‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episodes 11 And 12: Recap And Ending: Is Hui Jae The Serial Killer?

Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol got caught by the mothers of other students, and Chi Yeol explained to them that he was doing nothing illegal. However, Sua’s mother was adamant about stopping him from tutoring Hae Yi, so she spread rumors that Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon were having an illicit affair. In the previous episode of “Crash Course in Romance,” Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol almost lost their careers and each other because of the scandal caused by the rumor, but Hae Yi came to their rescue. She boldly admitted on a livestream that Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon weren’t having an affair because Haeng Seon is not her aunt. The truth is, she is her mother.


Spoilers Ahead

Does Hui Jae Get Caught?

Haeng Seon also sees the livestream and rushes to the academy to get Hae Yi. Hae Yi tells Chi Yeol the entire truth, and he leaves the academy to meet Haeng Seon. Haeng Seon goes to Chi Yeol’s apartment after she doesn’t find him at the academy because she doesn’t have her phone with her and cannot contact him. Chi Yeol returns home after waiting for Haeng Seon at her shop, and he happily hugs her when he sees her waiting for him. They go out on a date late at night and talk about their first meeting and how it has led them to where they are now. Chi Yeol drops Haeng Seon off at home, but they do not want to leave each other. Yeong Ju, Jae Woo, and Hae Yi tease Haeng Seon and ask her for details of their first date, but Haeng Seon just brushes off the topic. Later, Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol text each other like teenagers in love.


Sun Jae’s brother, Hui Jae, has been acting suspiciously lately, and the police detective almost caught him as a suspect for killing street cats. However, it turns out that Hui Jae has been treating injured street cats and collecting money for the same reason. His mother gets worried about him after she hears about Professor Jin’s murder. She asks Hui Jae to tell her the truth about why he was at Jin’s apartment complex, but Hui Jae doesn’t answer. Hui Jae’s mother wants a better life for her kids, but the way she goes about this isn’t always the best. On the other hand, Hae Yi dared to reveal her vulnerable side to protect her mother. She is worried that she will be bullied in school, but her friends and classmates only appreciate her for being brave. Things have gotten better for Chi Yeol as well. His former employees return to work with him, and he gets offers from other academies to work with them. However, the director of the Pride Academy comes to him with an offer again. That’s when Chi Yeol finds out that Professor Jin has been murdered. It has been kept a secret to maintain the reputation of the academy.

Now that the scandal has subsided, the mothers want Chi Yeol to join the Pride Academy again and teach their kids in the special program. They ask Sua’s mother to apologize to Haeng Seon, but her ego won’t allow it, and she says that she will just force the academy director to get Chi Yeol back. Sua’s mother’s influence has been going down since she was the one who started the scandal, which turned out to be baseless in the end. The other mothers visit Haeng Seon’s shop and apologize to her instead. They also request that she ask Chi Yeol to consider going back to the Pride Academy. Chi Yeol is in a state of confusion as he doesn’t understand whether he should go back to the academy, where he was humiliated. Director Kang of the Pride Academy is the reason why Chi Yeol is now a star teacher, because he believed in Chi Yeol’s capabilities. Chi Yeol shares his worries with Haeng Seon, and she suggests he give a second chance to director Kang. He takes her suggestion and cancels meetings with other academies to confirm his rejoining with Pride. However, his manager is not happy with his decision.


Chi Yeol invites manager Ji to have dinner with Haeng Seon’s family because he wants him to get closer to them. They go bowling after dinner, and that’s when Haeng Seon notices Ji’s odd behavior towards her. Ji ignores Haeng Seon most of the time and later rudely asks her if she’s the one who’d suggested that Chi Yeol go back to the Pride academy. It bothers Haeng Seon, but she lets it slide. Haeng Seon’s love life has just begun, and on the other hand, Hae Yi gets publicly asked out by Geon Hu. Sun Jae feels betrayed by Geon Hu because he’d already known that Sun Jae has a crush on Hae Yi. Their friend Dan Ji tells Sun Jae to confess his feelings to Hae Yi before it’s too late. On his way to the study cafe, he buys a gift for Hae Yi but gets a call from his mother telling him to go home because she has locked up his brother. Sun Jae goes home to find his brother panicking. He goes out to buy his medicine, and on his way back, the detectives ask him about Hui Jae showing him a picture. Sun Jae denies knowing him and walks away, but the detectives find him suspicious. They follow him and knock on his door. He has asked Hui Jae to hide in his bedroom, but he panics again and runs out of the house in front of the detectives.

Who Creates A Misunderstanding Between Chi Yeol And Haeng Seon?

Haeng Seon brings up Ji’s odd behavior to Chi Yeol, and in no time, their discussion turns into an argument. However, they get interrupted when Hui Jae gets arrested by the police in front of them, and Sun Jae cries, begging the detectives not to take his brother away. Hui Jae’s mother reaches the police station as soon as she hears the news from Sun Jae and calls the arrest illegal because they don’t have a warrant. Still, the detectives don’t let Hui Jae go because he is a murder suspect. Hui Jae’s mother is a seasoned lawyer, and she already has a plan in mind. She gets Hui Jae’s psychiatric treatment report ready to claim insanity, and the detectives figure it out quickly as well. She doesn’t want Hui Jae to speak a word to the detectives. Sun Jae has been disturbed because of this incident, and he misses school. His father is not even aware of what’s happening to his family, and Sun Jae feels lonely in this situation. Hae Yi tries to contact him, but when he doesn’t respond for a long time, she just goes to see him at his home. Geon Hu has been trying to impress Hae Yi by showing off his athletic skills and is now improving academically as well, but he realizes that Sun Jae might have already beaten him in the case of Hae Yi.


Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol haven’t talked since their unfinished argument. Chi Yeol has been busy with work since he resumed his teaching activities, and manager Ji purposely planned his schedule in such a way that he will not get time to talk to Haeng Seon. After thinking for a while, Haeng Seon messages him in order to not hold the argument for too long. However, Ji sees the message and deletes it before Chi Yeol can read it. Haeng Seon gets angry, thinking Chi Yeol ignored her message, and goes to bed, saying that she can just break up with him. Chi Yeol finishes his work at midnight and thinks about Haeng Seon first. He knows Haeng Seon’s schedule now, so he stays up an hour more to catch Haeng Seon on her way to the morning market. She complains about him ignoring her message, and that’s when Chi Yeol notices that he never received a message from her. To make up for their argument, Chi Yeol takes Haeng Seon to Incheon with her. After he finishes his talk show, he takes Haeng Seon on a yacht ride. Manager Ji is with them all this time, and he acts friendly with Haeng Seon on Chi Yeol’s suggestion, but his hatred for her is evident when he causes Haeng Seon to fall and hurt her hand. However, thanks to that, Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon spend the night together at Chi Yeol’s home.

‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episode 12: Ending

Sun Jae has been distracted from his studies because of Hui Jae’s case, so his mother gives him study material that he doesn’t know is the actual exam paper for his midterms. He shares the material with Hae Yi as well, and both of them only realize it while taking the exam. Sun Jae can’t meet his brother, so he delivers Hui Jae’s medicine through the detective since their mother won’t do it for him. The detectives try to persuade Hui Jae by saying that his brother is worried about him and is waiting for him. Hui Jas has his first trial in court coming up, and his mother has strictly instructed him not to speak. However, he speaks up this time for his brother’s sake. He doesn’t admit to the murder charges against him and instead claims that he is a witness to a murder. 


Suspicions against Manager Ji have already been raised when a guy called him by another name and when Ji refused to let Chi Yeol come to his house. “Crash Course in Romance” reveals the real shocking face of Ji when his rooftop house is shown. The walls of his house are covered with Chi Yeol’s pictures. He has boxes of metal balls and various instruments to use them with. He is obsessed with Chi Yeol, and Haeng Seon is now getting in between them. His hatred is visible, but he has had enough and is on his way to Haeng Seon with the metal balls. He seems to have had some connection with Chi Yeol from the past, which he doesn’t want to reveal.

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