Ray McLintock In ‘Deadloch,’ Explained: Was He The Killer? Is Ray Dead?

In the gripping Australian murder mystery series Deadloch, a string of murders created an eerie atmosphere throughout the town of Deadloch. Lead inspector Dulcie Collins and her newly assigned investigative partner, Eddie Redcliffe, went on a mission to unravel the mystery surrounding the elusive killer who exclusively targeted abusive and toxic men in the community.

Initially, Dulcie and Eddie believed that the murderer was likely a woman, based on the nature of the killings. However, they quickly realized that they could not solely view the crimes through a gender lens, as the killer’s intention was to mislead them. Their assumptions were changed when Dulcie deduced that the killer was, in fact, a man.

Unfortunately, by the time Dulcie reached this conclusion, the murder spree had intensified, complicating their investigation further. To make matters worse, the commissioner, Hastings, suspended Dulcie from the case, leaving her with no official authority to continue her pursuit of the truth. Determined to uncover the face of the killer, Dulcie took it upon herself to conduct a personal investigation, relying on her instincts and the support of Eddie, Abby, and Sven. However, in the second half of the eighth episode, a breakthrough occurred, and the dark clouds surrounding the murderer’s identity began to dissipate. The motives behind these killings are gradually unveiled, setting the stage for a thrilling climax in the final episodes of Deadloch.

Who Was The Deadloch Killer?

In the midst of the murder investigation in Deadloch, Eddie’s path intersected with Ray Pies. From their initial interactions, Ray presented himself as one of the kindest individuals Eddie had ever met, and a romantic connection began to blossom between them. Their relationship started to develop into a deep emotional bond between them. However, the foundation of trust and love Eddie built with Ray came crashing down in the “Deadloch” season finale when she uncovered his true identity. Shockingly, Ray turned out to be the Deadloch killer they had been pursuing.

Ray was also revealed to be the infamous Sydney murderer, a case Dulcie had previously looked into with another crime scene investigator. Ray had singled out prostitutes in Sydney, viewing them as social outcasts and undesirables. However, Ray’s viewpoint changed as a result of his encounter with Skye at a pastry shop. Ray shifted his attention away from women and onto men in response to Skye’s feminist philosophy and her insights into destructive masculinity. He started his murderous rampage in Deadloch, as he believed the town was filled with violent men in every house. He intended to be the savior of the town’s ladies, whom he felt were weak and pleading for help.

What Makes Ray The Perfect Psychopath Killer In Hiding?

Ray Pies is a fitting choice as the killer in Deadloch, given the character arc presented in the storyline. The show cleverly introduced previous revelations that gave enough room to suspect him, yet his sweet and friendly demeanor towards women masked any doubts. Ray’s friendship with Cath and Skye from the beginning served as a cover for his psychopathic tendencies. Having a history of targeting and killing women, Ray strategically formed close relationships with women to exploit their vulnerabilities and target the men who upset them. He believed that by doing so, he would come to be adored and idolized by women. However, his flawed thinking failed to recognize that these women didn’t need saving, as they were strong and capable of protecting themselves.

Ray manipulated the detectives by gaining Eddie’s trust, ensuring that she would never question her own boyfriend’s involvement in the crimes. He repeatedly cleared his name from suspicion, even using Eddie’s trust to his advantage. Ray went as far as acquiring pentobarbital from Cath, but cleverly convinced them that it was for his donkey, diverting attention away from his true intentions. His close proximity to Dulcie and Cath allowed him to monitor the progress of the investigation and adapt his actions accordingly. Furthermore, the strategic inclusion of Ray’s hidden swimming ability in the plot proved to be a clever tactic. Since Ray was the killer, his capability of swimming was crucial for his modus operandi—committing the murders on a boat and then swimming to the shore. But a major turn of events could be seen in the final episode as a plot device used to create poetic justice.

Throughout the story, Ray’s swimming ability was presented as an advantage, allowing him to escape and carry out his crimes undetected. However, in the climax of the story, the strong tide served as a metaphorical representation of fate catching up with him. Despite his skill, Ray was unable to overcome the force of the tide, which took him to his ultimate downfall.

The DNA test, which may have raised questions for viewers, was addressed in the storyline. Upon rewatching the episodes, it becomes apparent that Eddie was distracted while collecting DNA from Ray, which made sense as at the time, she was already a very messed-up investigator. This suggests that she may have mishandled the sampling, unknowingly allowing Ray to evade detection. Ray’s complex manipulation and cunningly crafted deceit reveal the depths of his sinister character. The creators of the show cleverly constructed a storyline where the audience was initially unaware of his true motives, only to be shocked when his malicious nature surfaced.

The revelation of Ray Pies as the Deadloch killer in the first season of Deadloch was indeed heartbreaking for viewers, especially considering the budding chemistry between Ray and Eddie Redcliffe. Witnessing Ray’s true identity as the perpetrator was a shocking twist that left a lasting impact. However, his reign of terror comes to an end when he is killed before Eddie and Dulcie can bring him to justice. This marks the final demise of his destructive façade of fake feminism.

Looking ahead to a potential second season of Deadloch, we can anticipate the introduction of another menacing murderer who will set a thrilling premise similar to season 1. The hope is to have a character who will be right in front of our eyes throughout the season yet remain unnoticed until the final episode, catching us completely off guard. This element of surprise and suspense is what keeps audiences engaged and eager to see what unfolds next in the show.

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