‘Dear Edward’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did John Move Out Of The House?

Previously, in “Dear Edward” episode 7, we saw Edward get to know Mahira, Jordan’s girlfriend. Mahira showed him around the museum, where she and Jordan used to meet. Shay was envious of Mahira because Edward was giving her way more attention than he had ever given to Shay. Charles’s financial troubles were causing Dee Dee a lot of crises. We observed Linda visiting Lacey’s home to stay there for a while because she was pregnant and had nobody who could take care of her. Steve, who slept with Amanda, felt terrible guilt for what he had done. Sam was grieving the loss of his friend Ben, who’d died in the accident, but it turned out that they had a deeper relationship than just being friends. Kojo made the decision to return to Ghana, but Adriana spent a special night with him in the hope that Kojo would change his mind and stay in New York.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Shay Mad At Edward?

In episode 7, Edward is shown growing close to Mahira and texting her frequently, which Shay finds annoying. Consequently, she asked Edward not to sleep at her place at night anymore. But in the interim, Shay found her father had shown up to stay with her for a bit, so until Shay’s father left, Edward needed to stop sleeping at her place. Edward was still trying to be a good friend to Shay and help her reach perfection in roller derby, but when her match came around, Edward discovered that Shay’s father wasn’t genuinely happy with Shay playing roller derby; instead, he wanted her to play a more mainstream sport. Under the influence of her father, Shay changed her mind and decided not to pursue roller derby. Edward didn’t like this, but Shay couldn’t appreciate Edward interfering in her private life. While Mahira sent Edward a selfie of her and Jordan, Edward cropped Jordan out of the picture but felt guilty at the same time for falling for his brother’s girlfriend. Edward wanted to grow close to Mahira not just because she was a pretty girl but because she was the one who had known his brother very closely. Over Jordan and his memories, Edward and Mahira could connect with each other. But Mahira seemed to be having problems when Edward abruptly came to visit her at the store. She texted Edward at night that they should talk. Edward again thought that his brother would have been jealous of him, which was nothing but a reflection of Edward feeling guilty.


Why Did John Move Out Of The House?

Dee Dee started talking to Steve about her financial concerns with reference to selling the house and paying for her daughter’s college. Dee Dee made it apparent that she wouldn’t be able to sell the house because it held many fond memories of her time spent raising their daughter and living with Charles. In the interim, she received a bottle of wine from Charles that he had previously bought for Dee Dee. Although it was a gift for their 25th wedding anniversary, Dee Dee initially refused to accept it. Sam invited everyone from the grief group to his house, where Dee Dee gifted Sam and his wife the wine. When Sam told Dee Dee how pricey the wine was, she couldn’t help but ask for it back and claim that she would give them something else instead. Even though it might appear strange, Dee Dee had to try it for a while. She drank the wine alone in her home while wishing Charles a happy anniversary. Dee Dee’s daughter Zoe, who was determined enough to make travel arrangements to Barcelona, later decided against going and spent time with her mother instead.

When Steve and Amanda reconnected, he made an effort to treat her nicely. He remembered how he had mistreated his brother and how he hadn’t even made an effort to comprehend how well his brother was doing after being sober for 18 months. Amanda and Steve appeared to have patched things up. Sam learned from his wife that she thought Ben was truly in love with Sam when he was really grappling with his sexual identity. Sam acted as if there was nothing between them, even though he was aware that there was more than just friendship between them.


Adriana couldn’t change Kojo’s mind since he was still adamant that he would return to Ghana. She was also dealing with her election campaign speech, which the other politicians didn’t find particularly impressive. After being harshly judged, Adriana made the decision to take a break from her work. She, Kojo, and Becks embarked on a tour, during which Kojo subtly asked Adriana to go with him to Ghana, but Adriana requested that he remain in New York instead. It’s impossible to guess where Kojo and Adriana’s relationship was going because it didn’t appear like Kojo wanted to stay in New York. We see John and Lacey enjoying their dinner and reminiscing about their earlier days together. After their lovely evening together following dinner, as we saw, John suddenly made the decision to move out. He hadn’t been feeling well since returning from Colorado, where he had a spiritual experience that he was unable to convey to anyone. Not even Lacey wanted to validate his feelings, so John decided it would be best if he moved out for a bit to avoid straining their relationship. Yet, it wasn’t apparent whether John wanted to end their marriage for good or whether it was only temporary. Let’s wait and watch what happens in upcoming episodes about John and Lacey’s relationship.

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