‘Curse Code’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Who’s The Woman In The Painting?

Bunjong Sinthanamongkolkul’s Curse Code chronicled the exploits of Ake (Peach Pachara Chirathivat), a man in his mid-twenties, sharing a soon-to-be auctioned house with his two nieces. Ake’s nieces came to live with him after his parents died, making him their only family. Unfortunately, their seemingly peaceful life was plagued with financial crises, as Ake was running behind on the mortgage, which, if not paid in time, would rob them of their house. Thus, to make ends meet and make sure his nieces didn’t starve, Ake was forced to sell his house’s furniture. Ake sold one of his house’s antique mirrors to one of the wealthiest women in town, Krittiya (Richy Oranate D. Caballes). However, ordering a mirror was just a ruse, as what Krittiya really wanted was Ake’s help with something important.


Spoilers Ahead

What Befell Krittiya’s Family Members?

Krittiya took Ake to see her grandmother, who, for some reason, always kept crying and screaming in pain. The old woman had a severe cough, and her arms were twisted in an abnormal fashion as if she had no bones. Since money was no issue to Krittiya’s family, they had tried everything, from seeking help from international doctors to dabbling in expensive medical treatments, but it was all in vain. The old woman’s condition kept deteriorating with time, hinting at demonic possession, black magic, or a curse that had devastated Krittiya’s family for generations. It all started with Krittiya’s great-grandmother, and then it had passed down to her grandmother, uncle, aunt, and mother. They all exhibited the same symptoms, which worsened as time passed, stated Krittiya while wiping the tears off her face. At first, the symptoms were limited to a cold, but then they led to bleeding and abnormal twisting of the arms, eventually leading to death. Almost everyone in Krittiya’s family perished just like this.


Who’s The Woman In The Painting?

Krittiya also showed Ake an antique painting that had been in her family for generations. The painting showed a young woman, surrounded by a horde of Brahmins, performing some kind of ritual. According to what Krittiya was told, the woman in the painting was born into her family some 200 years ago. If you hadn’t noticed, this was the same woman we saw at the beginning of the film, wrapped in a white sheet. The said woman was rumored to be a witch, a worshipper of black magic who could conjure things with magic. This struck fear into the hearts of her family members, and they killed her for the safety of their children. However, their respite was short-lived, as after the burial, the family members started to get sick, cough blood, and see their arms bending abnormally. With no choice left, the family members hired Brahmins who carried out some kind of ritual and suppressed the woman’s spirit. So far, that curse has laid dormant but has now started to plague Krittiya’s family again. This was why she needed Ake, as he was a descendant of one of the Brahmins who performed the ritual. At first, Ake couldn’t make any sense of it but agreed when Krittiya promised him to pay good money in exchange.

What Did Ake Find In His Grandfather’s House?

Since Ake’s grandfather was much more used to performing such rituals, he visited him at his ancestral house. Little did Ake know that his grandfather had passed two months before. Aunty Sri, who was also the caretaker of his house, tried contacting him, but she couldn’t reach him. Even though Ake wasn’t close with his grandfather, he loved him. However, he hated the fact that his grandfather never let him enter his study, and whenever he tried sneaking in, he was caught. Ake visited his grandfather’s study and found a wooden box that had been sitting in the study ever since he was a kid. Inside the box, there was some old scripture that contained information on how to divide and destroy the dark soul. As per the ancient writings, in order to destroy dark souls, one must break their connection with the body and hide the body so they can never be merged. The text also said that the process consisted of multiple rituals that must be done in the correct order. Inside the box was also an old memento, or a coin, which, according to the ancient texts, must be returned to the spirit at a certain temple.


How Did Ake Perform The First Ritual?

As soon as Ake took the case, misfortunes befell him, his family, and his friends. It started with Ake seeing things that weren’t actually there and hallucinating himself in the middle of the woods. Not to mention, one time, Ake even envisioned that he was being choked by an evil spirit in his car. In addition, in one particular instance, Ake saw a scorching spirit rising from the ground. Ake remembered the riddles from the text and returned the coin to the spirit that stood in front of him in his visions. In exchange, the spirit gave him a small box and a warning that Ake’s path would bring destruction to his family. This surrender of the coin was one of the first stages of the ritual, and Ake needed to complete a couple more to break the curse and save Krittiya’s last remaining family members. Krittiya told him that the symbol on the box was her family crest, and the box contained a lock of hair, which was also Ake’s next clue for the ritual.

What To Expect Next?

The trouble had just started for Ake, and it wouldn’t be limited to mere hallucinations and visions but would pose a serious threat to his loved ones. At the end of Curse Code, we saw an evil spirit in a rear-view mirror while Ake’s friend (Ploypailin Thangprapaporn) was reversing her car in the parking lot. Since the spirit of the monk had already warned Ake about the dangers, it is possible that the spirit would likely possess Ake’s friend to stop him from helping Krittiya. Also, in the upcoming episode, if we’re lucky, we will also be learning about the connection between Ake’s grandfather and Krittiya’s family. Hopefully, we will also be getting a glimpse of Ake’s long-hidden family secret.


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