‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Is Nicklas? How Is He Connected To Miu?

In the second episode of “Copenhagen Cowboy,” the series ended on an ambiguous note, where Miu burned Rosella’s house with her inside. But the third episode didn’t hint at that aspect of the series. The episode began with an emotional scene of Mother Hulda, as she spent hours crying for a little girl whose picture was placed in her room. As the day passed by, Hulda was greeted by a man named Ying at the restaurant. Their conversations were not peaceful, and he left a corpse at the restaurant. Hulda was surely scared of this person and didn’t argue with him in any way. Even though Miu was out of Rosella’s clutches, she still had a long way to go. The restaurant was called Dragon Palace, and Hulda looked like the boss lady, but in reality, she was also working for a criminal organization. Hulda had to suppress her voice to survive, as Mr. Chiang controlled everything around the Dragon Palace. For years, he had been a great fighter, and he even owned an underground space for the same. Amidst all the chaos, Hulda and Miu managed to create a good bond. Even though Miu insisted on leaving, Hulda tried to stop her by all means. The following day, the lady who had given birth there arrived at the restaurant and thanked Miu for saving the child’s life. Moreover, Miu didn’t have any documents to travel outside the city, so Hulda offered her several opportunities.


Hulda took her downstairs to a lady called My Kin. She wanted Miu to choose a new name for herself. Both Hulda and My Kin gave her options, which ranged from Rikke Andersen to Isabella Christensen. But Miu chose to change her name to Cimona. The third episode of “Copenhagen Cowboy” focused more on Cimona’s killer, and surprisingly, he had been hallucinating about Miu. There was a strange connection between the duo, and with each passing minute, the story became even more complex. This stranger is known as Nicklas, and for some reason, his mind is connected to his mother. Whatever the distance, the mother-son duo always talked to each other. Nicklas often spoke to himself while his mother responded to his thoughts. In this way, he had absurd conversations with his mother in which he spoke about his grandfather and Uncle Blood Tooth. It was pretty clear that these two individuals had been killing people at an early age, and Nicklas followed their footsteps. Uncle Blood Tooth was known to be the “Angel of Death” and the greatest murderer of all. Nicklas spoke about the gardens of torture, and he wished to see them. Even though Miu and Nicklas didn’t know each other, Nicklas claimed that Miu was communicating with him and that he wanted Miu to be his next victim.

He read Miu’s advertisement out loud, and it was pretty clear that Nicklas was waiting for the right moment to find Miu. On the other hand, there were strange scenes where Nicklas was found spending sauna time with his mother, Beate. Back at the Dragon Palace, Mr. Chiang and his men arrived at the restaurant to seek help from Miu. Chiang suffered from unbearable headaches and migraines, and he wanted to cure them with Miu’s powers. Hulda somehow convinced Miu to meet him, and soon his headaches were miraculously cured. Somehow, Miu read his mind while she cured him and got to know that Hulda had sold her daughter to Chiang. Miu confronts Hulda about the child, and it is revealed that Hulda committed a huge mistake by taking on loads of debt from Chiang. Paying him back was the only option left, and if Hulda failed to do it, she would never get her daughter back. Moreover, all the corpses were fed to Hulda’s pigs, and all these years, Hulda had prayed for forgiveness since she committed this grave sin since Hulda used her pigs to repay her debt.


At the same time, Nicklas’ father was still alive, and he often praised Nicklas. His father believed that their whole family was blessed by God. He once handed him a gift box, and Nicklas had stabbed it with a knife. His parents had been present in the room, and they’d cheered for him as the blood poured out of the box. All this time, Hulda and Miu looked for a man-eating pig for sale as she lost her favorite pig due to unknown reasons. But guess what? The pig she was looking for was at Beate’s house. So, the duo went up to her manor and asked for a pig. She demanded KR 10,000 in return. But Hulda insisted on buying the pig for KR 5,000. Beate asked Miu to leave the room while Hulda and Beate had a conversation with each other. Nicklas’ father, Michael, stepped into their conversation and started sharing the inner details about their sexual lives. He asked Hulda if she was interested in intimacy, and the duo claimed that Michael’s reproductive organs were popular around the world.

Michael believed that as a male, he possessed great power in his reproductive organs, and he dedicated his entire life to teaching people about this power and giving new meaning to sexuality. Suddenly, Miu started to experience a vision of Cimona, and Miu followed her to the attic. There she found a coffin, and she searched around the attic until Miu found her illusion near the lake. Miu walked downstairs and found nothing. Miu believed that she saw Cimona’s spirit and informed Hulda of this. Well, Miu knew that this place was purely evil, and she had to find out the reason behind Cimona’s appearance. In the final moments of “Copenhagen Cowboy” Episode 3, Miu goes back to the castle, and this is her only way to find out the reason for Cimona’s attempts to communicate with her. With each passing episode, viewers were a step away from Nicklas and Miu’s confrontation, through which Miu’s identity would finally obtain a breakthrough.


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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