‘Crooks’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Are Charly, Joseph, And Hassan Alive?

Crooks reached a point in the penultimate episode where Charly and his family were held hostage in Madame’s mansion in Marseille. Charly was forced to carry out one last job if he wanted to see his family alive. Meanwhile, Joseph and Nina struck up a deal about helping each other out and offering her possession of the coin, her only chance to meet with the Russian mafia. Hassan, meanwhile, was backstabbed by Sharif, who sent him to Madame’s mansion.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Charly Inform Joseph About His Plan?

Charly, Samira, and Jonas are trapped inside the mansion. Griselda or Madame wanted to make sure Charly felt the pressure of completing the job allotted to him. They were not given any access to contact with the outside world for obvious reasons. Madame was a ruthless woman, as she would not hesitate to kill someone for her benefit, and she made sure Samira and Charly witnessed Rami’s murder. Samira, however, had managed to steal Rami’s phone from his mortal remains. She did this as a first step towards saving her family from imminent death. However, there was never any network inside their bedroom for them to contact Joseph. Charly somehow managed to get a signal near their window and informed Joseph of their plan to get out of the heist and save Samira and Jonas. 


Charly was hell-bent on not completing the assignment because he was done being a criminal. He could not risk his family for the sake of it. He was also worried that Madame would pull off the same stunt in the future. Escaping the mansion was the only way for the family to stay hidden for as long as they could. Joseph was informed, and the plan was ready to be put in motion. 

What Was The Plan Of Action To Retrieve The Narcotics?

The plan was to get hold of the narcotics through the sewage pipeline connected to the basement where the contraband was stored. Charly would head to the basement to shove each bundle through the toilets. This was the only way to funnel out their confiscated contraband, as the rest of the area was tightly secured. Charly offered them a plan with loopholes so that it would be easy for him to abandon them without any hassle. 


How Did Charly Plan To Save His Family?

Joseph managed to get a duplicate key to Charly and Samira’s room in the mansion. This was done with the utmost precision to make sure there were no mistakes made during their exit from the mansion. Charly was the one who made this plan and made Samira and Jason mind map the mansion to surprise Madame and her team. As Charly began his journey to the city to retrieve the narcotics, Samira and Jonas wanted to play some make-believe football. This was a trap set to switch the actual football with another one that would have the key to their room. Joseph was joined by Nina, and they were successful in throwing the faux football. So far, everything has gone off smoothly; however, if the mansion was fully guarded, there was never any explanation for how Joseph could enter Madame’s grounds without any suspicion. There was never any suspicion raised regarding this loophole. Yet, Samira and Jason got their hands on the keys and had the whole map of the mansion framed in their minds. 

After the sunset, Charly and Madame’s men began their expedition to retrieve their objects. As planned, he went into a heavily guarded building discreetly, and the rest of the men were waiting for him in the sewage area. Charly abandoned them to get into the car driven by Joseph and headed back to the mansion to save his family. 


Joseph, as planned, was waiting for him, and both managed to pull off the con and had all the courage in the world to go against Madame. Charly reached the gates of the mansion only to realize Samira and Jonas were not at the gates. They should have expected some kind of setback, as no plans ever work smoothly. In their case, it took a while for Samira and Jonas to open the door from inside and walk out without anybody noticing anything unusual.

To their horror, Madame was informed about Charly not showing up for the job assigned, and that began a shootout between Charly and Madame’s men. Madame was not kidding when she claimed she could kill Samira and Jonas. She went into the scuffle with all guns blazing to eliminate them and eventually kill Charly. 


Charly was able to rescue his wife and son, but the same could not be said about himself. Charly was caught by Madame, and in the process of saving him, Joseph got shot too. Joseph was grateful to Charly for having rescued him many times during the entire ordeal since the first shootout. Joseph felt it was his time to help Charly as well, but that did not happen. Joseph was rescued by Samira, Jonas, and Nina, but his chances of surviving looked bleak.

How Did Madame Plan To Exact Her Revenge?

Madame had not just captured Charly; she was aware of Hassan desperately looking for him with the hunger to kill him. Madame was possibly a masochist, and she would enjoy both men fighting each other until one person died.  Charly was physically hurt, and so was Hassan, and both were handcuffed together as they began to fight. Hassan had nothing to lose if he killed his enemy. Charly wanted to live for his family and he  began to convince Hassan to not fight till death. 


Madame would end up killing the survivor anyways, because that person would know too much about her business. Madame wouldn’t want any witnesses to her digressions, and killing both would be the only way out. Charly also tried to convince Hassan about his innocence in the death of Karim, as it was a large, confused shootout. There was never any indication that Hassan could wrap his mind around Charly’s words, but he agreed to Charly’s plan, and they jumped off the balcony into the water below. The whole idea was to escape, and even if they died in that process, it would be of their will and not by being killed by Madame or her men.

Are Charly, Joseph, And Hassan Alive?

The story moves to a scenario a while after the ordeal: Charly was seen happy with his wife Samira cheering for their son Jonas at a soccer game. In the same game, Hassan was present, cheering for his son. It is assumed that Hassan and Charly probably reached an agreement after the fall about how to move forward. Since Charly was responsible for Hassan being alive, the matter of the coin and Karim’s death was probably sorted out. This was a truce; they came to stay alive for the sake of the family they loved dearly. 


Josephs survived the bullet injury thanks to Samira’s surgical skills. Even though she was a veterinarian, she could help him get out of the agony. A while later, after the incident, at Tbilisi, Georgia, Joseph was seen with Nina and the coin. There was a possibility that Nina got in touch with the Russian mobster she wanted to kill, who wanted the coin. Nina’s revenge will probably be fulfilled, as Joseph and she were ready to confront them. 

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