‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Daisy In Miami?

With only two episodes of “Daisy Jones & The Six” remaining, we’re looking forward to that concert. Is it just us, or are you sinking deeper into “the river” too? In the previous episode, we saw Daisy finally return from Greece with her new trophy husband, Nicky. Simone is finally successful, but Daisy may have to do something huge to win her love back after deeply hurting her.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 8?

With Daisy’s return, things are quite rocky for Billy. He’s incapable of accepting her behavior, and rightfully so because he’s been trying to keep the band together while she was frolicking around in Greece. The band members are just happy about Daisy’s return. It looks like Daisy and Billy are back to square one, or even worse, now that they’re ripping into each other every chance they get. The band also thinks Nicky’s an Irish prig. Billy remembers all that Rod did for him back in the day and asks him to come back as their tour manager. Rod is happy to accept until Daisy and Billy give him his list of requirements for the tour. Surely, there’s no way that the company would accept or encourage such behavior with only one album out. Wrong! They will if it’s Daisy Jones and The Six. Their first concert is in Albuquerque, and everybody thought it would be a disaster considering Daisy and Billy’s ‘love’ for each other and the fact that they had barely any rehearsals. They couldn’t be more wrong though, as they had an amazing first concert. Daisy does everything she can on stage, but behind the scenes, she still hates Billy. Nicky loves to see her perform and loves even more to party with her afterward. Billy, on the other hand, can’t seem to take his eyes off Daisy. Anyone except Billy could see how jealous he was of Nicky.

After a few successful shows, they have a press conference, and everybody is asking about the Rolling Stone article, where Billy called Daisy an addict and a nutter. Clearly, everybody knows there’s something off, and finally, Daisy and Billy address it after the press conference. Daisy tells Billy that he’s been lying about his whole life and that she really knows him, but Billy tells Daisy that he knows her too and that the love she has for Nicky is absolutely fake. It looks like these two grown adults do not know how to be adults.

Because Billy is trying hard to stay away from drugs and alcohol, he has a separate bus for himself, whereas the rest enjoy partying it up in the other bus. Billy calls home when he can’t stop thinking about Daisy to distract himself. Nicky clearly sees the love between Daisy and Billy, too, because just as he tried to ruin her relationship with Simone, he suggests that Daisy is a different person in front of Billy because she cares too much about what he thinks. At this point, Daisy is so done with Billy that this shouldn’t matter to her. Finally, when Camila arrives at some of the bigger locations, things are better for Billy. She decides to take him out to a party, and everybody is shocked to see him. At the party, Daisy and Billy can’t stop thinking about how they could have what they already have with their respective partners with each other (enough people, everyone can see you!). Camila finds herself alone with Eddie and tells him that their fling is a one-off thing. She was alone, and he was there for her, so she was grateful, but it was over now. In the middle of all of this, Karen tells the boys that she’s with Graham because she can’t stand the sight of them insulting him (aw, we love that for Graham).

‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – What Happens In Miami?

Nicky is clearly a bad influence on Daisy, as she continues to use more and more in his presence. He even encourages her to do drugs early in the day instead of meals, and Billy can see that things are not looking good for Daisy. At Miami, things heat up at a meal before the concert. Billy is worried that Daisy is going to mess up on stage; she’s not eating at all, and he asks Rod to help him out a little bit by talking to her. Rod is, of course, just a tour manager and doesn’t see how he can do anything to help. Finally, Billy decides to speak to Nicky about it. Nicky, on the other hand, chooses to provoke Billy and asks him to stop pretending he cares for Daisy. Billy can’t tolerate it anymore and punches him in the face. Rod stops it from becoming a huge fight, but by then, the damage is already done.

At the concert in Miami, Daisy is definitely out of sorts and is messing up the performance; she’s doing lines on stage and isn’t bothered by what people are seeing. She ends up hurting herself on the leg, and even though Billy tells her that she needs a medic, Daisy doesn’t listen. Instead, she goes back on stage because the crowd can’t stop calling out her name and begins to sing “Honeycomb,” the song that made them famous, and the song that Billy can’t stand because it reminds him of Daisy and him. As she sings the words in spite of Billy, he walks off stage. After the concert, Billy heads to their room to talk to Daisy. He has had enough of her shenanigans, but to his surprise, Nicky won’t let him and Rod inside. Billy pushes his way in and finds Daisy lying on the bathroom floor, unconscious. Rod calls the doctor while Billy holds onto Daisy and tries to wake her up with tearful eyes. Nicky tells them that he can’t be there and apologizes 100 times before packing his bags and leaving without caring for Daisy. Finally, to Billy’s relief, Daisy wakes up.

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