‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Shang-Yong Lin’s Daughter Die?

Episode three of “Copycat Killer” had Yong’s daughter being kidnapped and him losing his mind over the fact that he had an intuition that this would happen. He had warned his daughter about the dangers out there, but she wouldn’t listen. Yong would do anything to get his daughter back. Along with that, Grandfather Nan lost his granddaughter to the kidnapper, and there was nothing else Nan was expecting. He is happy that she is no longer suffering and is free from the pain she was enduring. Kuo is feeling helpless and clueless about how to find a breakthrough when the killer is not following a pattern, but rather, he is running zigzag just to confuse the investigators. How will Kuo and Yong manage to get Yong’s daughter back alive?


Spoilers Ahead

The Man Who Received Calls From The Killer

Hu Jian Ho, an employee of the television channel Ya-Cih is a part of, comes forward to claim that he has received two calls, who he thinks is the killer. Jian Ho came forward right now because he now understands the gravity of the situation. After all, this man is being hunted by the police. Jian Ho is physically confronted by Yong, especially because the man is more worried about his daughter, the next victim, and the fact that Jian Ho did not inform them the very first time he received the call. Kuo asks Yong to back off politely because he knows the man is upset right now, and an emotional man cannot be of help, especially during an investigation. Kuo is an emotional man, but right now, he has to be practical about the work that has to be finished. Yong is upset about his daughter being kidnapped, and he might not make the right decisions keeping that in mind. Jian Ho is defended by his boss, as any boss would do because he wouldn’t want to lose an employee to a police investigation.


Jian Ho reveals that the second time the killer called for he had a message for Yong Lin, and the message from the killer states that Yong Lin should apologize on live television, and by doing that, the killer admits that he will be humiliating the man. This is the goal the kidnapper/killer had with Grandfather Nan as well, and he wants to do the same thing for Yong Lin as well. Yong Lin is disturbed by how the humiliation factor is working as a fun element for the man, and he uses these mind games to mess with people’s heads. Messing with Yong Lin’s mind will easily impact his investigation and make him more susceptible to mistakes. Kuo is hell-bent on finding out what the link between the three murders is. Once he gets an answer to that millionaire’s question, there is a possibility that he will get closer to the killer or kidnapper.

‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 4 Ending Explained – Does Shang-Yong Lin’s Daughter Die?

Yong Lin is very disturbed, and his upset nature is impacting the investigation because he is visibly losing his mind over the possibility of losing his child to a raging maniac who does not think about how a killing such as this would impact any family. Yong Lin, in a fit of rage, goes downstairs and notices a red van, but he does not make much of it. The red van is driven by the kidnapper, and he is using the same technique of torturing his victim, bringing her close to her parents. Close yet far away. This torture technique works well for the kidnapper because he derives joy from the pain he inflicts on the victim.


About Yong Lin’s public apology on TV, Yo-Cih refuses to conduct it after her bad experience with Grandfather Nan, who was humiliated by the callers relentlessly. She doesn’t want another father to go through that ever again. Yo-Cih comes across as someone who is now developing a conscience. She resolves not to humiliate any other parent ever on her television show, at least. She is a powerful figure in the journalism field now, and she knows her ‘no’ would be considered a strong move made by a journalist in the hope of not promoting such a culture of pandering to the masses by devouring the pain of the people who have lost their loved ones,

The police, though, get hold of a red minivan, and Yong Lin immediately recognizes it as the one he saw at the hospital; he could not believe this van had his daughter, as he had been very close to her at that moment. The police recovered a lot of his daughter’s items from the minivan; maybe the kidnapper/killer planned to again unravel the man of the moment, Yong Lin. Yong, in the hope of rescuing his daughter from the shackles of the monster, decides to apologize publicly. Initially, Yong Lin is speechless because he can’t come to terms with how to describe the pain he is in. The killer/kidnapper also makes his daughter listen to her and pleads with her father to make sure she remains safe. There is no other way Yong Lin could think of to rescue his only child. Kuo tries to stop Yong Lin from making this mistake because Kuo knows these are the kinds of mind games the man is playing, and, as an investigative officer, Yong Lin should not have fallen for them.


As the fight between Yong Lin and Kuo is shown live on television with the producer not cutting the footage, chaos ensues, which is again what the killer or kidnapper wanted. Utter anarchy to show the world that, given a chance, everybody would turn against everybody. All they need is a small reason to do so. After the television fiasco, the team has no clue how to go about getting to the person responsible for all the mess, the killer or kidnapper. They only now know that the man is sexually molesting the girls. This would mean they would place another charge on the man after his arrest. The team is regrouping to understand how to make sure the man can be tracked, and that Yong Lin’s daughter is not killed.

The man who has killed all the women so far, starting two years ago, finally reveals his face to the woman, and he comes across a young man whose motive for killing such young girls is not made clear yet. The killer again makes a call to the news channel office, and the police make sure this time they track this man. The killer smartly anticipated that his call would be tracked and traced. Kuo and his team, including Yong Lin, traced his phone to a local park, where a man threw Kuo’s photograph up from a park slide on them and ran away. Yong Lin, on the other hand, runs away to the park, where he finds the body of a woman covered in blood, and the moment he touches the body, the decapitated head falls off. Yong Lin goes into a state of shock, and there is probably no recovery from here because he thinks the person who died is his daughter. Yong Lin’s fear is legit, and the killer yet again got away from the police even as he murdered another woman. The man so far has been unstoppable, and it almost seems there is no way he will be caught, which is what the assumption on which he is carrying out the daring acts of crime is.


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