‘Delete’ Season 2 Theories: Will Aim Return? What Will Happen To Lilly?

The new Netflix Thai drama Delete is packed with twists and turns worthy of a good thriller. The first season has been received very well, but considering its ending, a lot of people will be wondering what’s next. Delete is a series that follows a couple who have been unfaithful to their partners and want to start a new life together. One day, a girl asks the woman to take a picture of her with a unique phone-looking device. Once she takes the photo, the girl disappears, leaving the woman stunned. It turns out that the phone can “delete” people, and this gives the couple an idea. A whirlwind of situations follow as the couple navigate their lives after using the phone and change completely. It’s an interesting series for sure, but a lot of questions were left unanswered at the end of season 1, including a new storyline all together. So, here’s what we’re expecting for a possible season 2. There’s been no official announcement, but we’re just happy to play sleuth.


Spoilers Ahead

Orn’s Return For Aim

Okay, well, it seems like Orn is terribly angry with her ex-boyfriend for cheating on her (when she was going to propose, might we add) and then deleting her from existence after finding out about it. Aim could’ve just talked it out with her. This all began because she wanted to share with the world the truth about them and had it all caught on camera. Now, ideally, it wouldn’t make sense for Orn to come back for a guy who did that to her, but she’s a photographer, meaning she’s sure to be curious about the phone some way. Additionally, she’s the only pure soul of the show if we think about it clearly; although she did blackmail her boyfriend (there’s a good reason there), she never hurt anybody, and we’re sure she wouldn’t have gone along with it. So, we don’t think she would leave Aim just like that. Orn may be the key to finding out the truth behind the fancy phone.


June And Tong

It looks like Tong has feelings for June, but it’s possible she may never be interested in him (it’s not 100%; she could be bi too). But, more importantly, June now knows Tong’s sister was in a picture with Too and Lilly. The picture was taken in their house, and she’s been missing since then. At the end of the season, we know that Too takes pictures of some women’s corpses that he was hiding in the horse shed. One of them happened to be wearing Thong’s dress from the day she was at their house. June wants to send the picture to Tong, but she doesn’t do it in the end, meaning that she has an inkling that something bad might be happening in the farmhouse. Of course, if something happens to Lilly, June will be the first and possibly the only person to care!

Too’s Changing Colors

Throughout the series, Too is like a chameleon; he never does what’s expected of him, and his arc is rather positive until the last moment, when it completely flips. He may not have done anything himself to those women, but he has supported his father in hiding them, which still makes him complicit. There were some redeeming qualities in him that were completely washed away, which is a slight disappointment because it was great to see a character archetype that is usually negative be turned into someone positive. Now that Too has deleted Aim and the bodies, nothing can stop him from having the perfect life. Except it can; Lilly has seen the shed and all the corpses. But Lilly is pregnant with Too’s baby, and considering he does love her, he wouldn’t harm her, but he may confine her. Why did Too keep the corpses and not get rid of them completely? How many women were there in total? Was it just women, or were there men as well? We don’t know any of these things yet, or what exactly Too’s father or Too did with these women. It could be that Too’s father has a penchant for murder and was just having some fun (yikes!) or it could be something more sinister. We also don’t know how Too’s family farm became so massive or how they became a sought-after family in Thailand.


What Is The Phone Really For?

The ultimate question has to be answered! Where did the phone come from originally, and why is it able to delete people? What happens to a person when they get deleted? Do they live as souls within the phone? Whoever made the phone could be trapped inside it, and similar to the detective’s daughter, they may have felt guilty and given the phone to the girl to take a picture of them. The phone is the answer to all our questions, for sure. Also, how many shots does the phone have? Is it possible to delete pictures from the phone too? Does that permanently delete people?

The Detective’s Family?

The detective can’t just go missing with nobody doing anything about it. Of course, everyone is on the hunt for the detective and his wife since they kidnapped Lilly, so someone will definitely do enough digging. Too is already connected to the case, so it may not be very difficult to see that he is the one who has something to do with their disappearance. If Orn searches hard enough, she may also be able to connect the dots and help get his family back, and then we can get some more information from the daughter. The police officer can also do some work and understand why his daughter did what she did, and that would be a nice arc for them as a family, leading to some detective work between the family members to save the day.


Final Thoughts

A new chapter has been opened at the end of season 1, so we’re really hoping for season 2 to come out immediately. Delete has the potential to be great, and once we have solid answers to the details about the phone, there’s no stopping it from being one of the most beloved shows from Thailand. Additionally, its massive cast is definitely huge already, so we’re sure to see more of characters like Orn, who we saw very little of in the first season!

Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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