‘Dear Edward’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Edward Cope Up With The Loss Of His Family?

Previously, in “Dear Edward” episode 1, we met Edward Adler and his family. They were on a flight to Los Angeles to relocate, but massive turbulence had caused the plane to crash. Except for Edward, a 12-year-old boy, none of the passengers had survived. Edward was traumatized after witnessing his family members die in front of him. The rescue team discovered him and began to take immediate action to save his life. Therefore, it remains to be seen how Edward will cope with this tragedy.


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How Did Edward Cope Up With The Loss Of His Family?

In the first episode of “Dear Edward,” we see the rescue team find Edward. His mental state wasn’t quite ready to accept reality. He mistakenly thought that his brother had also survived with him. He was brought into Lacey’s home, where he kept experiencing hallucinations of his brother saying good night and talking to him about food. Since he was the only survivor of the plane disaster, reporters insensitively started to gather outside the house to question him. Even though Edward was alive and had recovered from his injuries, he was still malnourished because he wasn’t eating anything. Therefore, Lacey decided to cook him whatever he wanted to eat. Lacey began attending group therapy classes. She joined a group where each of the deceased passengers’ family members had come.


Kojo, the brother of Ghanaian actress Aqua, arrived there after being invited as well for talk therapy. Kojo thought the therapy class, named Support Network, would help him socioeconomically. He then described his issues to the therapist, explaining that Aqua’s daughter needed an American passport and that they required security for their rental property because their landlady had threatened to evict them. His niece was also a matter of concern because she hadn’t spoken to anyone since her mother’s death. Kojo realized he was in the wrong place, so the therapist comforted him by telling him that he could express his grief there and have mental support. Kojo merged with the team. Later, while he was returning to his house, Adriana, who was also in the group, approached him and gave him all the solutions. She gave him information on Tenant’s Rights organizations as well as connections for obtaining a passport. She also gave him some solace by telling him that his niece would need some time to recover from her trauma before speaking to somebody else. Adriana resigned from her job in the Congresswoman’s office, so Cora, the chief of staff, asked her for her support so that she could run for the election. Adriana gave her support, but she knew Cora wasn’t the best choice to be Congresswoman. Adriana met Kojo’s niece, who liked her and finally talked to her. Kojo and Adriana started to get along, and their friendship grew.

Charles’ wife, Dee Dee, brought cupcakes to the therapy class, where she met Linda, a pregnant woman who had just lost her boyfriend in the plane crash. Dee Dee hugged her to make her feel better. Dee Dee didn’t give off the impression of a mourner because she was always positive about her life. She was a nice woman who thought her husband was an honest and hardworking man who had done a lot for his family, but she soon realized she had been mistaken. Her attorney informed her of Charles’ large debts, as well as the fact that he had a condo in Los Angeles in his name. Dee Dee called that residence in LA to confirm the details, and a woman confirmed that it was Charles’s residence. Dee Dee had no idea Charles had lost his job more than a year before. She felt betrayed by her husband, which caused her to finally break down in tears. Lacey took Edward to a store where he could choose whatever he wanted to eat, and she would prepare it for him. While Edward was shopping for groceries and Lacey went to get red meat, a mysterious girl approached Edward, hugging him and saying she was sorry he had lost his brother. The girl gave him a locket shaped like a shrunken head. Edward had long believed that his brother was still alive, but now that he had heard the truth, he couldn’t accept it. Eddie collapsed unconscious on the ground and regained consciousness after Lacey took him back home.


Lacey had prepared so many delicious meals for him, which Edward finally liked to eat. However, he couldn’t sleep alone at night, especially after learning that Jordan was no longer alive. He went out into the neighborhood to meet Shay, a girl he’d met in Lacey’s neighborhood. Edward was welcomed by Shay’s mother, who then led him to Shay’s room. Shay reluctantly agreed when he requested if he could spend the night on her floor. Just as Edward used to say goodnight to his brother, he said the same to Shay and demanded that she do the same. Shay did as she was told, but she was perplexed as to why Eddie had come to sleep with her. It simply implied that Eddie had been severely traumatized, leading him to believe he was alone in the world. As a result, he continued to seek company from which he could find comfort. Let’s see if he can finally put his pain behind him and accept his new life with Aunt Lacey.

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