‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episodes 7 & 8: Recap And Ending: Who Is The Next Person Getting Attacked?

Chi Yeol has started tutoring Hae Yi secretly, but he gets caught by Haeng Seon’s friend Yeong Ju and his manager Ji in just a few days. His manager doesn’t approve of his decision but still supports him. Along with tutoring, Chi Yeol has to mix it up with Haeng Seon’s family, even when he doesn’t want to. However, amid the fun, Chi Yeol lets down his guard and forgets that his other students also live in Hae Yi’s neighborhood. Previously in “Crash Course in Romance,” Sua saw Chi Yeol’s car passing by and asked her mother to follow him. Sua and her mother saw him getting out of the car, and they wondered why he was walking toward Haeng Seon’s shop when it was closed.


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What Feeling Confuses Chi Yeol?

Haeng Seon returns home at the same time Chi Yeol arrives, and she sees Sua and her mother staring at Chi Yeol from their car. She calls Chi Yeol and tells him to leave quickly under the pretense that he didn’t see the closed shop. Chi Yeol leaves, but Sua and her mother are still confused because they didn’t expect Chi Yeol to be Haeng Seon’s customer. Sua has never liked Hae Yi, and the next day in school brings upsetting news for her. Hae Yi has topped the recent mock test, surpassing Sua. Sua thinks that Hae Yi is scoring well in exams because Sun Jae is providing her with special program notes. She gets so stressed about the situation that she needs to get hospitalized. Her mother is worried about her and also angry at Sun Jae. She informs Sun Jae’s mother about the situation and asks her to handle her son. However, Sun Jae blackmails his mother, saying that he will stop talking to her if she says a word to Hae Yi’s mother regarding this.


To celebrate Hae Yi’s achievement, Haeng Seon holds a small party and forces Chi Yeol to join them. After having dinner, Chi Yeol even joins them for a game of handball and calls over his manager as well. This is the most socializing Chi Yeol has done in many years, and he feels rejuvenated. However, he also feels another emotion, which confuses him completely. While playing, he suddenly gets mesmerized by Haeng Seon and can’t stop looking at her. He hurt his wrist because he was engrossed in thoughts about Haeng Seon. He thinks everything will be back to normal after he gets a good sleep, but he dreams only about Haeng Seon all night. He thinks that something is wrong with his brain because he believes Haeng Seon is a married woman, and he is not allowed to like her in a romantic way. He goes to his therapist, and she tells him that there is nothing wrong with his brain and that he just needs to socialize more if he doesn’t want to catch feelings for the first person he spends a little time with.

Sua studies all the time without giving herself a break. This results in her having an anxiety attack at school. Sua’s mother can’t bear to see her daughter struggling like this and thinks that it is all Hae Yi’s fault. She needs to get to the bottom of this issue, so she informs some of the mothers that Sun Jae is leaking the special program’s study material. On the other hand, Chi Yeol goes on a blind date for the first time, hoping that his feelings for Haeng Seon will go away. His date is successful, and he thinks that he only got worked up while playing and mistook his feelings. However, when he goes for tutoring, he gets awestruck when he sees Haeng Seon again. Haeng Seon tells him that she will take him to the doctor to check his wrist, and Chi Yeol gets all excited. The next day, he ponders over what to wear and gets late for Hae Yi’s tutoring. Hae Yi notices Chi Yeol’s different look, and she asks Haeng Seon to dress better. Chi Yeol already treats the doctor’s appointment as a date with Haeng Seon, but Haeng Seon later takes him to her favorite restaurant. Chi Yeol was excited, but he didn’t expect to get a pleasant surprise. She takes him to the restaurant that previously belonged to her mother, the same restaurant Chi Yeol is grateful toward.


How Does Chi Yeol Find His Hater?

After Haeng Seon’s mother passed away, her friend took over the restaurant. Chi Yeol enters the restaurant and finds that nothing has changed. He reminisces about the old times but doesn’t tell Haeng Seon that he knew her mother. He asks her when she passed away, and he realizes that she passed away on the same day as his father, and that was the day he had his last meal made by her. He feels that it was fate that they met, and he makes himself believe that he was drawn to Haeng Seon because he has a connection with her passed down from her mother. He visits Haeng Seon’s mother’s memorial, and he wishes to repay the kindness that she showed him. He buys the building Haeng Seon lives in, and runs her shop out of and reduces her rent by half. However, he doesn’t want Haeng Seon to know that he is behind it. He believes that it is the way to pay back Haeng Seon’s mother for taking care of him in difficult times.

Hui Jae’s mother has been suspicious of him ever since she found metal balls on his table because she heard a police detective talking about a metal ball case, which makes her worry about Hui Jae. She installs a location-tracking app on his phone because she has no idea where he wanders around. The detective gets scolded for investigating Young Min’s case, which has been closed, but he doesn’t stop. He realizes that the boy he saw running away from the alley where metal balls were spotted has a similar build to the guy who followed Young Min before he died. He is sure that both of them are connected somehow. On the other hand, Chi Yeol finds the criminal who has been defaming him. It’s Professor Jin from his academy, and he overhears him talking about exposing Hae Yi and Chi Yeol’s illicit relationship. Chi Yeol threatens to sue him if he utters a single word about Hae Yi on the forum or anywhere else.


Chi Yeol gave his manager the responsibility of taking care of the documentation process of his newly bought building, but Haeng Seon sees the manager with the previous landlord, which exposes Chi Yeol. The manager tells her that it is just an investment for Chi Yeol, but Haeng Seon doesn’t understand why he would reduce the rent. Yeong Ju thinks that Chi Yeol likes Haeng Seon, and that’s why he is going to such lengths for her. Haeng Seon refutes her speculation, calling it senseless because, for him, she is a married woman and the mother of his student. However, a sudden call from Chi Yeol’s office makes Yeong Ju believe all the more that Chi Yeol actually likes her. She goes with Haeng Seon to his office to deliver a bulk order because she wants to see Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon’s budding romance. However, both Yeon Ju and Haeng Seon see something they didn’t expect.

The girl Chi Yeol met on the blind date shows up at his office and invites him to her piano recital. All of his colleagues start talking about how pretty and wealthy she is and that Chi Yeol has made the right choice. Haeng Seon leaves his office, and she is on edge the whole day. She speaks angrily with Chi Yeol when he comes for tutoring. She almost pushes him out of the house when Jae Woo asks him if he would like to join them for their “family chicken day.” She tells Jae Woo that he has to attend a recital and won’t be able to take Hae Yi’s class either. Chi Yeol doesn’t understand Haeng Seon’s sudden change in behavior.

‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episode 8: Ending

Chi Yeol attends the recital the next day, but when Hae Yi calls him to clear a doubt, he hears that Haeng Seon has hurt herself. He leaves the recital and rushes to see Haeng Seon and ends up attending the “family chicken day,” as Jae Woo wished. As he prepares to leave, Haeng Seon can’t help but ask him why he bought the building and reduced the rent. Chi Yeol just asks her if it is a crime to treat her well and leaves. Haeng Seon follows him outside because she needs answers, but a bigger problem appears in front of them. All the mothers from the special program have lined up outside Haeng Seon’s shop to catch Chi Yeol red-handed. Sua’s mother had hired a private detective to track Chi Yeol, and the detective did his work well.

This is the second time Sua’s mother has caught Chi Yeol outside Haeng Seon’s shop, but this time she is going to demand answers. “Crash Course in Romance” again leaves us hanging with anticipation for the next episode. More than Chi Yeol’s potential scandal, another shocking news awaits all of them. Professor Jin, who is Chi Yeol’s rival, gets attacked by the metal balls this time. It’s as if every time someone messes with Chi Yeol, the person gets attacked with metal balls. The perpetrator and Chi Yeol seem to have some kind of connection, and Chi Yeol is likely not aware of it yet.


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