‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episodes 9 & 10: Recap And Ending: Why Does Chi Yeol Resign From His Job?

Chi Yeol realized that he was falling in love with Haeng Seon in the previous episode of “Crash Course in Romance.” As he lived a busy life, the feeling was new to him, and he tried to fight it. He tried to go on blind dates with other women but ended up going back to Haeng Seon. When Chi Yeol made the decision to tutor Hae Yi, he didn’t think that there would be any huge consequences. However, Sua’s mother, who would go to any lengths for her daughter, hired a private detective to track Chi Yeol’s movements, and she caught him red-handed coming out of Haeng Seon’s house after tutoring Hae Yi.


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What Scandal Do Chi Yeol And Haeng Seon Get Involved In? 

Sua’s mother has brought other mothers with her as well, and they demand an explanation of why he is at Haeng Seon’s place and ask him if it is to tutor Hae Yi. Chi Yeol is using his personal time to tutor Hae Yi, and the mothers are invading his privacy, but Chi Yeol still has to answer them politely because he is a teacher. He takes all of them to his office to avoid involving Haeng Seon in the discussion and explains to them that he isn’t doing anything illegal and that they shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. However, Haeng Seon barges in and starts taking all the blame on herself. Chi Yeol has to leave the meeting in the middle to get Haeng Seon out of there. Even if the meeting ends abruptly, some of the mothers side with Chi Yeol, but Sua’s mother is adamant about winning him over. She threatens the academy director that all the mothers will boycott Chi Yeol if he doesn’t stop tutoring Hae Yi. However, Chi Yeol won’t back down, either. He thinks that the mothers are being unreasonable, and he is ready to drop out of the special program himself.


Sua’s father raises the suspicion that Chi Yeol must be in love with Haeng Seon, which is why he won’t stop tutoring Hae Yi. It reminds Sua’s mother that she had seen Haeng Seon in Chi Yeol’s apartment building once. She uses her connections to access CCTV recordings and finds out that Haeng Seon has been frequenting Chi Yeol’s place. She assumes they’ve been having an affair and writes a derogatory and demeaning post about them on a forum. The post goes viral, and it turns into a scandal. Even though Chi Yeol’s name isn’t directly mentioned, the public understands who the star math teacher is. Chi Yeol’s public image has been damaged, but he is more concerned about Haeng Seon and Hae Yi because the articles are framing Haeng Seon in a disgusting way. Moreover, a live streamer barges into Haeng Seon’s shop and exposes her face to the public. Haeng Seon’s brother gets scared and has to be hospitalized because of a panic attack. On the other hand, Hae Yi gets teased by boys at school in a shameful way, and to defend her, both Sun Jae and Geon Hu get into a fight with them.

Chi Yeol visits Jae Woo at the hospital as soon as he hears about him, and he comforts Haeng Seon as well. As they spend a little time together, Chi Yeol realizes that he is falling for Haeng Seon more, which is not good for either of them. He gathers the courage to tell her that he will stop tutoring Hae Yi. He cannot stop his feelings if he keeps on seeing Haeng Seon’s face every day. However, he sends Hae Yi the remaining study material through his manager. Hae Yi thinks it’s all her fault that this is happening. She wants to reveal the truth to the world, but she is afraid of being called an orphan whose real parents have abandoned her. However, Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon continue living their lives as usual. Despite the scandal, parents have still lined up for his talk show, and Haeng Seon attends it without knowing he is the speaker. At the talk show, a woman asks Chi Yeol for an explanation of his scandal, but another woman stands up in support of him. She claims that Chi Yeol is not at fault, but the woman who threw herself at him is. Haeng Seon gets hurt and stands up to leave when Chi Yeol sees her. He had decided not to talk on this matter, but he confessed in front of everyone that he had a crush on her first and that she was not at fault at all. It is going to taint Chi Yeol’s public image more, but he doesn’t care when it comes to Haeng Seon.


Why Does Chi Yeol disappear?

After hearing Chi Yeol’s confession on the talk show, Haeng Seon is confused, and she is impatient to get the answers to all her questions. She asks Chi Yeol why he would take the blame on himself and if he really likes her. Chi Yeol takes this chance to confess his feelings to her. Haeng Seon is disturbed after the confession, but Yeong Ju is happy for her. She thinks that Chi Yeol’s feelings are genuine, so Haeng Seon should tell him the truth about Hae Yi. On the other hand, things have worsened for Chi Yeol. Parents have been canceling Chi Yeol’s classes, and students are protesting against him. The academy director asks him to take a break for two weeks, and he has already found his replacement. He is in contact with Song Jun Ho, Chi Yeol’s rival. Chi Yeol hasn’t taken a break in his career so far, and now that he has free time, he realizes that he has no one to talk to. Luckily, he runs into his college friend, Jeon. Even though they have a bitter relationship, Jeon understands that Chi Yeol must be having a hard time.

Chi Yeol falls asleep after getting drunk, and Jeon calls Jae Woo from his phone to pick him up, which worries Haeng Seon. Chi Yeol also cannot let go of Haeng Seon’s thoughts and even dreams about her. He wants to get over her in any way possible, so he turns off his phone and disappears for a while. His manager is worried and frustrated and asks Haeng Seon if she knows where he is. Jae Woo also told Haeng Seon that Chi Yeol hadn’t been picking up his call, but she didn’t think he would disappear. Her business is blooming again after Chi Yeol takes all the blame, but she cannot concentrate. She remembers the camping site that Chi Yeol goes to when he wants to clear his mind and goes there looking for him. She finds him there and scolds him for disappearing without informing anyone. She takes him out for dinner at her mother’s previous restaurant, and that’s when Chi Yeol tells her how he knew her mother. He also lies to her that he mistook his feelings because he was grateful to her mother. After dropping Haeng Seon home, he cries on his way back, and Haeng Seon also cries in Yeong Ju’s arms, telling her that she likes Chi Yeol so much. Hae Yi watches it all happen.


Professor Jin’s dead body was found floating in the river, and a metal ball was found in his pocket. The metal ball and the pride academy are common in both Young Min’s and Professor Jin’s cases, which makes the detectives curious. Their boss is not happy with them bringing back Young Min’s case, but the detectives are adamant about getting to the bottom of this case. Sun Jae’s father hears about the Pride Academy while he is at the police station with his client and asks his wife to change the academy if possible, as its name has been involved in many problematic issues already. Sun Jae’s mother gets worried when she hears about professor Jin because she has seen Hui Jae’s location at Jin’s apartment building, and she already knows that he has stocked metal balls in his desk drawer.

‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episode 10: Ending

Chi Yeol returns to the academy only to find out that Song Jun Ho has been taking his classes and that he has been assigned to a much smaller class. He understands that he no longer has a place at the academy and resigns before he gets humiliated more. He goes to see Haeng Seon after leaving the academy but doesn’t dare to go and talk to her. Hae Yi has been looking at him, and Chi Yeol only notices it later. He makes the excuse that he stopped by because he needed to check an urgent email. However, she knows the truth. After Chi Yeol leaves, she runs after his car instead of going home.

Chi Yeol goes to his office because he is lost at what to do, but even before he enters, the same live streamer who exposed Haeng Seon’s face follows Chi Yeol inside. He asks Chi Yeol on his livestream about the scandal and his choice of women. Chi Yeol has already been humiliated enough, so his manager tries to push the live streamer out forcibly. Among this chaos, Hae Yi also enters the office and says on the live stream that Haeng Seon is her aunt and not her mother, which makes Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon’s relationship valid and not a scandalous affair. Hae Yi has exposed a big secret in “Crash Course in Romance,” and it’s going to change the trajectory of the series. Hae Yi might suffer for a while because of her decision, but she knows that her mother will be happy for a long time because of it.

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