‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Miu Escape Andre’s Prison?

In the first episode of “Copenhagen Cowboy,” Miu and Cimona planned on escaping from Andre’s place. When the time came, Cimona didn’t wait for Miu and escaped with a stranger. Well, in the final moments of this episode, the stranger strangled Cimona and killed her in a pigsty. Now, the second episode starts with Andre’s inspection of the other girls. He asked them about Cimona’s disappearance, and none of the girls responded to his questions. Out of anger, Andre took an axe and attacked Jelena, but the other girls saved her from his wrath. They informed him about Miu, told him that she was responsible for Cimona’s escape, and claimed that Miu was trying to destroy everything. Moreover, Andre’s girls envied Miu’s freedom since they were stuck with Andre’s prostitution business, and she got to keep the title of being lucky! The night passed, and Miu waited for Cimona outside a cafe. Things quickly went downhill when Rosella’s niece Flora spotted her waiting at the cafe. Flora had been meeting Andre’s employee secretly, and to hide it, Flora warned her. Soon, Miu returned to Rosella’s mansion to look for Cimona but couldn’t find any indication of her whereabouts. Back at Rosella’s place, Rosella wore goggles and avoided eye contact with her. Rosella’s friend Mihaela addressed her as a demon, and Miu stood there with complete patience.

Mihaela further added that Miu doesn’t bring luck, and she never shared the truth behind her real identity. She sniffed Rosella’s blood from the time when she randomly started bleeding and claimed that it belonged to Miu. They dove into superstitions and old faith, according to which Rosella believed a blackbird had entered her house and brought death along. Rosella blindly followed people who deceived her for money, and she had been trapped in this cycle for a very long time. Rosella hands over a rifle to Sven and he points it toward Miu. Sven stood there and kept an eye on Miu’s movements while Rosella approached Andre and sold her. They joked about Miu’s virginity and agreed to have an 80/20 split of the money. Soon, Andre’s men took her back to the hotel, and Rosella lost control entirely and punished Sven by belting him. as she believed that Sven had had physical relations with Miu while Rosella was gone.

Back at Andre’s place, he forced Miu to make an adult tape, but Miu used this opportunity to confess that Andre’s daughter Flora was dating his employee Dardan. Andre’s girls dressed her up since she looked like a boy, and all this time, Andre published a sexist advertisement and invited various people to Miu. The story took a different turn when the stranger who killed Cimona got Miu’s advertisement as well. Moreover, Andre and Flora talked about Dardan, and he wanted to know if she was dating him. Eventually, she revealed it was true, so Andre requested that she stay away from Dardan since he was just an errand boy. However, Flora rejected her father’s words and decided to stay with Dardan. She confessed her love for Dardan, and guess what? Andre had already planned their marriage, and Dardan made the guest list for the wedding. The scene moved to Miu as she refused to dress up and held a pair of scissors to defend herself. Andre’s bouncer attacked her, but luckily, all the other girls helped her and stabbed the bouncer to death.

Miu and the other girls escaped from the hotel, and she walked down the street alone. Miu found a Chinese restaurant and stayed there for a while. The restaurant was closing down, so she had no choice but to leave. Suddenly, a pregnant lady approached the restaurant, so Miu informed the owner, Jang, about her, and both of them helped the pregnant lady with labor. The baby wasn’t breathing, but the moment Miu held her, she came back to life. Jang was shocked by this miracle, and to pay her back, she offered some food to Miu. Well, Jang was curious about Miu’s identity, so they spoke to each other and shared basic details about their lives. Even though her name was Jang, people called her Mother Hulda. Miu didn’t share her entire backstory, but the two eventually opened up to each other. Miu informed Jang that she needed a place to sleep, but Jang suspected that she was a ghost. She offered her a room, and Miu quickly drifted off to sleep.

The second episode of “Copenhagen Cowboy” ended on a cryptic note, where Miu suddenly appeared at Rosella’s house and tied her hands to the bed. Miu stood across the bed while Rosella tried to save herself, but Miu said absurd things about her identity; she claimed to be an alien from outer space. Miu burned the whole place down and escaped into the shadows of the forest. Before disappearing, Miu watched as the whole place burned down to ashes. There’s no confirmation if Miu burned Rosella’s house or not, but if this was true, then Miu was surely blessed with magical powers. Moreover, nobody was aware of her identity, and until now, both episodes of “Copenhagen Cowboy” had an ambiguous ending. There are still several episodes left to understand Miu and her true powers. Some believe that she represents luck, while others believe that she is a demon. Apart from this, the characters of this show have given exemplary performances, especially Miu. She managed to hold a deadpan face and intrigue the audience with her role as Miu.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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