‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Cin Yi-Jyun Dead?

In the second episode of “Copycat Killer,” Prosecutor Kuo makes breakthrough after breakthrough and concludes that there is indeed a serial killer situation involving someone who is kidnapping young girls and harming them. Kuo also unearths a two-year-old case and figures that the case had something to do with a serial killer who is out again kidnapping girls. At the home of Tiam, who had confessed to killing Jiang Yu-Ping, the investigation comes across another box that contains a severed hand just like before. Kuo and the team are puzzled to know what the kidnapper is up to because, so far, the kidnapper has not left any obvious trail, which would help them find something that would lead them to the kidnapper. What is the game plan here?

Spoilers Ahead

A Video Emerges

To Mr. Nan’s chagrin, a video of his granddaughter Yi-Jyun being physically abused is released by the kidnapper to let everyone know what he is up to. Even though grandfather Nan agreed to carry out acts that were against his morals; the kidnapper found pleasure in torturing and finally strangling the girl. It appears in the video that the girl either passed from the strangulation or just fell unconscious. Nothing is revealed by the kidnapper about whether the girl died or not. Grandfather Nan and the entire city of Songyan are hoping to know that the girl is at least alive. Kuo, though, does not have that much hope because he knows what the kidnapper is capable of, and he refuses to share his doubts with Grandfather Nan.

Kuo and his team are relentlessly searching for any news that comes from the police stations that would lead them to Yi-Jyun’s whereabouts. Kuo is not optimistic about getting any good news about her location, and he is sure there is bad news coming their way. His team is looking for any news that would come in the form of a call from any locality about spotting a dead body. Kuo is also frustrated with the fact that there is no pattern that the kidnapper is following. The kidnapper is not leaving a calling card that would lead them to an obvious trap. The kidnapper is smart for not following a set pattern because he does not want to get caught. The only link the investigation team has found is the club Kink, since the women who were killed visited this place after their work hours. It was easy to conclude that this was a premeditated murder. Kuo is desperate for a breakthrough again because it seems he and his team have come to a dead end. He is not keen on hitting the end of the road without any concrete proof.

Mr. Yong’s Worries

Shang-Yong Lin, an investigating officer in Kou’s team, has reached a frustrating point in his life when his teen daughter, Yu-Tong Lin, is found dancing at club Kink during one of their visits to the place as a part of the investigation. Yong is horrified to see her on the dance floor. The daughter is embarrassed by the fact that her father showed up to protect her then she realizes the danger out there in the wake of an active serial killer is high out there. Yong cannot believe the girl he raised with such freedom and values still manages to feel oppressed and indulge in things she is not supposed to at this age. What Yong is more worried about is the fact that, with a serial killer out in the open, he does not want his daughter to become a victim of the kidnapper. This is his biggest fear so far. Closer to his home, his daughter’s best friend ends up becoming a victim of the kidnapper. Unaware of this information, Yong is still worried about his daughter and keeps telling her to stay safe out there. Knowing the fate of the girls who were kidnapped and harmed, he would not want the same for his daughter ever again, in this life or the next.

‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 3 Ending Explained – Is Cin Yi-Jyun Dead?

Ya-Cih is keen on getting an interview with Grandfather Nan because no one is trying to do an exclusive television news segment on him. The rest of the television news channels are only keen on getting his sound bites. Ya-Cih is keen on doing this because it would not just improve her show’s rating but also the empathy factor, which would work well to help it further and be vigilant. Yen-Jhen is assigned the task of convincing him to make an appearance on their television news channel. Yen-Jhen is a genuine person, and she makes her point on why she would want him to speak to the city through the channel. She talks in-depth about losing her friend to a serial killer, and how she never got justice. She can only hope Yi-Jyun gets justice, and for that to happen Grandfather Nan will have to speak directly to the viewers.

Grandfather Nan agrees to do the same, but he is not ready for the unleashing of hate and the illogical questions the viewers will ask him. The show begins with the man appealing to his granddaughter to come home safe and sound, and talking about how he is keen to have her back with all his love for her. But the show becomes nasty when the viewers start asking questions about Yi-Jyun’s character on TV. Ya-Cih could not stop this ambush, and Grandfather Nan was left dejected and heartbroken. Yen-Jhen confronts Ya-Cih about how she could have stopped the ambush from happening, but Ya-Cih gives her a lecture on how she would do anything for the show to get a good rating, even if it meant she would have to sacrifice someone for that to happen. Yen-Jhen leaves her employer’s channel out of disgust for Ya-Cih. The major difference between these two women is that the former chose to stick by her journalistic morals, whereas Ya-Cih had forgotten her morals on her way to becoming a top journalist.

Unfortunately, things for Grandfather Nan go from bad to worse when Yi-Jyun’s body is found on the top of a cross of a church. Kuo informs Grandfather Nan about the same. Somehow, he knew this day would come, and he chants that he is happy that Yi-Jyun has come back to him. She is now at peace, and she will not have to suffer from now on. Nan is hoping that his girl can move on from here and not worry about anything else. Kuo and his team are on the verge of tears to see the condition of Grandfather Nan from here on. They cannot fathom the amount of pain the man must be carrying without revealing much. His only granddaughter was brutally assaulted and raped by a stranger who did not know anything about her or her family; his only joy was to humiliate her grandfather. The kidnapper sure does not understand the emotions that come with losing a member of the family. Yong is going through something similar, where he is petrified at the thought of losing his daughter to the serial killer.

The post-mortem report, though, shows that the same lipstick that was found on Jiang Yu Ping’s face was found on Yi-Jyun’s face as well, another breakthrough that Kuo and his team were looking forward to. A similarity is found in the bodies of the two women, as is a connection. This helps Kuo formulate a bigger plan that would help him take a step toward finding the kidnapper or killer. The severed hand that was found in Tiam’s home had rashes on it, which were caused by glove usage for long hours. Kuo’s team concludes that another victim could be a cashier who uses finger gloves to count the cash at the counter in a bank. All of this helps Kuo get closer to his goal, which is to find out who the killer is and why he or she is doing this to young women. Is there a childhood trauma that would help him understand the kidnapper’s killing tendencies?

Unfortunately for Yong, his worst nightmares also come true when his daughter Yu-Tong Lin is kidnapped, and the news channels claim to the investigation team that they have received calls from someone who could be the killer, with so many leads and bad news coming Kuo’s way. He will have to find the person who is committing these crimes. If not, there would be a chaotic situation in the city where the women would have no faith in the safety promised to them by society anymore. The women want to remain safe and sound, and for that to happen, Kuo will have to make major crackdowns as soon as possible so that he does not get away with another crime.

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