‘Dear Edward’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Edward Comfort Mahira?

We previously saw in “Dear Edward,” Episode 5, Edward met Mahira, the mystery girl who gave him the shrunken head in the store. The following day, Mahira asked him to meet her in the same museum where Edward and Shay had previously been. Steve, who lost his drug-addicted brother in the plane accident, got close to Amanda, his brother’s fiancée. Dee Dee was dealing with her loss while simultaneously processing the fact that her husband had been exploring his sexuality. Adriana became much more devoted to Becks, which might make it challenging for her to be separated from her and Kojo.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Adriana Keep Her Word? 

As seen in “Dear Edward” Episode 6, Steve was found on the ground by Dee Dee during the grief group when other people still hadn’t shown up. As she awakened him, she discovered Steve had been punched in the face. He recently got into a bar fight, and as a result of what he did with Amanda earlier, he is now terrified to confront his fiancée. Dee Dee experiences stress in her life as well. Her husband’s residence would soon be sold due to his inability to pay the bills. Mahira and Edward finally met up at the museum. It came out that Mahira was Jordan’s girlfriend, and she was also mourning the loss. Since Mahira was the one who was closest to Jordan, she also became the one who was closest to Edward. But while giving Mahira his full attention, he seemed to overlook Shay, which irritated her. Shay was too upset with Edward to listen when he tried to talk to her.


Becks nags Adriana into going to her school’s fancy dress competition, and Adriana promises her she would attend for sure. But her manager afterward reminded Adriana that she also needed to go to the fundraiser event at the same time. The manager had her word that she would arrive promptly. Kojo questioned why Adriana would make a promise to a child that she wouldn’t keep. Kojo encouraged Adriana to keep her distance from the little child because she had a fundraising event that was considerably more important than Becks’ performance. Adriana preferred to disregard Eric’s hinting at a proposal when they later crossed paths at the fundraising event. She eventually attended Becks’ performance and kept her word. When they got back home, Kojo showed her the passport that Eric had gotten him so he could fly out to Ghana right away. Adriana didn’t want them to leave sooner because we could already see the two of them getting close to each other.

We have zero information about the guy named Sam in the therapy group who was seen talking to Lacey during all these episodes. We witness his personal life and the man he lost in the crash. Sam appeared to be struggling with his sexual identity. Ben, a good buddy from school with whom he shared more than just a friendship, died in the crash. Sam looked to be having issues with his family due to his sexuality, which suggested that the two of them had never taken their relationship too far. After the treatment session, we witnessed him entering a storage locker, where he met Vernon, a friend of Ben’s. A tiny bit of chemistry between the two of them also encouraged Sam to follow Vernon on social media and approach him in the bar where he worked as a bartender.


How Did Edward Comfort Mahira?

Linda voiced her dilemma at the session, saying that she was now absolutely broke and powerless with a developing child in her belly. The pain was too much for Lacey to bear, so she volunteered to help and asked her to come to her house so she could give her some baby supplies that she had been keeping to herself for so long. Linda visited Lacey because she was appreciative of her. She met John, who had just returned from Colorado and was sobbing inside as he was leaving the crash site. He started to express his feelings that he had sensed the energy there, which Lacey disliked.

Amanda was invited to dinner by Steve’s fiancée, but Steve didn’t want her to be at his home. A brief argument between Amanda and Steve revealed that Steve had repeatedly turned down his brother’s offers of reconciliation. Steve had no concern about his brother’s efforts, despite the fact that he had been sober for 18 months. After his brother passed away, Steve felt terrible about it. When Edward awoke at midnight to get some water, he discovered Linda seated at their dining table. Like Mahira, she inquired about her fiancé and whether Edward had ever seen him on a plane. As much as Edward disliked being asked this question repeatedly, he knew that all they wanted to know was what their loved ones were doing for the last time, so he told Linda about her fiancé. He even contacted Mahira to discuss Jordan and what he was saying or wearing at that moment during the flight.


In some ways, Mahira felt relieved, and Edward relished helping her out. We may learn in the upcoming episodes whether Lacey and John will permit Edward to know about the letters. Will Kojo opt to solidify his relationship with Adriana instead of departing for Ghana? Let’s explore that in the following episodes.

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