‘Crime Diaries: The Celebrity Stylist’ Ending Explained & Spoilers: Why Did Yhonier Murder His Brother?

Jealousy can never pave the path to success! All one has to do is work hard and keep waiting for the results, rather than being jealous about someone else’s success. The plot of the film, Crime Diaries: The Celebrity Stylist, revolves around a motive of jealousy that leads to a double murder. The murder mystery-thriller has been directed by Jacques Toulemonde Vidal. Rebecca, the detective, efficiently deals with the case while dealing with her personal issues. Was the incident a case of suicide or a murder? What was Yhonier’s motive? Let’s find the answers to all these questions through a detailed analysis of the film!


Spoilers Ahead

What Differences Did Mauricio And Yhonier Have?

Mauricio is well-known for being a celebrity hairstylist and an image consultant. He is also portrayed as having a very good relationship with his mother, Marleny. He is portrayed as the kind of person that everyone likes and who would steal the limelight. On the other hand, his elder brother, Yhonier, has a failed career in singing and has joined Mauricio’s business as a helping hand to him. He also had a failed marriage and was undergoing a separation, causing him to stay with his brother and mother. He was never very happy about the attention that Mauricio would receive, and it is very evident that a jealousy factor was at play. He always felt as if he was not given enough attention by his mother and that his brother was treating him just as someone below his own rank. 


After he felt that he was not gaining the attention that he wanted, he decided to open a salon of his own, where he would start from scratch. He was in a lot of debt after opening the salon, which Rebecca found out later from their third brother, Carlos Andres, who was serving his time in jail. His salon was not gaining as much fame as that of his brother, and he started poaching his brother’s employees. He could not tolerate the fame and attention that Mauricio was garnering and tried everything to disrupt his work. Yhonier was also showcased to be a very reticent person as compared to the vibrant and lively nature of his younger brother. Yhonier also claimed that his brother was a drug addict, which sometimes caused him to lose his temper, and they would often get into altercations. He believed that Mauricio had taken after his alcoholic mother, and that is why he was his mother’s favorite son.

Was The Case Tried To Be Misled?

The murders of Mauricio and Marleny were initially portrayed as suicides. There were packets of sleeping pills and letters that would prove that Mauricio had taken his own life after killing Marleny. Someone had tried to masquerade the murder as suicide! Mauricio’s associates were called to be investigated by Rebecca. One of his colleagues, Rosaura, had been summoned, and though she could not say anything candidly, she hinted at the fact that the murder had been done out of insecurity and jealousy. Jair, Mauricio’s driver, was also summoned for questioning, and he stated that he felt that someone else had been texting him from Mauricio’s phone on the day of the murder, as the style of texting was quite different. He also stated that Yhonier had also called him many times that day. He was directly pointing his fingers at Mauricio when he stated that when he went into the murder scene, Yhonier started screaming even before entering the room, stating “What have you done, Mauricio?”. 


On further investigation, Rebecca finds out that it was indeed a murder and that it was possible that Mauricio had been forced into writing the suicide letter before being murdered. Rebecca also finds out that Yhonier has a cut on his hand, and he tells her that he had gotten it while working at the salon. But she assumed that he had gotten it while he was trying to kill his brother and mother. The forensic reports also proved that it was not a suicide, but someone had murdered them! Alba Valbuena, one of Mauricio’s friends, also tells Rebecca that when she was once on a client visit at Mauricio’s house, she had heard altercations between Yhonier and Mauricio about the latter’s addiction. She had also heard loud thudding sounds but had decided that it would not be a good idea to approach them at the moment, so she left. This further proved that Yhonier did not have good familial relations, and there was a strong motive for him to have killed both of them. Later, Rebecca also comes up with conspiracy theories about the murder, as she tells Dublin, her assistant, that it is possible that the mother was murdered in the other room and later dragged to Mauricio’s room. Reports had also proven that she had been drugged before being murdered and that her room had been cleaned after the murder. Investigators were being misled by someone regarding the mother-son duo murder, making it look like a suicide out of depression due to addiction to drugs and alcohol!

What Was Yhonier’s Motive?

Yhonier was not on good terms with his brother and mother. He had a lonely life and a career full of struggles. On the other hand, his brother’s stardom made him closer to his mother, which was one of the major causes of Yhonier’s jealousy. Yhonier had also gone bankrupt, having a debt of 300 million dollars, and it is possible that he had murdered Mauricio to get a hold of his wealth so that he could pay off his debts. He was tired of being let down by society all the time, while his brother enjoyed the limelight. He was also fed up with asking for favors from Mauricio and thought that he was being pitied by his own brother. He confessed to having murdered them when he was approached by Rebecca and later pleaded guilty in court. It is also possible that he had not planned to hide the fact that he was the murderer for a very long time so that he could make headlines at least once in his lifetime. He was enjoying the media attention that he was gaining, and this could have been the main motive for the joint murder of his brother and mother.


Final Words

The attention-seeking killer, Yhonier, can be compared to the real-life psycho-murderer, Ted Bundy. While on trial, he had shown no remorse or guilt but was enjoying the media attention that he drew to himself. The glorification of criminals and killers by the media is a very common factor these days, pushing many to the streets of notoriety just to gain some attention. However, the web spun by the director for this film was a bit loose, and there were a lot of factors that had been portrayed quite loosely in the film. There was no link to the leads involved in the case; the characters have been introduced very abruptly, and so on. The horrendous acting skills were also a factor that played a major role in diminishing the effect that the storyline had on the minds of the audiences! I do not regret having watched the film, but I would not recommend watching it!

Debjyoti Dey
Debjyoti Dey
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