‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Miu Blessed With Magical Powers?

Sometimes vengeance has no limits! “Copenhagen Cowboy” is a 2023 Danish dark crime drama series on Netflix that revolves around the bizarre life of Miu. a young vigilante who seeks revenge on her enemies, and to do so, she has to face the criminal world of Copenhagen. A place that is rife with ominous crimes like prostitution and murder. The first episode of “Copenhagen Cowboy” begins on an unusual note, where a woman was strangled mercilessly, and her voice was drowned out by the squealing sound of the pigs. The story quickly takes a different turn once the series introduces the lead character, Miu. She has arrived at Rosella and Sven’s house no better than a slave. Rosella wanted Miu to bless her with a baby, and in turn, she guaranteed her all sorts of benefits. Meanwhile, Rosella’s brother Andre worked in the prostitution industry. Rosella often referred to Miu as a gift, and the first episode itself makes it very clear that Miu holds mysterious powers. Rosella was prejudiced against the people around her, and she discriminated against them to the extent that she charged 100 kroner for using the bathroom as well. On the other hand, André tricks people into believing that he offers modeling jobs, but in reality, he hires women to work as prostitutes. From the very beginning, Miu was commanded to spread luck everywhere and to survive; she agreed with Rosella’s demands. Miu was disgusted by everyone around her, especially Rosella’s husband, Sven. Most of the girls that work for Andre were lured by Sven into the basement. He molested them without Rosella and Andre’s knowledge.


Rosella worked at Andre’s hotel in her free time, and Andre would always bring up Miu. He wanted her to work with him, but Rosella refused and claimed that Miu only belonged to her. Gradually, Miu’s powers came to light; she possessed some kind of healing power, and within seconds, Miu could cause all the flowers around a garden to blossom. Miu is unpredictable; she makes strange gestures and movements that will make the viewers question her sanity. She roamed around the house and ultimately reached the basement, where she found Andre’s girls, and most of them spoke Albanian. Rosella had no respect for them, and they certainly saw Copenhagen as Hellish. The girls warned Miu about Rosella’s ill deeds, and Miu left the room. The following night, Miu was forced to spend the night in Sven and Rosella’s room while they got intimate. This was to ensure that Miu spread her luck around Rosella to get her pregnant. Miu was accompanied by Cimona, one of the girls who worked for Andre. She respected Miu and planned on escaping from Copenhagen. 

She used Miu’s phone to contact her mother, but nothing helped. Cimona made sure that Miu was aware of her surroundings and guided her to be strong in this cold world. The next morning, Rosella confirmed that she was pregnant as her body developed symptoms of nausea and meat cravings. She decided to pay 8,000 kroner to Miu. Even though the deal was for kr 10,000, Rosella refused to pay her the entire amount. She threatened to kick Miu out since she didn’t have any documents to prove her citizenship. Miu’s payment was reduced to kr 7 000 as she asked for more money. Moving on, Andre arrived at the breakfast table and brutally beat Sven for sleeping with his girls. He wanted Sven to pay kr 15,000 and demanded Miu get that money. If her luck didn’t bring him that amount, Andre wanted Miu to be a part of his prostitution business. The next morning, Rosella was bleeding, signaling that she had just had a miscarriage. But Rosella thought that Miu was responsible for the bleeding and moved her downstairs with the other girls.


The moment she entered the basement, Andre’s girls bullied Miu for her abilities. The following night, Cimona made plans to escape Rosella’s house and wanted Miu to be a part of it. Miu agreed to be a part of this plan, and they planned to meet near the main road. The following night, Cimona escaped from the place and left without Miu. A stranger picked her up in the car, and it was later revealed that the woman who was strangled in the first scene was none other than Cimona. All this time, Miu waited for Cimona’s arrival. Had she waited for Miu, maybe her life would’ve been saved. The first episode of “Copenhagen Cowboy” didn’t give any hints about the stranger’s identity. But it was pretty clear that he had a problem with prostitutes. The world around Miu is very superstitious, and people believe in magic and luck rather than working hard to attain their goals. Moreover, most of the violent scenes are covered by animal sounds, which shows that animals are better than Humans.

Miu doesn’t show the true side of her personality, and she notices everything from the sidelines. People around her are simply stuck as slaves as they earn their livelihood through Rosella and Andre. The series beautifully depicts the thin line between animals and humans. In some cultures, pigs are the symbol of good luck, while in others, they represent the way humans can procrastinate and give up on their identities through gluttony. They fail to keep themselves clean, and no matter where they are, they’ll follow the ones who offer them food. Maybe the “Copenhagen Cowboy” Episode 1 connected the lives of pigs and humans, but it might indicate something much more crucial, and that is surely linked to Miu’s past and future.


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya is a Mass Media graduate and she is currently working and living in Mumbai. From a very young age, Raschi was heavily interested in reading and writing. She prefers to write everything that her mind nurtures her to do as shaping up her imagination is her forte!

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