‘Daughters From Another Mother’ Season 3: Ending, Explained: Do Ana And Mariana Fall In Love Eventually?

Seasons 1 and 2 of “Daughters from Another Mother” establish the fact that mothers are the ones who take control of the situation when it comes to handling their babies (literally and metaphorically). Ana and Mariana are two sides of the same coin, working towards the same goal as established in the first two seasons. Mariana is an app developer, whereas Ana is a corporate executive who knows every trick in the book to make any business a success. Both are proud of the work they do, and the only thing they cannot let go of is their newborn daughters. Ana and Mariana’s daughters, Regina and Valentina, were switched at birth, which was fortunately discovered by the hospital authorities. Unfortunately, by that time, Ana had gotten attached to Valentina, while Mariana got attached to Regina. They plan to stay involved in their girls’ lives by becoming more involved in each other’s lives, which starts a chain of events that leads to monumental changes in their personal lives. Season two of “Daughter from Another Mother” ends with Mariana being in a relationship with a colleague, Ferran, and Ana on the verge of divorcing Juan Carlos. Amidst all of these, Ana and Mariana launch an app exclusively for mothers, but they announce they are not just business partners but are in a relationship as well. Pablo and Juan are shocked. “Daughter from Another Mother” is all about the struggles of two mothers going from zero to one hundred in no time while they maneuver their life around their newborn children.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Daughters From Another Mother’ Season 3?

The third season of “Daughters from Another Mother” picks up where the second season left off. Ana and Mariana finally launched the maternity app with a bang, and amidst all the appreciation they received, both announced that they were in love and not just business partners. It turns out their relationship was fake, which is known only to them and their lawyer, who helps them get rid of the lawsuit filed by Juan Carlos (Ana’s husband) and Pablo (Regina’s father, Mariana’s ex-partner). Ana supported this idea put forward by their lawyer, and Mariana went along with it so that she doesn’t lose custody of her daughter to Pablo. Ana and Mariana are fierce mothers who would go above and beyond to protect their children and make sure they live with them so that Regina and Valentina don’t ever separate. This might come across as controlling behavior, especially from Ana, but it is also coming from a place of love. Though it is easy for Ana to hide the fact that this is a fake relationship, Mariana struggles to keep it under wraps for many reasons. Mariana is in love with Ferran, and he loves her back too, but he is confused by her change of mind about their relationship and is seeking answers to what made her change her mind so quickly. Ferran is looking for answers and closure of some sort so that he can move on, while Mariana is desperate to tell him that all of this is just a show to get rid of the lawsuit. Mariana’s behavior proves that she is skeptical about all of this, for she believes this truth will be revealed at the most inconvenient of times, which will be worse for her and Ana. Ana, on the other hand, is confident that this trick will work in their favor.


Juan Carlos, Pablo, and Rodrigo (Ana and Juan’s son) are sure that this is just an act put up by Mariana and Ana to get rid of their lawsuit on the grounds of homophobia. Juan Carlos takes help from his mother-in-law, his son, and Pablo to prove whatever Ana and Mariana have is a sham. Juan is hell-bent on proving her wrong because he knows he is not a homophobe, and he knows his wife is not bisexual. He doesn’t want to come across as a bad person, especially to his kids. Pablo is initially carried away by Juan’s plans, but he decides to back off in the end because he does not want any bitterness between him and the mother of his daughter. For the sake of Regina and the future he has planned for her, Pablo backs away from Juan’s plan. Juan, after a point, also realizes that he doesn’t hate Ana and does not have any urge to seek revenge, for she is the mother of his kids, and he loves her too much to hurt her in any shape or form. Mariana, on the other hand, is still in love with Ferran, and she tries hard to stay away from him, but Ferran makes it a point to confront her at many places in the office, hoping she will give him some sort of closure. Mariana eventually falls for his charms and reveals the plan Ana and herself have hatched to avoid the lawsuit coming to fruition. Ferran is initially taken aback, but he promises to be there for her, and says he cannot wait for the lawsuit to go away. Ferran agrees to wait for Mariana once all of this is behind them. Ferran loves Mariana too, and they meet discreetly at many places to carry on their affair without Ana or anybody else knowing. Ferran is more than happy to be there for Mariana and help her navigate through this ordeal just to save her kid from being taken away. Ferran is a supportive boyfriend, and this is what Mariana appreciates about him.

Juan, on the other hand, is figuring out his life once his and Ana’s divorce comes through. He struggles to be a single father, for he has been married to Ana for 20 years, and now he has to live separately, where his children come to meet him as often as they can. Juan starts dating Fernanda and exploring his newfound single life; he goes camping with her just to understand her life. Juan and Fernanda struggle to find a middle ground as they continue dating, and both realize Juan is trying to replace Ana. Fernanda breaks up with him, and Juan is back to being single again but happy about the fact that their breakup was amicable and not ugly or complicated. Juan is happy being single, for he realizes he should not try to replace Ana but look for something unique in any relationship he is in. On the other hand, Juan’s brother Victor is made aware of Teresa’s pregnancy, and he is happy to hear this news. Teresa is skeptical about giving birth at this age, but Victor promises to be by her side all the time. Victor and Teresa are at a point in their relationship where both are skeptical yet in love with each other. Teresa doubts if Victor will stay with her after all and considers abortion because she cannot take care of the child at her age. Victor convinces her multiple times that he is here to stay because he always wanted to be a dad. He loves Teresa and his unborn child, and he promises to take care of them. Teresa feels right after a while, but her confusion and inhibitions are justified. Teresa knows she isn’t young, and this pregnancy will take a toll on her body. At points, she feels guilty for thinking of getting rid of the baby, but Victor calms her down and makes her understand that he is here to stay, and she wouldn’t have to do this all by herself. Teresa is aware of her shortcomings, but she is glad she has a support system in the form of her mother, Victor, her best friend, and Mariana. She slowly gains confidence as the months go along.


‘Daughters From Another Mother’ Ending Explained: Do Ana And Mariana Fall In Love Eventually?

The investors who had initially backed Ana and Mariana suddenly decided to step away since the two of them revealed their relationship status. Both now look out for investors who are inclusive of LGBTQI couples and are willing to include content in the app that would support LGBTQI people raising kids. They finally find investors who agree to invest in their app. To finalize their deal, Ana and Mariana are requested to head to another city to meet the boss who would be investing, just for trust’s sake. Mariana takes a detour on the way, and they end up in a small town getting ready to celebrate a festival. Mariana and Ana get drunk and end up sleeping with each other. Once they come back from the successful trip, Ana starts looking at Mariana from a different perspective. Ana craves attention and wants to spend as much time as she can with Mariana. Ana starts falling in love with Mariana, and she can notice that Mariana is avoiding her. Mariana, though, requests that Ana initiate their breakup plan so that both can move on. Ana purposely delays the talk, frustrating Mariana even more. Mariana has plans to start a real relationship with Ferran, and she is grateful for him to be playing along with her for the sake of her and her kid. But Ana, being in love with Mariana, starts following her around and starts acting jealous of the fact that Mariana might be meeting her best friend/ex-partner Elena. Mariana and Ana finally talk about the status of their relationship, during which Ana reveals her love while Mariana confesses that she loves Ferran. Unfortunately, the entire office hears their conversation, in which they mention their fake relationship as well. Their deal with the investors falls apart, and Ana and Mariana end up being unemployed again and apart from each other too.

Ana expected Mariana to reciprocate her love because Ana, to some extent, is a control freak who wants things to go her way. Mariana, on the other hand, is a free spirit and would love to follow her path and sleeping with someone does not guarantee a committed relationship. Ana takes a sabbatical from work, and Mariana takes up work at a parenting center, which has been her dream job for some time. Ana starts exploring her sexuality to understand if she loves women or men or both, but soon she realizes she loves Mariana and no other woman. Mariana finally moves in with Ferran, but he struggles to fit Regina into his life but starts getting to accommodate slowly and steadily. Mariana, though, finds out Ferran has another child with another woman, which makes her break up with him. Ana, on the other hand, tries meditation camps and goes on dates with women to understand what she wants but receives no closure. Ana is alone, just like Juan, and they are both navigating through tough times since the divorce. They realize at the meditation camp that life around them needs to slow down for things to work at their pace. Ana decides to become less controlling and mean, while Juan agrees to the fact that he wouldn’t expect his future girlfriend to be like Ana. They decide to be friends with each other going forward for their own sake and the sake of the kids they bear in the world.


Victor and Juan’s father, a conservative patriarch, makes it clear to Juan that his company won’t be handed over to him if he does not force Ana to play by his rules and not publicly show off her relationship with Mariana. Juan refuses to budge. His father, in retaliation, chooses Victor to be the chairman of the company, sidelining Juan. Thankfully, Juan and Victor have had a good relationship for years, and they have the same opinion about their dad; there is no animosity when Victor is chosen over Juan. Victor knows his father chose him out of spite, but Victor takes the opportunity to shine. Victor always felt he was under the shadow of his brother and father, but his father giving him this chance gave him the confidence to prove himself. Teresa is happy for him, but their happiness is short-lived. Teresa’s doctor informs them that their child might have chromosomal defects because of Teresa’s pregnancy at this age. Teresa is unsure if she can take care of a child with defects, but Victor sticks to his guns and convinces her not to worry. Teresa again feels guilty for not feeling motherly towards her child, healthy or not. She is pacified by her daughter and mother, who help her understand that her concerns are genuine, and she need not feel guilty after all. Mothers are allowed to have feelings that are opposite of what society expects of them.

Mariana starts progressing at the parenting center, and soon she is offered work in Tijuana for the same center but on a larger scale. Mariana is excited to have received this offer and is looking forward to a new life in the new city. Ana goes into control-freak mode and tries to sabotage her plan by offering her another job that exists only on paper. Mariana can see through this plan and wonders if Pablo and Ana think she can’t take on a project of this scale. Pablo believes that Regina should have a mother who is happy and content with her life and work and not a miserable mother who is struggling to live her life. Pablo decides not to sabotage her Tijuana plan and makes Ana understand that if she loves her, she should let Mariana go and let her make a living out of her dream job. Ana finally understands the fact that love is not controlling and being around each other but letting your partner grow personally and professionally with all the support a partner, friend, or spouse could give. Ana’s concern was to not keep Regina away from her, and the fact that she loves Mariana meant she could not fathom the idea of Mariana being miles away from them. Ana also lets Mariana know that women understand and uplift each other because women understand that they are always expected to feel intimidated, and they question themselves plenty of times about their capabilities. Ana lets her know Mariana needs to break these stereotypes about them and take up the job in Tijuana.


On the day of her flight, Ana confesses her love to Mariana; surprised by her gesture, Mariana reveals she loves Ana too. Mariana, though, moves to Tijuana for work. The fact that they confessed their love for one another makes all the difference from now on. They decide to love and support each other. Teresa gives birth to a baby boy, and they are visited by Victor and Juan’s father, who finally decides that being around the family is more important than what society would think of them. Juan and Fernanda start dating again, and she becomes an important part of his family. All is well in the end. As the baby is being brought to Teresa and Victor, all the family follows just to make sure the kid is right and not switched. The family is back together. Though the relationship they share is complicated, they all know there is love among them. The bond they share and the understanding they have are the highlights of their relationships. “Daughter from Another Mother” is all about motherhood, mothership, their issues, problems, thoughts, bodily changes, attachment, and how people around them imbibe it with ease and help all the mothers as much as they can; however, they can. Ana and Mariana, besides their personalities, are fantastic mothers and are surrounded by solid support for them to grow as people, not just as mothers.

Will There Be A ‘Daughters from Another Mother’ Season 4?

News reports suggest that “Daughters from Another Mother” will return for a fourth season. We will get to see how the family reacts to Ana and Mariana as a couple who are also independent working women. Their dynamics and relationships with each other, Ana’s relationship with her father, Juan, and Mariana’s relationship with Pablo (Regina’s father) will be tested. I’m hoping “Daughters from Another Mother” Season 4 will have more relevant storylines supporting the LGBTQI angle, just like the makers did in these three seasons. Hopefully, viewers will get to see Ana’s relationship with her father and why he left them. The discriminatory practices against the LGBTQI community will also be at the forefront of the next season.


Final Thoughts

“Daughters from Another Mother” Season 3 is as spread out and vague as the last two seasons. Writers Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariñana touch up on various topics but do not explore them after a point, leaving it hanging for the viewers to assume how the storyline will end. Rodrigo’s relationship in school, Ana’s trying to fit in with her father in her family, Pablo’s relationship with Cynthia—all of these and many more were not convincing enough to be on paper or the screen. The narrative is spread out, confusing the viewers as to what exactly the writers are trying to convey through these characters. It is exhausting after a point. A lot of subplots could have been removed, and the show could have been narrowed down to 7 or 8 episodes. The writers kept adding new subplots and forgot about them after a point, making the show long and weary. The performances do not hold the narrative after a point. Halfway through, Ana’s beautiful monotone outfits kept the show interesting. The only point that worked just like the last two seasons is the motherhood angle. The writers are pro at writing about motherhood, which is refreshing to watch on screen. “Daughters from Another Mother” is a fresh take on motherhood, which only gets interesting if the writers stick to what they are good at, i.e., maternity and motherhood.

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