‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episodes 5 & 6: Recap And Ending: What Is Sun Jae’s Brother’s Secret?

In the previous episode, Hae Yi got selected for a special program at her academy, but Sua had a problem with it, so her mother turned other mothers against Hae Yi and forced the academy director to kick her out of the program. Chi Yeol didn’t like this unjust situation and offered Hae Yi private tutoring. On the other hand, the student who replaced Hae Yi, Young Min, gets kicked out by Chi Yeol from his class for being arrogant. “Crash Course In Romance” has some unusual incidents happening, as later Young Min gets chased by a mysterious man, who pushes him off his academy’s building, and Young Min dies.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Finds Out About Chi Yeol’s Secret Tutoring?

Chi Yeol makes a deal with Haeng Seon that he will become Hae Yi’s private tutor, but he has conditions. He won’t take any fees because it is against the private teaching act, he just wants Haeng Seon to sell him her lunch boxes again. He can’t get free lunchboxes from Haeng Seon because he thinks it would be unlawful, and his last condition is that this will be top secret because he doesn’t want the other parents to throw a fit. Hae Yi can’t believe that Chi Yeol is really going to tutor her, moreover for free, but Haeng Seon tells her to just trust her and focus on her studies. On the other hand, Young Min was found dead outside the academy, and the police believe it was suicide. Chi Yeol goes to the academy as soon as he hears about it, and he gets upset, thinking that he scolded Young Min before he died. Chi Yeol is a more sensitive person than he appears to be. He gets interrogated by the police, and a junior detective asks him questions like he is a murder suspect, but his seniors stop him. However, Chi Yeol is not concerned about it right now.


The academy director cancels classes, but the mothers of the students in the special program unanimously decide that the special classes should not be canceled, and the director has to listen to them. Chi Yeol wants to rest after hearing the news, but he has to teach the students if they are willing to attend the classes. The students aren’t really attentive and attend the class only because their mothers sent them. Chi Yeol doesn’t feel well, but he is professional and doesn’t postpone Hae Yi’s first lesson even though Haeng Seon tells him that it’s okay to do so. The police have decided to close Young Min’s case as a suicide because his grandfather is a former assemblyman, and he doesn’t want any more discussion on it. Only a day after his death, regular classes resume, but Chi Yeol understands the tension among the students and tries to comfort them. He begins his tutoring lesson with Hae Yi, and that’s when Haeng Seon sees a different side of him. Chi Yeol is strict when it comes to working and doesn’t like to waste time at all.

Although Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon have made a deal, it is difficult for them to keep it a secret. Haeng Seon’s friend, Yeong Ju, doesn’t understand why Haeng Seon has started making special lunchboxes, and Chi Yeol’s manager thinks that someone else leaked the test paper when it was Chi Yeol who printed it from an employee’s computer. Chi Yeol handles the situation for the time being, but he has to be careful further on. After a lesson, when Chi Yeol is on his way home, he hears Haeng Seon getting a call from the police station. He drops her at the station, and Haeng Seon runs away, forgetting her phone in Chi Yeol’s car. When Chi Yeol follows her inside to return the phone, he sees Haeng Seon begging a girl and her boyfriend to withdraw their report on Jae Woo. The girl had complained that Haeng Seon’s brother, Jae Woo, had been stalking her. Haeng Seon tells them that Jae Woo has autism and has a poor understanding of social interactions; he only likes the waffles made by the girl. The girl believes Haeng Seon and withdraw the report on the condition that Jae Woo won’t go to her cafe again.


Chi Yeol leaves to go home after giving Haeng Seon her phone but gets caught up in some work. While returning, he sees Haeng Seon drinking alone, and he keeps her company out of concern that she might pass out on the street in the middle of the night. Haeng Seon is already drunk but refuses to go home until the bottle is finished, so Chi Yeol helps her finish her bottle of alcohol. However, Chi Yeol is a light drinker and he ends up passing out instead of Haeng Seon. He wakes up at Haeng Seon’s home the next day and gets embarrassed as Haeng Seon, Jae Woo, and Hae Yi stare at him. He runs out of the house only to run into Haeng Seon’s friend, Yeong Ju, and his manager, Dong Hui.

Why Did Su Hyeon Commit Suicide?

Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon have to reveal the truth because they don’t want Yeong Ju and Dong Hui to think that something else is going on between the two. Yeong Ju gets upset that Haeng Seon kept a secret from her, and Dong Hui doesn’t approve of Chi Yeol’s decision. However, there’s another issue Dong Hui has to deal with first. Chi Yeol has a hater who always writes malicious posts about him on a forum, but this time he’s gone overboard. He blames Chi Yeol for Young Min’s suicide and tries to connect the issue with one of Chi Yeol’s students who committed suicide in the past. The police haven’t been able to track down the hater because he uses a fake IP address, but the culprit is near Chi Yeol. It’s another teacher at the academy who hates Chi Yeol because of his success. However, his recent post disturbs Chi Yeol. Chi Yeol had known about his student’s suicide but didn’t know that her brother was later accused of killing his mother.


Years ago, when Chi Yeol was an assistant teacher at an academy, the academy director asked him for the phone number of Su Hyeon’s school director, and Chi Yeol got him the number through his friend, Jeon, who taught at the same school. However, later, Su Hyeon told Chi Yeol that her test paper was the same as her mother had given her to practice with. She felt guilty and feared getting caught. Chi Yeol threatened to report his academy director for misconduct, and it got Chi Yeol fired from his job. Only a few days later, Chi Yeol got the news that Su Hyeon had committed suicide. It wasn’t his fault, but he still felt guilty for not being able to do anything for Su Hyeon. No one knows the truth about this incident except Chi Yeol and Jeon. Chi Yeol has been feeling down after remembering that incident, and Haeng Seon notices it. On the other hand, Sua finds Chi Yeol’s notes on Hae Yi’s desk, but Sun Jae handles the situation by telling her that he gave them to her. Sun Jae likes Hae Yi, but he has a rival now, Geon Hu, who also likes Hae Yi.

The junior detective is writing the final report for Young Min when he gets a call from an old lady that someone has been killing the street cats with metal balls. The detective had noticed the metal ball in Young Min’s last video, captured by the CCTV camera outside the academy. The detective visits the old lady, and she shows him the place where she saw many metal balls a few days ago. The detective doesn’t look like he will give up on Young Min’s case any time soon. Chi Yeol has been disturbed since Young Min’s death, and he finally takes two days off from the academy to rest. He goes camping alone, only to run into Haeng Seon and her family. Chi Yeol always draws a line between himself and other people, but Haeng Seon seems to always cross his boundary. Haeng Seon tells him that it runs in her family and can’t be helped. Though Chi Yeol doesn’t involve himself much with Haeng Seon’s family, he feels refreshed after experiencing their company. His manager also notices the change in his mood after he comes back from his short break.

‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episode 6: Ending

Hae Yi has noticed that Sun Jae has been mad at her for giving more attention to Geon Hu, so she calls him to hang out before his private classes. She apologizes to him for not giving him enough attention. That’s when Sun Jae asks her about Chi Yeol’s notes that Sua found on her desk, but Hae Yi tells him that she can’t talk about it now, and he understands. On their way back from the Karaoke, Sun Jae and Hae Yi run into Sun Jae’s brother Hui Jae. Hui Jae is hiding from the detective. Hui Jae is the one who shot metal balls at Young Min and apparently pushed him down the building, and he runs away when he sees the detective in the old lady’s neighborhood. Sun Jae ignores his brother initially but introduces him to Hae Yi anyway. Everyone believes that Hui Jae is studying abroad, but Sun Jae lets Hae Yi in on his secret. Because his mother put a lot of pressure on him, Hui Jae shuts himself off from the world, spends most of his time in his room, and seldom goes out. Seeing how Sun Jae shared a big secret with her, Hae Yi also tells Sun Jae that Chi Yeol is tutoring her.

Everything is back to normal, and the classes are going fine as usual, but it bothers Sua that Sun Jae is giving notes to Hae Yi, and she tells her about it. Sua is with her mother outside a cafe in their neighborhood, and she spots Chi Yeol’s car. They follow him and see him getting off near Haeng Seon’s shop. “Crash Course In Romance” is up for either a funny twist or a tragic twist. If Chi Yeol gets caught teaching Hae Yi, things will get tough for both Hae Yi and Chi Yeol. However, it will be hilarious if rumors about Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol dating spread. The upcoming episodes will be a treat to watch either way, as the series hasn’t disappointed in delivering emotions so far, be it joy or sorrow.


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