, and she prepares to train her apprentice, Kamao, for the upcoming battle against demons. On the other hand, Tanjiro tries to convince the reserved Water Hashira, Tomioka Giyu, to join the other Hashiras in training, but to no avail. However, as Tanjiro’s sincere words remind Tomioka of his memory of his late best friend, Sabito, he agrees to his request. 

Spoilers Ahead


Why is Tengen pushing the Demon Corps trainees to maximum?

The episode begins with the former Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, putting the novice Demon Corps students through a rigorous training regimen. Either the novice corps members are too weak or Tengen’s drills are extremely tough, but whatever the case, it becomes quite clear that Tengen is getting pretty restless about preparing the students for the upcoming struggle against the demons. 

As Tanjiro arrives to assist Tengen in training by performing the training regimen by himself, viewers are reminded of the past events during the Entertainment District arc. Tengen’s three wives, Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru, had gone missing in an undercover mission in Entertainment District, and the young protagonist quartet, Tanjiro, Inosuke, Nezuko, and Zenitsu, had helped the former Sound Hashira battle against the Kizuki demon siblings Gyutaro and Daki. Ultimately, after a grueling battle that cost Tengen an eye and an arm, the demon slayer team was able to end the demons for good and rescue Tengen’s wives. In the aftermath, Tengen had quit his role as Hashira due to his injuries, but he continued to long for battles, and having first-hand experience of the strength of Muzan’s lackeys, he was not willing to take it easy on the novice corps members while training. The physical and mental pressure exerted during the training will result in the corps being prepared a little better than usual. However, despite all his strictness, Tengen cares deeply for the students, as his wives share with Tanjiro that he refuses his meals until all his students are able to complete their given drills and return to safety under his watch. 


In a sequence that is set as a continuation of the previous episode, Tanjiro reminisces about convincing Giyu to join the Hashiras for training by participating in the Soba eating challenge. It seems like he has unlocked a side of Tomioka that was hidden so far inside his emotional barrier, and ultimately, it will help him better acquaint himself with other Hashiras as well.

Did Shinazugawa and Obanai Learn Anything About the Infinite Castle?

On the other hand, Serpent Hashira Iguro Obanai and Sanemi Shinazugawa meet and discuss the future and express their concern about the current state of the novice corps, who are nowhere near ready to take on Muzan’s lackeys. The Hashiras ponder about their past interaction with a demon (the first episode of the fourth season) who had escaped inside the mysterious castle through a folding-dimensional gateway. In reality, neither of them have any idea about Muzan’s lair, the Infinite Castle, and are ignorant about the extent of the threat they are about to face. To test their abilities, Obanai and Sanemi decide to battle each other, which will be highlight of the upcoming episode. Meanwhile, as some of the novice corps members venture on night patrol duties as part of their demon slayer training, an unknown new fourth Kizuki of Muzan is seen spying on them. Once again, this will be explored in the upcoming episodes of the season. 


How Did Tanjiro Inspire the Novice Demon Slayer Corps?

As Tanjiro participates in Tengen’s training, he quite obviously outperforms others by a huge margin, exemplifying the extreme difference in physical and mental prowess between him and the new recruits. The newbies seem taken aback a bit, wondering whether they are even qualified to take on the role of demon slayers in the future. 

To test their mettle, Tengen pits all of them, including Tanjiro, against himself, and initially he makes quick work of the majority of the corps members. Tanjiro holds his ground and gets extremely surprised to see that even with Tengen’s arm and eye gone, he is able to keep him on his toes constantly. Tanjiro tries his best to keep up and protect the remaining corps, an act that inspires the members greatly as they join the attack in unison by letting go of their insecurities and self-doubt. Although the Tanjiro-led corps hasn’t managed to defeat Tengen per se, it can surely be said that their sensei is immensely proud of their willingness to progress.


As the episode comes to an end, Tanjiro returns to Butterfly Mansion and sees Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito landing blows on trainees as part of his training regime. With all the Hashiras waiting to go all out in the upcoming battle, we need to see some action real soon after the slow-paced beginning provided by the first three episodes. 

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