‘Colors Of Evil: Red’ 2024 Character Guide

The new Netflix movie Colors of Evil: Red is a gripping thriller that dives into the investigation of a truly horrific murder. The story starts with a gruesome discovery: Monica’s mutilated body is found on a beach on a coastal island, and her lips have been sliced off. It’s a shocking and brutal crime that immediately pulls you into the mystery. Monica’s mother, Helen, is absolutely devastated and determined to know who did this to her daughter. She teams up with the investigating officer, Bilski, and together, they dig deep into the case. Their investigation leads them to the infamous Lukasz Kazarski, the owner of the club where Monica used to work. This man is cruel, with a history of torturing and killing women to show his power and dominance. It’s scary to see how violent he really is. But here’s the twist: Lukasz isn’t the murderer! The real killer is someone you’d never suspect until the very end. The characters are so raw and authentic, adding layers of complexity to the story. You’ll find yourself questioning who you can trust, and that’s what makes it so captivating. So, get ready to dive into the characters of Colors of Evil: Red.


Spoilers Ahead

Monica Bogucka

Monica is this typical twenty-something with a pixie cut and a charm that turns the heads of men wherever she goes. She’s a real showstopper and knows how to use people to her advantage. It’s no surprise she managed to land a job at the Shipyard Club despite having no prior experience. But things took a dark turn when she got involved with the club owner, Lukasz Kazarski. Lukasz is a drug dealer, and Monica is supposed to deal drugs under his watch. Instead, she started doing it on her own as a side hustle. Of course, this did not sit well with Lukasz, and he ended up torturing the poor girl in his torture chamber. It was so horrific that she ended up begging for mercy. He practically owned her, making her feel so vulnerable and weak that she thought she’d be better off dead. Monica couldn’t tell anyone about these tortures except her best friend, Mario. But, in a twisted turn of events, Mario killed her out of frustration because she was “willing” to sleep with other men but not him. Even worse, his father helped him cut her lips and dump her body at the seashore. The whole investigation in the series revolves around Monica’s case, and it eventually uncovers the mystery of similar cases that happened 15 years ago. 


Leopold Bilski 

Leopold Bilski, the investigating officer in the movie, is determined to solve the case to find out who mutilated Monica’s lips and dumped her at the seashore. He’s got a personal connection too—his own daughter’s name is also Monica, which makes this case even more personal for him. Bilski is a lonely man, and he throws himself completely into this investigation. As he digs deeper, he uncovers another gruesome case: Zaneta Kaleta, who died in the same horrific way as Monica. At first, everyone at the police station thought her fiancé, Jekubiak, was the killer of Monica. But Bilski didn’t buy it. Why? Because a murderer wouldn’t have killed himself in the way Jekubiak did. It had to be someone else. Despite orders from higher-ups to stop investigating, Bilski kept on going. He knew there were too many unanswered questions and a good chance that Jekubiak wasn’t the killer. His investigation finally led him to Lukasz Kazarski and his gruesome torture chamber. Lukasz had a sick habit of slicing off people’s skin or lips and making bracelets out of them—can you believe that? They even found Zaneta’s DNA there! But there was a problem. Lukasz wouldn’t confess to Monica’s death, which made Bilski realize there was someone else involved: the coroner, Tadeusz Dubiela. Bilski’s intuition and sharp eye noticed that Tadeusz’s son, Mario, had the ring Monica used to wear. That was the final clue he needed. Bilski’s dedication and keen instincts finally helped to crack the case.

Helena Bogucka

Helena is Monica’s mother, a highly respected high court lawyer. Her world is turned upside down when she learns about her daughter’s brutal death. Monica was everything to her. Helena dives into the investigation and refuses to rest until she finds out what happened to her daughter. She teams up with Bilski, the investigating officer, and helps him uncover clues that lead to the first arrest of Lukasz Kazarski, as she knew her daughter used to work in his club. She discovered that her husband, Roman, was Lukasz’s lawyer and knew all about his shady dealings. She was the one who finally realized that Tadeusz Dubiela and his son, Mario, were the real killers of her daughter. Her suspicions were confirmed when she found Monica’s ruby ring at Tadeusz’s house as she went on a date with Tadeusz at his house. Throughout the investigation, she uses her legal skills, contacts, and intellect to push the investigation forward.


Roman Bogucka

Roman Bogucka is Monica’s father, and like his wife Helena, he’s a respected lawyer. He worked for Lukasz Kazarski and was the first to suspect that Lukasz might be involved in Monica’s death. Although it turned out Lukasz wasn’t the murderer, Roman’s involvement with him added layers of complexity to the case. When Monica confessed to her father about the horrific torture she endured at Lukasz’s hands, Roman was horrified. He confronted Lukasz, who admitted to molesting and torturing Monica. Initially, Roman was terrified of being debarred and hid this terrible truth. But in the end, he felt guilty and decided to do the right thing. He came forward and revealed everything: how he had helped Lukasz with his illegal business, set up shell companies, and even transferred money into offshore accounts. He also knew all about his torture and murder of women. Roman had the evidence—an encrypted thumb drive with all the information needed to put Lukasz behind bars.

Lukasz Kazarski

Lukasz Kazarski, the ultimate villain in Colors of Evil: Red! This man may not have killed Monica, but he was the mastermind behind framing Jekubiak for Zaneta Kaleta’s murder, and who knows how many others he’s been responsible for? This man had a sick, twisted pattern of mutilating people’s body parts as revenge. He owned all sorts of illegal businesses, including a nasty drug-dealing operation. And if anyone dared cross him or mess with his business, he didn’t hesitate to torture them, slit their throats, and mutilate their bodies—just like everyone thought he did with poor Monica. He even had the police in his pocket because he was just that powerful and feared by everyone. But guess what? Justice finally caught up with him, and he got arrested! I think Lukasz did all of this just to feel powerful. For him, it was all just a sick game. 



Mario was Monica’s friend and her killer. Mario represents those guys who just can’t handle it when a girl says no, as they think it’s emasculating if a girl turns them down. You know, the ones who think a woman owes them something just because she’s friendly or flirty. Mario’s frustration and anger boiled over when Monica refused to sleep with him. He banged her head on the floor in a fit of rage. But you know what’s even worse? Mario’s father, Tadeusz Dubiela, helped him cover up the crime by cutting off Monica’s lips to make it look like someone else did it because he thought his son was too weak to handle prison. Thankfully, Mario eventually found the courage to own up to his mistake. He turned himself in to the police, facing the consequences of his actions. It’s a tough lesson to learn, but maybe it’s a chance for him to make things right.

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