‘Dear Edward’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Shay Refuse To Hang Out With Edward Anymore?

We previously saw Edward go outside of his comfort zone in “Dear Edward” episode 7 when he wanted to be with Mahira. He thought Mahira was just like his brother’s jacket—something he could keep to himself and think of whenever he wanted. But Mahira contacted him to say that they should have a conversation about it, which didn’t exactly impress Edward. Due to some miscommunication and a lack of respect for one another’s opinions, Lacey and her husband gradually distanced themselves from one another. Dee Dee was about to sell their home in order to pay off all the bills her husband had accrued. In episode 8, let’s see if Dee Dee was able to confront her daughter and tell her the truth about her husband.


At the beginning of Episode 8, we see Edward facing a dilemma, thinking about what Mahira meant when she said, “We need to talk.” He kept seeing visions of his brother telling him Mahira would break up their friendship, and that is exactly what happened. When Mahira and Edward met, Edward reached out to touch her hands, but Mahira interrupted, telling him she could no longer meet with him. She admitted that, like Edward, she could imagine Jordan in her surroundings, sometimes praying, but she could no longer do this to herself. She had to bid Jordan and everything connected to him, including Edward, a final farewell.

The fact that Mahira wanted to break off all contact with Edward broke his heart. Since she was the only one still living who was close to Jordan, Edward found it impossible to endure the suffering Mahira caused him by abandoning him. From Mahira’s perspective, she was correct. Her relationship with her boyfriend’s brother was impossible since it would be socially awkward and also because being with Edward would just make her think of Jordan. She made the proper choice, therefore, to end her suffering and move on with her life.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Adriana Break Up With Kojo?

Dee Dee, on the other hand, found it extremely difficult to sell the home where she’d practically spent her whole life and raised her daughter. In addition, she was facing increased financial hardship. She enlisted Steve’s assistance and requested that he convince her daughter of all of these. Despite his desire to avoid interfering in mother-daughter interactions, Steve consented to speak with Zoe since he recognized Dee Dee’s predicament.


Zoe, who was a total daddy’s girl, refused to accept the fact that her father had lost his job and had been drowning in debt. Without even understanding that her father was merely cheating on her mother, she blamed her mother for her extravagant lifestyle. The news didn’t go over well with Zoe because she totally objected to the fact that her house she’d grown up in would be sold. Dee Dee attempted to move on, but she also needed to push herself to accept reality. She sought a 60-day escrow period before selling it and her favorite chandelier as a memento from the house.

Adriana learned during an interview that, despite having less experience than the others, she was the only employee in the Washington office receiving a higher salary. She was utterly shocked by the fact, which she was completely unaware of. She wanted to atone for it. So, after declaring in a news conference that she thought her grandmother’s action was unethical, she made the decision to disclose her tax returns from the years she worked in the office and to donate the surplus to charities. However, the rumor-mongering media was even more intrigued by her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, minister Eric, given that a photograph of them having lunch together had leaked.


Adriana refused to be sidetracked by these inquiries and retorted angrily that it wasn’t within the purview of her job to discuss her personal matters; therefore, she disregarded all gossip and concentrated on her speech, stating that she would do whatever it took to develop her country, and if people didn’t like it, they should choose not to vote for her. The widely shared photo of her and Eric soured her relationship with Kojo, who yearned for Adriana to accompany him to Ghana. Adriana, though, made it obvious that neither she nor Kojo could give up their careers for the sake of their relationship. As a result, it appeared as though the two of them had drifted apart.

Steve kept trying to get in touch with Amanda, which she flatly refused to accept. She called Steve nonetheless, hinting that despite their unpleasant circumstances, she couldn’t help herself because she had fallen in love with him. Meanwhile, Sam couldn’t help but send Vernon some private photos as well. However, Sam’s wife discovered that her husband was not exactly straight after she unintentionally looked through his phone.


Why Did Shay Refuse To Hang Out With Edward Anymore?

Due to pressure from her father, Shay decided to give up her passion for roller derby and begin concentrating on her golf swing. After being rejected by Mahira, Edward wanted to rekindle his friendship with Shay, but Shay turned him away too. She also reminded Edward he could no longer stay the night at her house and even refused to hang out with him. The gender inequalities that her father may have skillfully ingrained in her head caused her to instinctively keep her distance from Edward. However, Edward’s overzealous involvement in Shay’s life may have irked her father to the point that he forbade his daughter from spending time with him.

As Edward’s loneliness became too much for him to bear, he immediately went to the school’s music department and shattered the piano downstairs. When his father was alive, he had once been taught piano, and he excelled at it. But now that his father and the rest of the family were no longer there, he felt empty. With Shay or Mahira nearby, in particular, he could even feel at ease, but right now, complete solitude had upset his sanity, causing him to toss the piano out of the window. In the upcoming episodes, we’ll learn if Edward was able to find any friends who could empathize with him and help him cope with his sorrow.


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