‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episodes 13 And 14: Recap And Ending: Why Does Chi Yeol Fire Manager Ji?

Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon started dating after Hae Yi revealed that Haeng Seon was not her real mother and that she was single. Previously in “Crash Course In Romance,” after Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon got together, Manager Ji started to show his true colors as he doesn’t treat Haeng Seon right. Chi Yeol thought there must have been a misunderstanding between the two, but Haeng Seon was sure that Ji didn’t like her. Meanwhile, Hui Jae was apprehended as a suspect in Professor Jin’s murder, but he confessed that he was a witness to the murder.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Hae Yi Meet Sun Jae’s Mother?

Manager Ji is not happy with Haeng Seon’s place in Chi Yeol’s life and the fact that Chi Yeol has changed his lifestyle because of her. He tries to shoot a metal ball at her but runs away when he sees Chi Yeol with her. This shows that Ji is most probably behind the metal ball murders, and Hui Jae, who has been arrested as a suspect, speaks up to defend himself. Hui Jae used to feed stray cats, and when they started getting killed one by one, he tried to find the person behind it. One day, he saw Ji in the same neighborhood with a slingshot and got suspicious. He followed him and saw him kill Professor Jin. He got scared and ran away, but Ji caught him and tried to choke him. Hui Jae confesses to the court that he didn’t see his face but felt his index finger while he was getting choked and that it was calloused. That’s the only thing he remembers about the murderer. Hui Jae’s confession clears his name, and he is set free by the court. Meanwhile, Hae Yi and Sun Jae realize during their midterm exam that Sun Jae’s mother leaked the exam paper to them. This makes Sun Jae feel guilty, and he refuses to speak to Hae Yi. Sun Jae wants to report it to his teacher, but his mother blackmails him, saying that doing so would ruin her life.


Chi Yeol doesn’t like to go to his empty house since he has experienced living with Haeng Seon’s family. He wants to go to Haeng Seon’s house and gets an excuse when the thermostat at his house stops working. He spends a night at Haeng Seon’s place and notices Hae Yi is upset over something. The next day, she tells him that she wants to talk to him, but Chi Yeol is busy the whole day. Hae Yi submitted her answer sheet blank, and her class teacher didn’t believe her excuse for poor time management because she is a top student. On the other hand, Sun Jae tops in the exam for the first time by scoring full marks in the subject he was weakest in. However, Sun Jae is not excited about it. He is only happy that Hui Jae is back, as he is the only one who understands him. Hui Jae has become a topic of gossip already, and Sun Jae worries that he will also become one if he reveals the truth.

Manager Ji has kept Chi Yeol so busy at work that he doesn’t have time for Haeng Seon, but Haeng Seon understands and personally delivers snacks for his team. However, Ji doesn’t let her meet Chi Yeol, stating he is busy and throwing her snacks in the trash can. Haeng Seon sees him doing that, and now she is sure that Ji doesn’t like her for some reason. She confronts him to find out what exactly he thinks of her, and they get into an argument. Chi Yeol hears them and has a separate conversation with Haeng Seon first. This time, Haeng Seon makes it clear to him that there was no misunderstanding because she has caught Ji red-handed. Ji tries to explain himself by saying that he thought they were too busy to have snacks. Chi Yeol doesn’t have time to think over his explanation and just lets it slide. On the other hand, Haeng Seon has something else to worry about, as Hae Yi hasn’t returned home. She met with Sun Jae’s mother, and they discussed the matter of the leaked exam paper. Sun Jae’s mother tried to persuade Hae Yi to keep her mouth shut, but Hae Yi didn’t promise her anything. She lied to her mother that she was with Dan Ji and was coming home, but she still hadn’t returned, and her phone had been turned off. Her family, including Yeong Ju and Chi Yeol, have been looking for her, but neither Sun Jae nor Dan Ji knows where she is.


How Does Hae Yi Get Into An Accident?

Hae Yi had reached home when she saw Ji outside her house with a slingshot aimed at Haeng Seon. When Ji saw her, he went after her and shot the metal ball at her instead. He tied her up and kept her at his house, but she managed to untie herself and run away. Luck wasn’t on her side, and Ji saw her. As she ran fast to save herself, she got hit by a car. Ji had her phone and left it by her side after writing a suicide note on it claiming that she was taking her life because she had failed the exam. Haeng Seon runs to the hospital when she gets a call, and Hae Yi is already undergoing surgery. She is still alive, but she is in a coma. Her friends skip school when they hear the news to meet her. Sun Jae hears the detectives talking about finding a suicide note, and Sun Jae thinks it is all his fault. He leaves the hospital and goes to his mom’s office to talk about Hae Yi, but she won’t allow him to confess the truth. Sun Jae is as helpless and lost as Hae Yi is when she talks with Sun Jae’s mother. Sun Jae’s mother doesn’t feel good about herself anymore and wonders if she has turned into a devil. The next day in school, Sun Jae tries to jump off the rooftop, but Geon Hu stops him.

Chi Yeol had asked Ji to postpone or cancel the math camp because he needed to be with Haeng Seon, but Ji lied to him and said that the director was not ready for either. However, when Chi Yeol hears from the director that Ji never requested a change in schedule, he loses his temper. He goes to the office and confronts Ji about it. Ji is calm at the beginning but starts shouting at Chi Yeol later. He says to him that Haeng Seon is an obstacle in his career because he used to be a workaholic but is now not interested in work. Chi Yeol tells him that he is way happier than before, and that’s what matters to him. Chi Yeol spoke calmly with Ji all this time, but Ji went overboard and said that Chi Yeol should focus on his work because Hae Yi wasn’t dead yet. Ji has crossed the line, and Chi Yeol cannot take it anymore. He fires him from the job right away, and Ji also leaves the office in a rage. As if Chi Yeol doesn’t already have a lot on his mind, the detectives call him for an interrogation regarding Professor Jin. The detectives have found out that Chi Yeol is the common link between the two metal ball murders and also that Jin was a critic of Chi Yeol. They see Chi Yeol as a suspect and also check his index finger, which is not calloused. The detectives explain the situation to him, and Chi Yeol is also surprised to hear it. However, Chi Yeol gets a little clue when the detective asks him about Jung Sung Hyun and Jung Su Hyun.


‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episode 14: Ending

Manager Ji’s real name is Jung Sung Hyun, and he changed it after he was acquitted of charges of killing his mother. He is the younger brother of Jung Su Hyun, who killed herself, tired of her mother’s torture. His mother started torturing him after Su Hyun, which made him kill his mom. His crime couldn’t be proven, so he was set free. He was close to his sister and still kept the diary she wrote. Su Hyun trusted Chi Yeol more than anyone else because he was the only adult in her life who could understand her. Ji made it his mission to protect Chi Yeol for the sake of his sister, but now he has lost control and crossed all boundaries. Meanwhile, Hae Yi’s real mother has returned after many years, only to find out her daughter is in a coma. She creates drama, but no one has the energy or will to deal with her.

“Crash Course In Romance” is at the peak of its climax right now, as all the crimes are about to be exposed. Sun Jae has confessed that he cheated in the exam, and his mother is going to undergo an investigation. Yet, Sun Jae asks his father to help her because she is still his mother. On the other hand, Chi Yeol finds out that the ink stain on Hae Yi’s hand is the same as the unique orange-brown ink that manager Ji uses. He now believes that Ji could be the culprit and mentions this to Haeng Seon. Manager Ji has long deceived everyone, starting with his mother’s murder, but it seems like his crimes won’t be hidden for too long now.


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