‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did The Dunne Brothers Get To LA? 

When we heard that “Daisy Jones & The Six” by Taylor Jenkins Reid was getting adapted, not into a movie but into an entire 10-episode series, we went bonkers! Since the book is super fun and the audiobook even has multiple voice actors for each band member, it only made sense that it would translate perfectly into the visual media. The visuals are stunning, the cast is fantastic, and most importantly, there’s music to go with it! “Daisy Jones & The Six” is an oral documentation of the behind-the-scenes story of how this incredible band came to be and its unfortunate obliteration. The book unfolds in the form of an interview with all the band members and close friends of the band, piecing together the reasons why they broke up. There is mystery; there is romance, there is the thrill, and there is the sadness. Most of all, there’s an unimaginable curveball that will shock you. Let’s see if the show matches or exceeds expectations!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 1? 

Episode 1 is an introduction to all the band members and their early history. We find out that it was Graham’s idea to start a band in school. Back then, he had told his friends his brother Billy would be a part of the band too. The boys, excited by the prospects, decided to go along with it. Billy, on the other hand, had only said he would ‘help out,’ but within two practices, he became the lead singer of the band. The band began their career in the not so happening town of Pittsburgh, billing themselves as the Dunne Brothers, much to the dislike of the other members. During their time playing small parties in their area, an incident took place that riled Billy up.


At a party, while performing, Billy saw his father, who was a runaway drunk, clinging to a young woman. He is disgusted by the actions of the man he used to worship. Billy can’t stand the sight of him and leaves the party, followed by the rest of the band. Graham informs the others of what’s happened, and they empathize with Billy. Unfortunately, Billy can’t tolerate what’s happened and decides to say something to his old man. Billy’s love for music was because of his father’s gift, the guitar he still played. Billy creates a scene, asking his father if he knows who he is. The old man says, “Of course, I’d recognize that guitar anywhere.” Billy tells him to take the guitar, but he refuses because it was given to Billy as a gift. Billy, in a fit of rage, decides to break the guitar and storms out of the party. The band is upset that they won’t get paid for the gig but understand the gravity of the fight, even at their young ages. Finally, this incident is what motivates Billy to take this band seriously. He wants to show the world he can be something even without his father’s guidance and love. He then told the boys he loved them very much and that they will one day be the world’s biggest band. A little while later, though, the bassist of the group decided to leave, so Billy asked Eddie, the lead guitarist, to play the base just for a little while. 

On the other hand, Daisy was a child whose life seemed perfect from the outside. She had rich and famous parents and lived in a mansion. The truth was she was neglected and never had any love growing up. But Daisy loved music. Music was her everything, and starting at the age of 15, she began to attend all the concerts in LA where she went for the music and nothing else. Daisy was young and naive, or as she says, she was a baby, but soon she learned the wrong way that people would take advantage of her beautiful face and body. No one would want to hear her music. After an incident with a musician, Daisy realized the darkness in the world. She began to write down her thoughts in the form of lyrics in her journal from then on. But, one of her songs got stolen by a man she was seeing and went on to become a number 1 hit in the country. During her usual run at the parties, getting high and wasted, she met her best friend and guide, Simone. Simone was a disco queen back in the day, and Daisy was a fan. Daisy liked Simone immediately, and slowly but surely, she made her way into her life. 


‘Daisy Jones And The Six’ Episode 1: Ending Explained – What Makes The Band Move To LA? 

In the meantime, somewhere along the path, Billy met Camila, his first love. Camila was a photography major, and she knew Eddie from when they were younger. We start to understand that Eddie might have had feelings for Camila too, but of course, nobody could be ‘rockstar’ Billy. Soon, as they started to get bigger, they opened for bigger musicians. On one of these days, they saw another band perform with a keyboardist named Karen. Graham is immediately infatuated with her, but he also thinks she would be a great addition to their own band, which lacks a keyboardist.

After the performance, they met Rod Ryes, a tour manager (which they didn’t know at the time). Rod tells them that they’ve got good stuff, but the place to be for musicians is in LA. He even talked about knowing Teddy Price, the biggest producer at the time. Billy can’t contain himself and tells the band what Rod said. Excited by the news, the band decides to pack up everything and leave for LA immediately. Camila’s love for Billy convinced her to move with them, much to the disappointment of her parents. The episode ends with a montage of the band and Camila joyously traveling by road to LA with their big dreams, to Daisy’s voice in the background. Daisy, who had been treated miserably by everyone and was living recklessly, wanted to be the star herself. She was done with everyone stealing her stuff. How will the Dunne brothers meet Daisy, and how did they become “Daisy Jones & The Six?” Let’s find out in episode 2!


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