‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: What’s New For The Six?

The music is about to hit harder, and so is the drama. The sets and music of the show transport us right back to the 1970s, and we absolutely love that about it. Previously in “Daisy Jones & the Six,” we saw Daisy join The Six on their track “Look at us now (Honeycomb)” (yes, we’re also on about making good things bad all day). Billy, of course, wasn’t too happy with this because it was his song that finally became the Daisy show. We learned that Daisy’s personality is super straightforward and outgoing. She’s young and eager to make music through her honest opinions and amazing voice. Billy, on the other hand, doesn’t need more obstacles in his way; he thinks he’s good enough as the frontman of The Six. How will things change? Let’s find out in episode 4.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 4?

Soon after it’s recorded, the song becomes an instant hit and gets played on the radio. Everybody is overjoyed except Billy Dunne. He hates the billboard number-one song in the country! Billy wrote a song about hope because he was reminded of his love for Camila after Juila was born. He wanted to sing about second chances, but Daisy made the song a celebration of uncertainty and distrust. Of course, he hated the song; it was everything he didn’t want to be reminded of. Now the band had fat paychecks for each member, and so they did what they wanted with equal pay. Billy rented a separate home for his family, and they moved out. Finally, it came time to perform at the Diamond Head festival amongst big headliners. Daisy was supposed to join in at song number 4, but instead, she ‘sabotages’ the performance because she thinks ‘all the songs sound the same’ and gives Billy a hard time. The crowd loves Daisy, and although she joins the other songs, the band doesn’t mind outside of Billy. Daisy is unruly, and although she shows Billy that she can take care of herself and isn’t anxious to sing in front of a crowd at all, it is the drugs that are aiding her in gaining confidence.


After the show, during a press interview, Billy doesn’t give Daisy any credit for the song and instead tells everyone this was a one-time thing. The Six already have their own thing going on, as does Daisy. Karen appreciates Daisy. She thinks she adds a spark to the band and speaks openly to Billy about it. She likes the girl. In the meantime, while Simone and Daisy are lazing around in front of the TV, Simone hears a familiar voice. It is her voice on the TV, but it is not her singing it. Someone else is pretending to sing the song. Daisy gets furious and tells Simone she will go beat up the guy who did this. Simone tells her the truth about the producer and everything that went down during the recording. The burden is finally lifted from her shoulders, and she tells Daisy she wants to move to New York. Daisy encourages Simone to do what’s best for her. After Simone leaves, she moves into a hotel because she feels like being around people may help her. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Daisy is even more reckless now that her only true friend Simone is also gone. She breaks into her parent’s home to find that they actually don’t live there anymore. Daisy’s arrested, and she calls Karen to bail her out. Karen is surprised because Daisy is from LA; why would she need Karen to bail her out? The truth is, Daisy has nobody.

Daisy tells Teddy that she wants to make a new kind of music with electric guitars and drums. Teddy knows she wants to continue to sing with The Six, but he reminds her that they already have a frontman who is very good. Daisy is clearly disappointed. At home, Camila and Billy have decided to have a celebratory party. Camila invites Daisy, too, without Billy’s knowledge. Camila is sure that Daisy can make a big difference to the band. She thinks that Daisy is exactly what the Six need to reach their goals.


‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – What’s New For The Six?

Before the party, Camila had told Billy that he should’ve given Daisy some credit for the song in the interview. She is all in for Daisy to join the band. When Daisy arrives at the party, Camila greets her with open arms and a big heart. Billy apologizes to Daisy for being unwelcoming to her and not giving her any credit where it was due. Daisy asks Billy if he wants her in the band. Billy has no answers for her. Daisy decides to leave the party, but again, it is Camila who convinces her to stay. On the other side, Graham confesses to Karen about his feelings for her. She laughs it off and agrees that she knows about them, but she doesn’t want this. Poor Graham is heartbroken. The power goes out, and baby Julia begins to cry when Daisy is in the room. She brings her down to Billy, and Karen begins to play a song.

The band joins in as Daisy sings the song. Because Camila is convinced, Billy wants to give Daisy another shot. He joins, and it’s a beautiful serenade by candlelight. Things are looking up for the band and for Billy, too, because he has started to be a great father to Julia as well. As Camila says, Jules feels safe with him. The next day, Daisy wakes up in the house to see Camila’s beautiful face. Camila tells Daisy that the band is a family that takes care of each other. Now, they will take care of her too, so in return, she must do the same. Daisy isn’t so convinced by this idea because her family left her and ran away. Her parents didn’t even bother telling her that they had moved. Will Daisy be able to handle the love of this newfound family? How long will this perfect life last for Billy and the Six? Let’s find out in episode 5 of “Daisy Jones & the Six.”


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