‘Dear Edward’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Dee Dee And Linda?

Previously in episode 2 of “Dear Edward,” we saw how difficult it was for Edward to accept the truth that his family had perished in the plane crash. He started having hallucinations about his brother, but a mysterious girl hugged him in the grocery store and expressed her sorrow about Jordan’s passing. Edward’s heart was unexpectedly torn apart by the truth, and he fell to the ground unconscious. Even after Lacey brought him home and made him a delicious dinner, Edward still felt lonely. So, he made friends with Shay, a young girl from the neighborhood.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Edward Go To New York?

The third episode begins at Shay’s house, where Edward shows her the shrunken head locket. She discovered on the Internet that this head was only available at the Odd and Peculiar Museum in New York. Edward was afraid of going to the city because Lacey wouldn’t approve of it, but he missed his home. Since both Lacey and John work outside, neither of them could homeschool Edward; thus, Lacey had already informed Edward that he would be enrolled in a public school. She had also shown him around her workspace, where she worked as a smith.

However, as Lacey’s neighborhood was in upstate New York, Shay made an excuse to play video games at a friend’s house in order to take Edward to the museum in New York. Edward finally agreed to be excited about Shay’s plan. They went to the city, where they discovered those shrunken heads in the Odd and Peculiar Museum, but they couldn’t find the mystery girl who had met him at the supermarket. Edward wanted to stop in Faakhir’s falafel store on their way home to get the falafel he and Jordan used to eat in New York. Faakhir was unaware of the plane crash, so he inquired about his brother, to which Eddie responded without mentioning the incident. But just as he was about to approach Shay, he crumbled again. This time, however, we see him pulling himself together. He hurriedly requested that they should return home. 

What Happened To Dee Dee And Linda?

Both Linda and Dee Dee were headed to LA, and they unintentionally crossed paths on the airline. Linda was going to meet her boyfriend, Gary’s parents, and Dee Dee was going to Charles’ house to see what he might have been keeping from her. Linda didn’t experience the warmth from Gary’s parents that she had hoped for, and also they raised doubts about her, fearing that she may want money. Linda wasn’t that kind, but after witnessing Gary’s parents’ lack of consideration for a pregnant woman, she left and made contact with Dee Dee so they could spend more time together.

Dee Dee, on the other hand, learned that her husband had donated money to an LGBTQ organization, which might have been a sign that Charles was homosexual and had kept his family at arm’s length on purpose. In order to spend time alone away from Dee Dee, Charles had purchased a home in Los Angeles, which ultimately destroyed Dee Dee’s heart when she learned about it. Dee Dee welcomed Linda, and the two of them wept over one another’s suffering. Adriana made the decision to run for election and serve as a congresswoman. She started getting ready, but she also required the confidence to meet others and listen to their difficulties. She wasn’t in the appropriate frame of mind and wasn’t sure which issue she should tackle first. Kojo helped her with this, and as a result of having him around, Adriana’s difficulties started to lessen.

Finally, when Lacey arrived back at her house, she discovered Edward alone in a storage closet. When she questioned him about his day, Edward was honest with her. Edward was irritated when Lacey advised him not to travel to the city by himself. Lacey felt he had to become close to Eddie in order to comprehend his issues. She then brought him inside her office, where she demonstrated how to operate the metal-breaking equipment. In the meantime, John discovered that someone had tucked a letter for Edward into their door. John could only see a car pass by as he came out of the house to check who it was. Inside the car, we see the same strange girl who encountered Edward at a supermarket. We see her sobbing inside the car, meaning that Edward’s loss was personal to her. What is her relationship with Edward, and why does she keep writing him letters? We anticipate that the upcoming episodes will clarify that.

According to what we can tell, the upcoming episode will provide some insight into that girl’s past and explain why she sent letters to Edward. Beyond that, though, we’re interested in learning who Charles really was. Why did he keep a significant portion of his life from his family? We may expect that Adriana and Kojo will soon go beyond merely being friends, but let’s see if Adriana can evolve into the ideal congresswoman. Thus, we should hope that all of our queries will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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