‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episodes 3 & 4: Recap And Ending: Why Hae Yi Get Removed From Special Program?

Choi Chi Yeol, a celebrity math teacher who has an eating disorder, meets his savior, Nam Haeng Seon, who runs a side-dish shop. They do not have a good first encounter, but Chi Yeol needs Haeng Seon’s food because it’s the only food he is able to eat, so he hides his face while going to her shop. So far in “Crash Course in Romance,” Haeng Seon doesn’t know that he is the star teacher who teaches her daughter, and neither does Chi Yeol know that Haeng Seon is the parent of one of his students.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Haeng Seon And Chi Yeol’s Rivalry End?

Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol go to the police station to report the metal ball attack at Haeng Seon’s shop, but they keep arguing with each other there as well. Haeng Seon finds out that Chi Yeol is the one who broke her brother’s phone and ran away, and they keep arguing over it. Chi Yeol tells the police officer that his stalker could have been trying to attack him and not Haeng Seon, but the officer just sends both of them away after writing down the report. Chi Yeol is cautious even when entering his own house because he is afraid of stalkers. Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol live in different worlds and have completely different worries. While Chi Yeol is wondering if it was his stalker, Haeng Seon is worried about the expense of fixing the broken glass in her shop. Moreover, she has to run to the academy every morning to book a front seat for Hae Yi.


Bae Sua considers Hae Yi her rival and mentions to her mother how the math class doesn’t feel the same anymore because it is too easy for her. That’s when her mother brings up the special winter program of the academy and asks Sua if she would like to join it sooner. Sua’s mother has an influence in the education field, and she forces the academy director to move up the special program. Before this news goes out, Haeng Seon faces a big revelation that makes her worry about Hae Yi’s existence in the academy. Hae Yi runs into Chi Yeol at her mother’s shop, and it worries both Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon. Chi Yeol worries that Haeng Seon will spread the news that he is a rude and two-faced person, and Haeng Seon worries that Chi Yeol will not treat Hae Yi right at the academy. Chi Yeol is scared to go to Haeng Seon’s shop when she specially invites him, but he gets surprised to see that she has prepared a special meal. Both of them apologize to each other for their behavior, and the bad blood between them is finally over.

Chi Yeol decides to share Haeng Seon’s lunchbox with his team and doesn’t eat anything, even at the company lunch, just because he wants to eat the meal prepared by her. However, he runs into his college friends after the company lunch and skips the meal with his colleagues. His friends praise him for how successful he has become, but later, he hears them badmouthing him behind his back. He pays their bill and leaves the restaurant without seeing them, but when he goes to the office, he also hears his colleagues talk about how they are more comfortable eating without him. Chi Yeol is at a top position in his career, but he doesn’t have friends to celebrate his success with, so he goes back and immerses himself in work. The special program has been moved up, and Chi Yeol’s team gets busy preparing for the entrance test. Only seven candidates will be selected for the program, and Haeng Seon asks Hae Yi to give the entrance test. Hae Yi didn’t even think about joining the program because the fees are too high, but Haeng Seon still wants her to give it a go.


Hae Yi’s friend, Sun Jae’s mother, is especially obsessed with Sun Jae’s education and scolds him when she catches him sharing the previous entrance test papers with Hae Yi. Sun Jae’s mother’s obsessive behavior is the reason Sun Jae’s family is falling apart. His brother has become mentally ill, and his father doesn’t live with them anymore because he cannot handle his wife’s behavior. His mother also has a drinking addiction, which leads Sun Jae to get late for the entrance exam of the special program. His mother passed out at home, and Sun Jae had to take her to the hospital. Thanks to Hae Yi, who stalled time for her friend, Sun Jae could take the test. Surprisingly for her, Hae Yi passes the test, along with Sun Jae and Sua. Sua is not happy to hear that, but Hae Yi, her friends, and especially her mother are extremely happy.

Who Turns All The Mothers Against Hae Yi?

Haeng Seon is on cloud nine, and she closes the shop to go out and drink with Yeong Ju to celebrate Hae Yi’s success. Chi Yeol sees Haeng Seon’s shop closed and decides to take a walk while waiting for her to return. However, he runs into the drunk Haeng Seon, who is on her way back home. She is extremely drunk and doesn’t realize it when she lifts up Chi Yeol to celebrate with him. Chi Yeol was flustered, but he found it hilarious. He can’t sleep, wondering how embarrassed Haeng Seon would be when she sobers up.


Haeng Seon gets embarrassed when she remembers what she did to Chi Yeol the previous night and pretends to have no recollection of it when Chi Yeol comes to the shop the next day. However, Chi Yeol catches onto it and finds it funny to see Haeng Seon getting flustered. Nevertheless, Haeng Seon is happy for Hae Yi and joins other mothers for a meeting regarding the special program. Sua’s mother is obviously the leader, and she gets into a fight with Sun Jae’s mother, who not only arrives late to the meeting but also looks down on Sua’s mother for being a housewife. As if Sua’s mother wasn’t bothered enough, Sua makes a scene at home because of Hae Yi. Sua got a low score on her English test because Hae Yi mentioned a mistake in a question. She mentions to her mother that she cannot study in the special program with Hae Yi. Right at that time, Sua’s mother gets a call from Young Min’s mother asking to get a spot for her son in the program. She finds a useful opportunity to remove Hae Yi from the program.

Haeng Seon has cooked a special meal to celebrate Hae Yi’s success and even invites Chi Yeol to be a part of it. Sua’s mother, however, convinces the other mothers to remove Hae Yi from the program, citing the reason that she is not on the other students’ level. Chi Yeol is not aware that Hae Yi has been removed from the program and goes to Haeng Seon’s place for dinner, but Haeng Seon rushes to the academy, ignoring him. The academy tells Haeng Seon that Hae Yi cannot be part of the program as she hasn’t attended the lectures of all the teachers, so she is not on the same level as other students. When Chi Yeol finds out about this, he protests against it to the academy director and announces that he won’t be a part of a corrupted program. Chi Yeol thinks that the director will let Hae Yi join the program to keep him in the program, but Haeng Seon messes it up. When Sua’s mother provokes Haeng Seon, she again creates a scene at the academy, and Hae Yi gets blacklisted from the academy altogether, let alone the program.

‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episode 4: Ending

Haeng Seon is so enraged that she stops giving her services to any of the Pride academy’s employees, and that includes Chi Yeol as well. However, she doesn’t know about Chi Yeol’s condition and that he is having trouble eating again. Chi Yeol is surviving on coffee and pills these days and is less enthusiastic in class due to a lack of energy. His therapist tells him that it might not be only because of the food but because he also feels guilty about not being able to do anything in an unjust situation. He has to teach in the special program as the other students request him not to leave the program.

Young Min, who is the reason Hae Yi was removed from the program, is an arrogant student who constantly complains about all the teachers in their classes. Chi Yeol tells him to leave the class as he is disturbing other students, so he meets his friend and complains about the “customer service” of his teachers to him. On the other hand, Chi Yeol finds a solution to overcome his guilt and offers Haeng Seon to become Hae Yi’s private tutor. It is the first time “Crash Course In Romance” shows a different side of Chi Yeol, one which fights against injustice. Chi Yeol is often misunderstood by others, but Haeng Seon gets to see a different side of him. Amid this drama, the metal ball again comes into focus when, in a tragic event, Young Min falls off a building and dies after being shot by a metal ball. This might make things difficult for Chi Yeol as Young Min’s death could be seen as a suicide and Chi Yeol had humiliated him by kicking him out of his class right before the accident.


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