‘Demon Slayer’ Season 3, Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Tanjiro Save Nezuko From Sekido?

The fourth episode of Demon Slayer arrived and showcased its brilliant animation, but there’s no respite in sight for the slayers, at least for a while. Instead, trouble is increasing for the Kamado twins as the Hantengu demon keeps sprouting clones and coming at them from every possible direction. Moreover, the vase demon Gyokko is lurking in the shadows, waiting to reveal itself as it’s blood demon art – the fish demons terrorize the village. Find out what happens in Episode 4.


Spoilers Ahead

Tokito’s Resolve

The episode picks up immediately from where we’d last seen the demon slayer as Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito attacks the fish demon and manages to sever its head, but it regenerates. This is where Tokito notices the odd vase on its back, making him realize it’s a blood demon art, and destroying the vase kills the fish. Kotestu tearfully thanks Tokito for saving his life and then begs him to help the swordsmiths Kanroji and Haganezuka. Although initially disinterested, he’s reminded of what the master of the corps, Kagaya, had told him as Tokito lay in bed with severe injuries. Kagaya had said that the Mist Hashira would remember his past memories and the mist inside his head would be gone, but for now, he should just focus on healing. With new enthusiasm, Tokito declares that he’s the Mist Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps and recognizes his duty.


Tanjiro’s Brainwave 

Meanwhile, the winged demon Urogi charges at Tanjiro with its claws out. In an instant, Tanjiro slices the demon into two, which makes it sprout two faces, and the two heads continue the screeching attack. Tanjiro is discombobulated, but he realizes that the intensity has been halved, which means the demons can’t be split infinitely. Additionally, he also understands that slicing the demons’ tongues, where the emotions they represent are written in Kanji, weakens them. The demon Urogi, which symbolizes Joy, manages to slice Tanjiro repeatedly after he manages to slice the demon one more time and is quick to heal itself before flying out of Tanjiro’s sword range.

Realizing Nezuko and Genya are in trouble, Tanjiro works out a plan and starts running toward the building, making Urogi chase him. Just as the demon is bringing its talons down on him, Tanjiro uses his sword to penetrate Urogi and use its momentum to fly towards the building. He realizes that the light weight of this demon is helping Tanjiro fly with it as they cut through the air towards the building.


Genya The Gunman

Inside the building, Karaku, the demon that symbolizes pleasure, is enjoying itself as it fights Nezuko, while the sad demon Aizetsu has stabbed Genya through the chest with his spear. When Aizetsu wants to focus on Nezuko, Genya uses his shotgun to blow the demon’s head off, but it quickly heals, and then he pulls the spear out, effectively ending Genya’s life—or so the demons think. Genya starts reciting the Amida Sutra and appears behind Aizetsu to blow his head off, but Sekido uses his Khakkhara to shock Genya. However, the Wind Hashira’s brother proceeds to shoot Sekido’s arm off while having electricity surge through his body. Aizetsu regains control of the situation by hitting Genya with his spear to send him flying to the other room. Considering the fight with Genya is much more exhilarating, Karaku wants to finish off Nezuko, but she uses her demonic strength to kick the demon several times and uses her blood demon art to light Karaku on fire. She then sends the demon flying into the night by using its fan to blow a gust of wind at it. However, the same technique doesn’t work with Sekido because it stops her in her tracks and impales her with its Khakkhara.

Aizetsu is surprised that Genya isn’t dead yet, and he once again chants the Amida Sutra before claiming that he’ll be the one to kill the demon. Just then, Tanjiro crashes into the building, using Urogi as his shield, and Sekido is shocked to see two demons have been taken out of commission.


How Does Tanjiro Save Nezuko From Sekido?

Sekido makes another Khakkhara appear out of thin air and uses it to attack Tanjiro, but he uses Urogi’s foot to absorb the electricity. Since both Sekido and Urogi share the same cells, the current doesn’t pass through, and the angry demon Sekido is surprised at Tanjiro’s fighting acumen. He uses the same foot as an insulator to pull the electric rod from his sister’s body and free her. She used her blood demon art on Sekido, and the demon didn’t see it coming. However, the sibling team is taken down when Karaku returns and uses its fan to send a gust of wind that makes the siblings collapse down to the lower floors, rendering them unconscious. Sekido, Aizetsu, and Karaku gather at the edge of the hole the siblings have fallen through like vultures and plan to finish them off. Meanwhile, numerous fish demons attack the Swordsmiths’ Village, and the hapless smiths try their best to fend off the demons, but their attempts are futile. We find the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji running towards the village to protect the village and save the people as the episode draws to a close. 

Tanjiro has previously shown his fighting acumen as well, and this time, even a demon had to appreciate how fast the young slayer could devise solutions. Using Urogi’s foot as an insulator, Tanjiro kept the Khakkhara current from harming him and used it to save his sister. However, Karaku blindsided him, as Tanjiro didn’t see the pleasure demon coming. Next week, the battle will be heating up, as both Hantengu and Gyokko will be wreaking havoc in the village as Tanjiro, Genya, Nezuko, and the two Hashiras face down these two severely powerful Upper Moons.


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