‘Deadloch’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is The Killer A Man Or A Woman?

In the previous episode of Deadloch, Dulcie and Eddie were finally able to piece together the puzzle and uncover that Skye O’Dwyer was their prime suspect as the killer. However, just when they thought they had solved the mystery, a new twist emerged in the seventh episode during the winter festival in the lake water. Dulcie stumbled upon six more lifeless bodies submerged in the water. Initially, they believed these victims were recently killed, leading them to rule out Skye as a suspect. But the shocking revelation in the seventh episode adds even more complexity to the already twisted plotline of the show.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Skye O’Dwyer Still A Suspect?

In Episode 7, the discovery of the sixth body among the victims found in the water prompted Dulcie and Eddie to reluctantly seek the help of James, as they lacked another forensic expert in their department at the time. James, who often spend more time in boasting than being useful, confidently claimed that these men had been killed within the past 48 hours. However, Dulcie had doubts about his assessment and realized they needed a more reliable opinion.


Dulcie decided to turn to Kate, another forensic investigator, for assistance. Kate revealed that these men had actually been killed years ago. This revelation allowed room to continue suspecting Skye O’Dwyer, but Dulcie uncovered evidence that went against the theory of Skye being the killer.

One of the deceased men, Jeff Haddock, had been killed a few years ago on a day when Skye was living in London. Dulcie recalled that she and Cath had visited Skye during that time. This information contradicted their theory about Skye’s involvement in the murders, as she couldn’t have been in two places at once. With eleven murders in total, it suggested the involvement of multiple women in the killings.


In my opinion, conducting a DNA sampling test on all the women in town, similar to what they did with the men, would have easily solved the case. But the detectives didn’t take the easy road. However, something caught Dulcie’s attention—the discovery of pubic hair in Sam O’Dwyer’s mouth. It sparked an idea, leading Dulcie to run a DNA test using only Skye O’Dwyer’s DNA. The result did not match the pubic hair found in Sam’s mouth.

However, Skye’s DNA did match one of the DNA samples taken from the men in the town. Kate revealed that Skye and the man whose DNA matched shared the same father. This revelation raised more questions about the true identity and motives of the killer.


Who Was Sam O’Dwyer’s Extramarital Affair With?

Meanwhile, the newly discovered dead bodies were identified as those of some of the domestic abusers and perverts of the town, leading Dulcie to believe that the murderer’s motive was the punishment of these men for their mistreatment of women. But Sam O’Dwyer was an exception, as he was widely known as a generous man in town, had managed to keep his scandals hidden, and besides his daughter, nobody was aware of his true nature. Nevertheless, Eddie came across a hospital report that exposed Sam’s menacing habit of beating his wife, Victoria, who had been hospitalized with a fractured hip, broken limbs, and bruises. Margaret and Sharell were also aware of this, as was Mayor Aleyna, who also served as Victoria’s doctor.

One by one, Dulcie summoned Margaret, Sharell, Aleyna, and Victoria to the police department for questioning. Victoria was the first to be interrogated, and she revealed the true nature of her husband. However, in order to protect Skye, she took the blame, claiming that she had killed Sam. However, her description of the murder didn’t match the evidence, ultimately ruling her out as a suspect. Aleyna, Margaret, and Sharell confided in Dulcie, affirming that Sam O’Dwyer was a pervert, but none of them admitted to killing him. Without sufficient evidence to pursue them, Dulcie had no choice but to release them. As seen in the previous episode, Dulcie and Cath were almost on the verge of getting divorced. Dulcie’s growing suspicions of all the women in the town further made Cath angry and frustrated with her.

In the midst of the investigation, the mystery surrounding Sam O’Dwyer’s mistress was resolved when it was discovered that the man with whom Skye O’Dwyer’s DNA sample matched turned out to be Venessa Latham’s son. Venessa was the woman Sam had been secretly involved with. Venessa was also brought to the precinct for questioning, where she revealed that she had first become intimate with Sam when she was only 15 years old and he was 40. Sam had even named his boat “Loch Nessie” after her. While Venessa considered it a normal relationship, Dulcie and Eddie believed it was vulgar and illegal, classifying it as a form of statutory rape. Venessa, along with the other women, was released.

Meanwhile, Phil McGangus declared himself the temporary mayor and began rioting in the town, expressing concerns for the safety of the town’s men upon hearing that Skye O’Dwyer had been released.


Is The Killer A Man? Why Were The Women Arrested?

At the ending of episode 7 of Deadloch, Abby and Sven discovered a truck submerged in the lake and successfully pulled it out. Abby began searching around for clues while dealing with the aftermath of her breakup with James, who was still in denial. Meanwhile, Phil McGangus organized a bus to evacuate all the men in the town to ensure their safety.

Within the police department, Detectives Dulcie and Eddie were perplexed as they tried to identify the killer. Commissioner Hastings intervened and took control of the case, scolding the detective duo for releasing the suspects. Ignoring Dulcie’s explanation that they lacked evidence, Hastings decided to arrest all the women in question. Despite their protests, each woman was apprehended, and Hastings presented what seemed to be incriminating evidence against them. In their freezers, the women had containers containing the severed tongues of their deceased abusers, seemingly indicating their involvement in the murders.


The men in law enforcement took pride in the swift conclusion they’d reached, believing they had solved the case. However, Dulcie realized that none of these women were actually the murderers. The killer was actually a man who had manipulated the detective all along as he sought to be revered by the women of the town. He had murdered all the abusers in the town in order to present himself as the savior of the women. He had repeatedly showcased the evidence of his actions right in front of the detectives, but Dulcie had continued looking for a woman. For example, he killed the six abusive men in a truck years ago and deliberately left their bodies on the night of the festival to showcase his heroism. Furthermore, the evidence found in the women’s freezers was not planted by him to frame them but rather presented to them as a reminder of what he had done for them.

In the midst of this revelation, Sven and Abby rushed to Dulcie and Eddie, disclosing that they had investigated the truck’s VIN number. They discovered that the vehicle belonged to William Caruthers, Margaret’s brother, suggesting that he had been the mastermind behind all the murders. The episode concluded with William boarding the bus filled with all the men of the town while Phil McGangus, oblivious to William’s true nature, looked outside the window to see if the killer was following them.


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