‘Connection’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is CEO Yoon?

In the previous episode of the series Connection, we saw Detective Jang Jae-Kyeong on a mission to take down Jang Chul Gu, the leader of the Five Spider Gang, to end the drug epidemic in the city of Anhyeon. Despite his efforts, the drug trade continued even after Jang Chul Gu was arrested. And the most shocking part was that Jang Jae-Kyeong himself was forcibly drugged by someone known as “The Doctor.” This mysterious figure had been sending threatening messages to the detective, warning him to stop investigating the case and to back off from the drug scene. We also met Oh Yoon-Jin, an investigative journalist and an old school friend of Jang Jae-Kyeong. In this second episode, we are going to explore who wanted to drug the detective. Was it Jang Chul Gu seeking revenge against the detective? Or was it Park Jun-Seo, an old friend of Jang Jae-Kyeong, with whom he had a feud after Park gave a false statement where he denied witnessing a crime that he actually saw? Will they discover the true identity of “The Doctor”? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Who is CEO Yoon? 

As Connection Episode 2 starts, we see other detectives at the hospital cleaning up the mess Jang Jae-Kyeong made in the previous episode, where he had drunk his own blood and destroyed the yellow pill to get rid of the evidence. Understandably, the hospital staff were not pleased about it. Why would they be? Anyway, the police took full responsibility for the chaos, promising to handle the situation properly. However, they knew something was off about Detective Jang Jae-Kyeong’s behavior. His shaking hands and rapid heartbeat were clear signs of drug use. They couldn’t ignore this, and even the doctor at the hospital confirmed their suspicions. Then we see a seemingly normal Detective Jang Jae-Kyeong walking towards them, furious because the hospital had taken his blood without his permission. He felt it was a crime to draw blood and send it for a report without consent. But the other police and detectives thought he was just trying to hide something. His attempt to cover up wasn’t very successful because another detective told him to go home and get some sleep, knowing something fishy was going on with Jang Jae-Kyeong.


The detective believed Jang Chul Gu had a solid reason to get back at him for shooting him in the leg, arresting him, and ruining their big drug-dealing operation. While in the hospital, Jang Jae-Kyeong tried to attack Jang Chul Gu because he thought he might be connected with Park Jun-Seo in some way. He thought this was Jang Chul Gu’s way of getting revenge. But Jang Chul Gu kept insisting he didn’t know anyone named Park. We saw a more violent side of Detective Jang Jae-Kyeong when he tried to attack Jang Chul Gu with scissors to get information, causing Jang Chul Gu to panic and wet himself. Finally, Jang Chul Gu said he knew who the distributor of the yellow pill was—CEO Yoon. It was clearly a fake name because there was no proper identity for him. He or she can only deliver online and might use other names. The detective thought this man might be “The Doctor.” We then got introduced to CEO Yoon. She was a woman drug dealer who was working under “The Doctor” to abduct and drug Jang Jae-Kyeong in exchange for the opportunity to negotiate drug deals directly with him. This made Yoon’s subordinates also question why “The Doctor” had so much hatred against Jang Jae-Kyeong. So one thing was definitely clear: neither Jang Chul Gu nor CEO Yoon was “The Doctor.”

What happened to Park Jun-Seo? 

And you know what? The Doctor definitely couldn’t be Park Jun-Seo either. Park Jun-Seo had committed suicide because of the pain of losing his daughter. Everyone was stunned by the news, especially Detective Jang Jae-Kyeong. He had thought Park might be the one behind everything. Jang Jae-Kyeong was so skeptical that he even wanted to see the dead body with his own eyes because he couldn’t believe his old friend was dead. Despite the hatred between them, there was also a lot of love since they had been best friends since their school days. We get a glimpse of their school days when Jang joined the school in the 11th grade in the middle of the year because his father was the Education Minister. The fact that his father had bribed the principal didn’t sit well with Jang, so he wrote an anonymous letter threatening the principal. Who took the blame for him? Park. Even though they had just started school together, they thought their friendship would last forever. Detective Jang Jae-Kyeong thought there was more reason to do an autopsy on Park’s body because there was a chance it wasn’t a suicide but a murder. He became even more suspicious when he heard that Prosecutor Park Tae-Jin said there was no need for an autopsy. Park Tae-Jin was also someone from their school days. To get more information, Jang Jae-Kyeong got hold of Park’s phone and found the names of Park Tae-Jin and Oh Yoon-Jin in the call history. Why did Park call them before dying? Were they somehow connected? After talking to them and meeting his old friends at the funeral, Jang Jae-Kyeong realized he might be overthinking; maybe Park just wanted to know about how they were. He decided to focus on his friend’s death rather than suspecting people. 


But the end of Connection Episode 2 really shook me to the core. Jang Jae-Kyeong was still confused about everything happening around him and whether Park had really committed suicide or not. At the funeral, a friend told him that Park had come to see him for insurance purposes and wanted to leave a will. There’s a rule that suicide wouldn’t grant the money from the insurance, which could only mean Park hadn’t committed suicide to give away the money, right? That only means one thing: he was murdered. What happened next? They found out that there was actually a will where Park’s $5 million company was divided into two parts. And who would it be given to? Jang Jae-Kyeong, and Oh Yoon-Jin! Everyone was shocked and confused, including them. All this time, Jang thought Park was out to get him, and now Park was giving away money to him. He didn’t understand. Maybe it was Park’s way of repaying him in some way. And maybe Park knew Oh Yoon-Jin was struggling after separating from her husband and taking care of their daughter. Maybe that’s why he knew she was taking bribe money to support her child. Perhaps he wasn’t a monster after all. But we still don’t know who the “Doctor” is or the reason behind Jang Jae-Kyeong being drugged. Hopefully, we’ll get the answers in the next episode.

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