‘Dear Edward’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Was The Mystery Girl?

Previously in episode 4 of “Dear Edward,” we saw that some grieving family members who’d lost loved ones in the plane crash had sent letters to Edward. These letters all blamed the young child and directed foul language toward him just because he had survived. Despite Lacey and John’s best efforts to console Edward, he was unable to cope with the agony of losing his sibling. But, at some point, we saw him saying goodbye to his memories by giving Shay his brother’s jacket.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did John Travel To Colorado?

In the first scene of “Dear Edward” Episode 5, Amanda contacts the rescue organization and claims ownership of the engagement ring that was saved. We catch a peek at Amanda’s flashback of having an argument with Brent just before he boarded the airplane. Amanda had removed the ring and handed it to Brent. Following the therapy session, Steve introduced his fiancée, who also seemed to be a nice person, to Amanda. But Amanda and Steve started to get along. At a bar, Amanda disclosed that she and Brent had broken up. Steve and Amanda got closer and had a romantic encounter. Even though they were both engaged to different people, Steve and Amanda had a wonderful moment together.


As Shay and Edward were discussing Edward’s brother, Jordan, Shay found some receipts from a grocery store in Jordan’s jacket. Shay came to the conclusion that Jordan’s girlfriend, who worked in this store at Central Park, had to be the mystery girl who had earlier approached Edward. In the meantime, Lacey prohibited Edward from spending the night at Shay’s house because she was concerned that Shay and her mother must have been bothered by the fact that Edward slept over at their house every night. Edward complied with his aunt’s request, but he got into a small argument with Shay since she seemed very interested in learning more about the mystery girl.

Edward had a hard time falling asleep at night in Lacey’s house. When John spotted him in the dining room and inquired why he couldn’t fall asleep, Edward responded that he couldn’t stop worrying about the accident and the burning plane. To help Edward come to terms with reality and put a stop to the nightmare, John promised that he would travel to Colorado, the location of the plane crash, and take a photo of the surrounding area to show Edward. Though Lacey thought it was pointless to travel to Colorado just to photograph the area, John found it important for improving Edwards’ mental health.


Dee Dee met with her daughter, who informed her that she would be dropping out of school and traveling around the world. Despite her strong opposition, Dee Dee supported her and allowed her to live her life on her own terms. It broke her heart, however, when she realized that neither her husband nor her daughter had ever wanted to spend some time with her. They could only think about themselves. She accompanied the pregnant single mother, Linda, to her sonography after the therapy session, where she stood by her side so that Linda would not feel alone.

Who Was The Mystery Girl?

Adriana talked about carrying on her grandmother’s legacy during her election campaign. Even though she admitted that she had only answered calls while working at the Washington House, she said that she understood her responsibilities and pledged to uphold them. Reverend Eric, her ex-lover, arrived at her door to give her flowers but ended up meeting with Kojo. Eric asked him when he was leaving for Ghana, implying that Eric did not want him to stay at Adriana’s apartment. Kojo could understand Eric looking for a reason to get back with Adriana, but Adriana didn’t want the same thing. She approached Eric in his office, making it clear that she would not be interested in continuing the relationship.


Edward pleaded with Lacey to take him to Central Park while she was driving him to school. As she dropped him off at Central Park, Lacey said she would be close by in case Edward needed her. Edward came to the neighborhood shop where the mystery girl named Mahira was working. She invited Edward to see her the next day since she wouldn’t be able to talk as her uncle was inside the shop. Lacey returned to pick up Edward while she read a text from John, who had sent pictures of the area where the plane had crashed. Edward’s mind was soothed by the green and serene landscape of the location. Lacey gave her permission for him to sleep wherever he pleased. In the show’s conclusion, we see Edward approach Shay and discuss Mahira, which excites Shay and allows her to forget about their previous fight. It remains to be seen what the mystery behind Mahira is. Was she just Jordan’s girlfriend, or was she one of those who sent a threatening letter to Edward? We hope to find that out in future episodes.

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