‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Can Camila And Billy Handle The Heat? 

A band in the 70s that swivels from unimaginable glory to obliteration in a day. What turned this band from famous to legends? That is the story of “Daisy Jones & The Six.” In episode 5, we left off with Daisy and Billy finally getting along after a long day of quarreling. The two of them have very similar energies, and Billy realizes they’re more alike than not, finally giving her an actual chance. The episode ends with them recording a gorgeous song named “Let Me Down Easy” with the combined lyrics and melody of both Daisy and Billy, as well as the genuine effort of the band, who have the chance now to do their own thing with the music. Daisy did that for them.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 6? 

At that time, when the album Aurora was being recorded, Daisy and Billy would fight like little children. Still, at the end of the day, after they would disappear for hours, no one knew where they’d come back with amazing songs, “giggling like schoolchildren” (according to Warren). While they all thought they were doing a decent job, Teddy was the most confident in their music. He knew they were reaching their potential to make excellent music. So, even before they released Aurora, Teddy invited a journalist, Jonah Berg from Rolling Stone magazine, to write about the up-and-coming “Daisy Jones & The Six.” Jonah was a young journalist; this was maybe his fourth assignment ever, but because the band wasn’t known at the time, he was assigned to them. Jonah followed the band, mostly Daisy and Billy, while they made the music. Meanwhile, when Billy came back late at night and left early the next morning, Camila raised Julia on her own.


On one of these days, she woke up to find Billy on the phone with Daisy in the middle of the night. Camila came across a song named “Please” in his notebook. Reading through, she felt terribly hurt because it clearly indicated that Billy was starting to catch feelings for Daisy. When she asked him about it, Billy told her Daisy had written the song. At the time of the recording, Daisy and Billy were accompanied by Jonah. He noticed their chemistry, which Billy, in turn, noticed. So, to clarify, Billy told Jonah that it was all a show to market the band. Audiences are looking for drama, and if the two band leads appear to have feelings for each other, it’s not harming their reputation in any way. On the other hand, Camila and Karen’s friendship gets deeper. Camila confesses her thoughts about Billy and Daisy to Karen, who understands her situation. Camila also realized Karen and Graham were seeing each other (she was the only one who noticed) and promised not to tell anyone. Clearly, they would be best friends soon enough. Daisy and Billy spend some alone time at the beach, and Billy tells Daisy that she is the reason things are better. He was essentially confessing his attraction to her. She invites him into her room, but Billy politely declines. All he saw in that room was seduction from the bottles of alcohol and the drugs, or so he said. Truthfully, even Daisy knew that he didn’t want to come in because he might do something he shouldn’t. After he left, when she went out to get a drink, she realized Jonah was in the same hotel as her. Jonah told her about Billy’s ‘fake attraction,” and in her grumpy mood, she told Jonah about Billy’s daughter and his shenanigans during the first tour.

The two indulge in some childish tomfoolery, taking digs at each other in front of the band. Billy decides to use Daisy’s energy for a song about temptations. He makes her sing it a dozen times in front of all the band members, causing her embarrassment and pain. Finally, she can’t take it anymore and storms out. Billy follows her after realizing his stupidity. In Daisy’s fit, she tells him she can’t take the tension between them anymore. She knows that Billy obviously has feelings for her and just wants a confession. Billy has conjured another idea in his mind. He wants a perfect song and manipulates her into singing it extra spicy by giving her a kiss and giving her physical confirmation of her thoughts for his own benefit. Daisy being oblivious to this makes for a fantastic recording. Nobody knew what he ‘said to her’ to make her voice sound that way.


The band’s photoshoot for Aurora and Daisy changed Billy’s ‘simple ideas’ for a band from Pittsburgh to a massive scale shoot for their new LA version. Camila and Julia were at the shoot too. Daisy really appreciated how wonderful Camila was with Julia, considering everything Daisy had been through herself. Billy and Daisy have a huge fight because Billy finds out that Daisy has told Jonah about the recovery clinic. Camila happens to see them fighting and takes a few pictures of them together. Jonah had poked both of them in the back. Billy told Jonah that he could not involve his daughter in the article, so Jonah asked for something better from Billy.

‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – What Will Billy Do To Save His Daughter From The World?

At the photo shoot, amid conversation, Daisy told Camila that it was, in fact, Billy who wrote the song “Please.” Camila is now convinced of Billy’s feelings for Daisy and can’t stand to look at him straight. She decides to head out for drinks alone. Billy is confused about what has happened but doesn’t probe her with questions. Camila finds herself in the company of Eddie, and on the spur of the moment, she cheats on Billy. To save his own story, Billy tells Jonah that Daisy is always drunk and drugged. Just as he had told her his story in confidence, she had done the same, so Billy ended up using it against her. Daisy has nobody who will care, so it’s okay if her story is out in the world. Daisy finds out a little bit about what Billy said because Jonah shares a letter with her outlining his thoughts. Daisy uses her grudge to write a song named “Regret Me.”


The members of the band absolutely love the song, but Billy refuses to record it. Finally, it is the last song to be recorded, and they have three weeks until their tour. Daisy is so angry with Billy and so deep in her drugs that she decides it’s time to move to Greece, leaving everything she worked so hard for in the blink of an eye. Back home, Billy is looking at the pictures for the album cover but doesn’t like any of them. Finally, Camila shows him the picture she took of him and Daisy. The perfect cover for Aurora. Billy is surprised, but Camila immediately tells him that if he loves Daisy, she needs to know now. Billy is surprised, but he tells Camila that there is nothing; it’s always the two of them together, and they will face anything else that comes their way. Now that Daisy is in Greece, what will happen to The Six? Will they go on tour, and will Aurora be successful? We must wait to find out in episode 7 of “Daisy Jones & the Six.” 

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