‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Miu’s Encounter With Rakel

In the previous episode of “Copenhagen Cowboy,” Nicklas killed his mother to revive Rakel, and Miu had a tiny breakthrough about her identity. The sixth and final episode of this series begins with Rakel’s first day after awakening. The siblings spent their entire day inside a room until a man named Aske arrived. He is known to be a hunter, and Nicklas wanted him to hunt for his sister Rakel since her body needed nourishment. She had to get back in shape since Rakel had to fulfill her mission, which was to find Miu. Aske had been a loyal servant to Nicklas’ family for years. He wanted to know the reason behind Rakel’s revival, but Nicklas refused to share any more information. On the other hand, Miu reunited Hulda with her daughter, Ai. Hulda was extremely grateful to have her back, and this time Chiang would never take her away. Well, things took a different turn when Chiang shared the greatest secret of his life. He walked toward Hulda and showed her a picture of a three-headed snake, which symbolized something very important. But there’s a catch: Chiang revealed that Ai was his daughter. Despite everything, Chiang gave her back to Hulda, and now, everything points back to Hulda. She tricked Miu into believing that Chiang was a mean gangster who stole Hulda’s daughter. They had this baby together. Chiang grew to love Hulda she stole his semen and his blood to have Ai.


The snake symbolizes Hulda’s character and personality. Miu wanted to know Chiang’s motives as he made a deal with her. To which he simply responded that Miu cured Chiang’s painful migraine and healed him. Now, he wanted to heal his heart; he was a good man, but women simply betrayed Chiang for his money. Miu was his only hope, and he wanted her to sleep next to him for a night. Chiang believed that Miu’s powers would help ease the pain and anguish inside his heart. So, the following night, Miu agreed to sleep next to Chiang. Suddenly, Miu drifted off to a dark and deserted forest in her sleep. The forest had a tree of roses and Miu walked towards it and touched a rose, and its thorns caused her fingers to bleed. Chiang was present there as well; he took her hand and consumed Miu’s blood. She woke up to find a trail of rose petals on the ground. It started in Chiang’s bedroom and ended in the next room. Chiang suddenly appeared in front of her, completely dressed in white. He claimed that Miu not only healed his heart but also connected them through love.

Chiang was in love with Miu. He slowly took her hand and asked Miu to marry him. She refused to marry him, but Chiang was not ready to leave her. Chiang never met a girl who was braver than Miu. He desired to have Miu by his side and threatened to kill her, Ai, and Hulda if she refused to be with Chiang. For some reason, Miu couldn’t fight him; eventually, Miu’s true personality awakened, killing Chiang. Moreover, the story took a different angle when Rakel was introduced into it. Aske killed a man and brought his heart for Rakel to feed on. Consuming his organ brought all her powers back. Rakel walked towards Nicklas and touched his chest to read his mind. Having read his mind, she responded that Nicklas had been very bad. Rakel addressed Miu as the girl who’s many. Maybe this symbolised that Miu carried the powers of many people and not just her own. Rakel walked up to her room and wore a red suit that was pretty similar to Miu’s.


Rakel created visions in her mind where she found multiple versions of herself and different women; all dressed up like mannequins. Well, Miu was back in the forest, finding her way through, when a random girl appeared in front of her, and she was wearing the same clothes as Miu. So, Miu walked toward that young girl, and she simply said that she had been waiting for Miu. She touched Miu’s chest, and the two walked off together. The scene depicted nothing but silence; the entire shot consisted of Miu’s footsteps in the forest. The rustling of the leaves eventually took them to the man who was murdered by Aske. All of a sudden, they turn their heads and spot another lady dressed up in the same outfit and then they find yet another one, and it’s none other than Cimona. A smile fell across Miu’s face, and the four of them walked around the jungle only to find more girls like Miu.

There was a combination of red and blue lights flashing in the distance while the girls stood at every corner of the forest. Miu closed her eyes and envisioned Rakel. She stood on the porch of her manor and screamed at the top of her lungs, only to release a distorted sound. Miu was scared, and she cupped her ears, but tears kept flowing down from her face. On the other hand, Rakel stood in the dark, and her eyes glowed like diamonds. A laser beam was shot from her eyes, and the entire scene changed. The scene shifted to Miroslav, where he was having conversations with a Japanese man named Hideo over the phone. Hideo asked Miroslav about his situation, to which Miroslav answered that his life was in danger since Miu was there. Miroslav wanted to survive and to make it possible; he had only one option left. Miroslav had to contact “The Giants.” The finale episode of “Copenhagen Cowboy” ended on an ambiguous note, hinting that the next season will reveal more about Miu’s past. For now, it is confirmed that Miu is a spirit and a vengeful soul looking for answers, and Rakel is somehow connected to all of this.


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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