‘Dear Edward’ Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained: Where Did Edward Find The Letters?

Previously in “Dear Edward,” Edward suffered a lot of heartache because of the two  people he thought were his closest friends. Shay, influenced by her father, urged Edward not to spend time with her any longer, while Mahira also requested that he not have any connections with her. Edward was devastated by the abrupt ending of these connections, which used to make him feel good and validated. Now that he was completely alone, he could not bear to part with everything he had ever loved. One of them was the piano, which frequently brought to mind his father, who had taught Edward how to play it. Edward immediately walked to his school’s music hall and hurled the enormous piano downstairs. To express his frustrations about the fact that, no matter what, his grief persisted, he smashed the piano downstairs.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Edward Smash The Piano Downstairs?

Episode 9 opens with Edward’s school administrator questioning him about why he intended to push the piano downstairs. The principal was unable to accept Edward’s explanation that he didn’t like the way it sounded. In an effort to liberate himself from painful memories, Edward destroyed the piano, which would have reminded him of his parents and his loss, but the principal wasn’t ready to sympathize with Edward’s situation or console him. He informed Edward that, due to his hostile behavior, he was not permitted to attend his classes. After being questioned extensively, Edward eventually fled the principal’s office without elaborating any further. The principal, as a result, had to explain everything to Lacey. Lacey, who was taking care of Linda, noticed Linda was acting unusually. Lacey asked Linda if she wanted to go to the hospital, but she refused. Lacey dismissed it, blaming it on hormonal effects, but Linda couldn’t comprehend the fact that she was experiencing labor pains. Yet she couldn’t suppress it for very long. Finally, she began to writhe in agony, and Edward had to take her to the hospital. Lacey arrived at the hospital and couldn’t control her tears as she witnessed Linda greeting her newborn for the first time after she gave birth. She had a long-held yearning to be a mother, but she treasured Linda’s joyful moment and wanted her to be alone with her child.


Yet Lacey was also baffled as to why Edward had needed to drag the piano and smash it. Similar to the school principal, Lacey started to question Edward about the situation, which again made him uneasy. John, Lacey’s husband, decided to talk to Edward, and unexpectedly, he became the one who didn’t ask the boy why he did it; instead, he comforted the child by sharing stories from his own childhood in which he had behaved in extremely peculiar ways without any rhyme or reason. At first, Edward felt terrible about what he had done, but he could sense that his feelings were at least legitimate.

What Aspects Of Dee Dee, Steve, And Adriana’s Lives Have Changed?

Dee Dee had been cooking up a plan for a while. During the final meeting of their grief group, she made the decision to hold a party. She informed Steve of their session after receiving clearance from the chief therapist. Meanwhile, the fact that Steve and Amanda drew too close to one another again and didn’t even hesitate this time shows that Steve is only one step away from calling off his engagement and declaring his love for Amanda.


Sam, whose intimate chats had been caught by his wife, felt tremendous remorse for what he had done. His wife was aware of the fact that Ben, Sam’s friend who’d perished in the plane disaster, had a growing infatuation for Sam, but his wife didn’t know that it was a two-way attraction. Sam came clean about his relationship with Ben and revealed everything to his wife, but at the same time, he was also in love with his family, whom he couldn’t even think of being without. However, his wife only wanted Sam’s approval to accept his sexual orientation in order to give her some closure and end their marriage. In that case, making a final decision would be difficult for Sam.

Kojo decided to move back to Ghana, but Adriana used her congressional authority to pay Kojo and Becks a personal visit before he could board the plane. As the two of them shared a tender farewell, they eventually drifted away on their respective journeys. Kojo returned to Ghana, where his origins were, while Adriana pursued her ambition of being the ideal congresswoman.


The end of the grief support group was drawing near. All of these folks, who had once congregated to discuss their losses and express their grief while also empathizing with others, would never again come together in a group setting, which was something Dee Dee, in particular, couldn’t handle at all. She chose to invite her daughter to the party. Yet her daughter wasn’t exactly inclined to communicate with her mother. Dee Dee went up to her and told her everything she had been keeping hidden, including the truth about her father. All of this was difficult for Zoe to process, but she trusted her mother. The mother-daughter relationship appeared to have healed its rift.

Where Did Edward Find The Letters? What Was Written In Them?

As John could remember, he had an urgent task to finish, so he kept Edward in their workshop, where Edward managed to discover hidden stashes of letters addressed to him. When Edward started to read each one, the contents of the letters became ultimately clear to us. Each member of the grieving family had written a frightening letter to Edward, in which some expressed concern about the welfare of their loved ones while others expressed their doubts about the conspiracy about Edward being a terrorist. Some people even cursed him for being alive. Due to innumerable losses and heartbreaks in his life, Edward was already on the verge of breaking down, but this time the pain had him overdosing as his little innocent mind discovered the hatred of the world. At least at Lacey’s house, he was secure and not the target of everyone’s ire, but stepping outside made him understand that things weren’t always as they seemed. In the outer world, where Edward had nobody to shield him, other human emotions, like rage, might be destructive to him. Some individuals weren’t even aware that Edward was also grieving. He had lost every member of his family, but he had never made any effort to place the blame elsewhere. Why couldn’t grownups move on in life when a 12-year-old child had the capacity to accept his suffering?


Yet it’s really doubtful if Edward would remain stable after reading those letters, there’s a chance he might make a dumb decision. On the last episode of “Dear Edward,” let’s find out.

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