‘Control’ 2024 Ending Explained & Movie Recap: What Happens To Stella And Evie?

Control is a movie on Amazon Prime about a secret affair between the British Prime Minister, David Adams (played by Mark Hampton), and the Home Secretary, Stella Simmons (played by Lauren Metcalfe). Their hidden relationship leads to some serious consequences. You know how powerful people often think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, right? They sometimes don’t consider the feelings or lives of those who work under them. They might use people, extort them, and take advantage of their situations just because they hold power. This is exactly what happens in Control. The Prime Minister and the Home Secretary use their positions to get what they want without worrying about anyone else. But actions like these always have consequences. Their deeds don’t go unnoticed. Now, someone wants revenge. This person plans to make them pay for what they’ve done. Who is this mysterious avenger? What did they do to get back at the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary? Were they successful in their mission of revenge? Let’s find out as we dive into the story of Control, directed by Gene Fallaize.


Spoilers Ahead

What happened when Stella came home with Evie? 

As the movie starts, we get to meet David Adams, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Everyone loved and respected him because they thought he was a forward-thinker about technology. He was pushing for a new data security bill that would allow high-end companies to use people’s data for the benefit of everyone. He believed that, just like how people were initially not totally on board with the concept of the internet but eventually got used to it, they would also come to accept this data-sharing concept. Of course, not everyone agreed with him, but his intentions seemed good. After announcing the new bill at a party with other government ministers, David was busy with his work. During the event, we saw him and Stella, the Home Secretary, mingling in a way that made it clear they were having an affair, even though they tried hard to keep it secret. But David pretended to be a proper family man. He had a wife, Sarah, and a little daughter named Evie, who was also at the party. As the night went on, Evie started feeling tired. Stella offered to take Evie home, as Evie was like a daughter to her too. Stella thought Sarah wouldn’t suspect anything because they had been discreet about the affair. David, however, was worried because he had a lot to lose if Sarah ever found out. Still, seeing how tired Evie was, he agreed and sent a security man to help Evie get into Stella’s self-driving smart car. Everything seemed normal until Stella realized the car was heading in a different direction, far from her home. She did not understand what was going on until she got a call from an unknown number and found out that someone had hacked into her phone and gained control of the car. The caller told her that if she didn’t follow his instructions, he would crash the car, killing both Evie and her. She had no choice but to listen. She wasn’t thinking about herself but about Evie, the little girl she loved so much.


Why was this man taking revenge? 

Actually, the man who hijacked Stella’s car was the same security guard who helped Evie and Stella into the car. Stella couldn’t understand why he was doing this until he shared a story. At first, Stella thought this man must be after money, but then she realized it was all about revenge for his love, Courtney. Courtney used to be David’s private secretary. On July 16th, during a garden party, while David and Stella were busy with their secret affair, they didn’t know that Courtney had seen everything. Being the Prime Minister’s secretary, she didn’t say anything and kept it hidden. This happened again when they went to Birmingham Palace. Courtney knew about their romantic rendezvous and tried to warn David to be more careful so they wouldn’t get caught. But David took her warning as a threat and thought she was going to expose them. Even though Courtney tried to explain that she was trying to help, they didn’t listen. Eventually, she was fired and humiliated. David even spread lies about her by claiming she was a drug addict who hallucinated and made up stories. This ruined her reputation, and she couldn’t get a job anywhere. Because, obviously, people believed the Prime Minister, the so-called do-gooder, over her. Courtney couldn’t handle the shame and rejection anymore and eventually committed suicide. The security guard, whose name remained anonymous, loved Courtney and was devastated by her death. He wanted to be there for her, but it wasn’t enough. He blamed David and Stella for Courtney’s suffering and decided to take revenge. Also, there is another interesting thing you will notice: when Stella was asked about Courtney, she didn’t even know her name and referred to her as “the red-headed girl.” She also didn’t recognize the security guard’s face, which showed how little regard powerful people like her and David had for those working beneath them. The guard knew he was practically anonymous and used that to his advantage to get his revenge.

Did he ultimately take his revenge? 

The man kept scaring Stella with his threats. Hearing all these stories about Courtney made Stella feel ashamed. She started to realize how her secret affair with David had ruined people’s lives. But until now, it hadn’t affected her or the Prime Minister at all. This time, it would. The man forced Stella to call Sarah, David’s wife, and tell her about the affair—the secret the prime minister had been so afraid of getting out. Stella was shocked. She couldn’t do it because she knew it would ruin David’s future, both his home life and his career. But the man didn’t care. He threatened to kill both her and Evie if she didn’t make the call. So, she had to do it. Stella called Sarah and told her everything. As you can imagine, Sarah was very hurt. But the most shocking reaction came from the Prime Minister. When he found out about the confession, he acted like he didn’t care about Stella anymore, which shows how cowardly and selfish he really was. Despite everything, Stella was worried about Evie, who was in the car with her. So, for Evie’s sake, she told him to send the police to her house because the man said he was there, waiting for them. If you think this is the end of his revenge, you’re so wrong.


In Control‘s ending, we see that after Stella and Evie are rescued by the police, she gets a phone call from David. He said they caught the man and shot him down because he was a threat. But soon after, Stella got another call at home. It was the avenger himself. Stella was shocked. Then who was it that got shot? She received a picture and realized it was her own brother, who had been mistakenly killed. The police thought he was the perpetrator. The avenger had truly gotten his revenge on both the Prime Minister and Stella, who were responsible for Courtney’s death. And you know what? He would never be caught because he remained anonymous. People like Stella and the Prime Minister never bothered to recognize or acknowledge people like him, so they wouldn’t know who he was. He would walk free even after all this. Hopefully, this incident will teach both Stella and the Prime Minister a valuable lesson: never to disregard other people for the sake of their own benefit. They are powerful people who have the ability to do good for others. Not just pretend to do it, but actually make a difference. They must remember this lesson and use their power for real good.

Sutanuka Banerjee
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