‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Will Daisy Go Back To The Six?

Daisy was a lonely girl who had never been loved. When Billy manipulated her, knowing her truth, how could she have best dealt with it? In typical Daisy style, she ran. At the end of “Daisy Jones & The Six” episode 6, just as Aurora is released, Daisy leaves for Greece without telling anybody and without worrying about the consequences. What will happen to the world tour that The Six are looking forward to?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 7? 

“Daisy Jones & The Six” Episode 7 focuses on Daisy’s only friend and guide, Simone. The last we saw of her was when she decided to leave LA and head to New York for a fresh start. Simone went to see Bernie, the woman she had met at a party. Bernie happens to be a DJ at a queer club in New York. As a surprise, Bernie used the vocals Simone sent her to create a disco track for the club. When Simone arrives, Bernie plays it for the crowd, and they love it. Simone is excited for the love and change of environment. Things in LA were terrible for her, but here is where her comfort lies. Soon, Simone starts performing the song live, and it becomes a huge hit, but Simone is tired of singing the same song a hundred times a day; she wants more. In the meantime, their relationship blossoms too. Bernie is openly gay, whereas Simone can’t be that way, especially because in LA, things were really secretive for her. Bernie is okay with that, but occasionally she does try to get her out of her comfort zone, making Simone anxious. Simone can’t even be open amongst her own people, and that’s what Bernie would like to change. Instead, Simone decided to put her feelings into recording a new song. They put all they had into it by sending it to all the DJs they knew in New York, and before they could see what hit them, it was a super hit. Bernie and Simone were performing it at a dozen clubs every day.


Simone received a call from Teddy in the middle of this about a missing Daisy; it had been a couple of weeks, and time was fast approaching for The Six and her to prepare for the tour. Simone wasn’t too worried, and she let Teddy know the same thing. This was very common for Daisy; she was probably just partying it up before her dream tour. Finally, Bernie had big news for Simone: somebody wanted to make a record for them. At this moment, Simone receives a message from Daisy. A message that read like Daisy was in trouble made Simone decide to pack her bags and leave for Hydra in Greece. But Bernie wouldn’t let her go alone. Bernie had already caught feelings for Simone, so she would do anything for her, including leaving at a time like this for Simone’s dear friend. In Greece, though, unlike what they had in mind, Daisy turns out to be in another kind of trouble. She’s getting married to a man she just met a couple of weeks ago. Simone is immediately irked by the idea. She wants to be happy for Daisy, but Nicky seems a little off to her. It turns out he’s royalty in Ireland, so he can give Daisy the drug-infused, carefree lifestyle that she wants without having to do anything himself. On the other hand, though, Simone tries to bring Daisy back to her dreams by showing her the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, where she and The Six look stunning. Daisy knows about the cover; she’s also read the article, and she doesn’t know why Simone won’t understand that she doesn’t want to go back to that life with Billy when she can have everything she wants and more with Nicky. Billy said some horrible things about Daisy in the magazine, calling her an addict whose talent is wasted on a person such as herself. We know he did it to avoid his daughter being put in the magazine, but this was a bit much for someone who helped him create a stunning album.

Among some of Nicky’s friends, Daisy and Simone discuss some of the things that are great about being an artist. In Simone’s head, it’s all about sharing the art with other people, but Nicky’s friends think it’s more of an act of self-preservation and does not need to be shared with others. While this may be true, Simone knows better than anybody that Daisy cannot live that way, and she makes her music so that it can be heard. Simone wonders if Nicky knows all that Daisy has done with the band, but he just knows that she sang and how miserable Billy made her. But what Daisy doesn’t see is that a life without music, without singing in front of large crowds, would make her just as miserable or maybe even worse. Bernie confesses to Simone that she’s falling in love with her, and Simone is thrilled and scared at the same time.


Daisy and Nicky finally get married, Greek style, with Simone close to her, and in the future, Daisy mentions that she never regretted that marriage. Things are looking great for Simone and Daisy, but Simone still doesn’t seem to like Nicky. She tells him that he should let Daisy go back and perform. She won’t last long in an environment like this, but he disagrees. He thinks she’s happy, and that’s all that matters. They are reckless together, making Simone even more worried for Daisy.

‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – What Makes Daisy Go Back To LA?

Nicky is thrown off by his conversation with Simone and tries to instigate a fight between her and Daisy. He thinks Simone wants to take Daisy away from him, but in truth, she only wants Daisy to be happy. He tells Daisy that he thinks Simone has feelings for her, and Daisy takes it seriously. She confronts Simone about it when she’s about to leave. Simone is absolutely hurt by Daisy’s words and can’t imagine that she could even think something like that of her after everything they’ve been through together. Simone leaves, telling Daisy that she always only meant good for her, and if she can’t see that, then Daisy is very selfish. Everything that she received easily came hard to other people. All Simone wanted to do was help her realize that, but if Daisy couldn’t see it, then there was nothing left for her to do.


After Simone leaves, though, Daisy and Nicky have a conversation. Nicky heard Simone’s words and finally understood that Daisy needed to rock her life. He tells her that if she really wants to go and if that’ll make her happy, then they should go together. All Daisy is afraid of—all Daisy has ever been afraid of—is being hurt, and so she confesses that she doesn’t want to be hurt by Billy again. Nickly promises that that won’t happen because, this time, he’ll be her shield. Finally, Daisy agrees to head back and go on tour. When they land in LA, the taxi is playing their song, and only then does Nicky start to realize what a big star Daisy actually is.

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