‘Code 8 Part II’ Ending Explained & Movie Spoilers: Why Was Tarak Killed?

The second part of Code 8 is as packed with action as the first part of the film. The director, Jeff Chan, has done an excellent job creating an equally appealing sequel to the film Code 8 (2019). We are driven into a world where only 4% of the people have special powers, and they are kept in close check by the police. They are constantly under threat of being obliterated by the police forces! After spending some years in jail, Connor is finally free, and he finally thinks that he will be able to lead a peaceful life. However, if one ever gets associated with the criminal world, then they will never stop being tainted by the karma of their past deeds. This time, Connor, however, makes it a mission to save an innocent girl, Pavani, from being threatened by external forces after losing her brother to the modernized method of policing. Will Connor be able to protect Pavani? Will Pavani be able to effectively use her powers to prove Kingston’s misdeeds? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Tarak Killed?

Tarak, a simple drug peddler with special powers, wanted to join Garrett’s core team to make more money to educate his sister, Pavani. However, when Tarak approached Garrett to show his camouflaging powers, Garrett didn’t show any interest and asked him to walk off. With no other option left to get money for her sister’s education, Tarak decided to steal from Garrett. Garrett had made a deal with Sergeant Kingston to let him trade Psyke openly in exchange for a pay cut. At night, Garrett’s men left a bag full of cash in the dumpster for the cops to collect, which Tarak got to know about and tried to steal. Just as he was about to get away with the money, the police arrived there and hunted him down.


Tarak tried to escape with the bag, but one of the newly launched robot dogs (K9) used by the police tracked him down. As Tarak was finally tracked down, he thought that surrendering would save his life, but that was not the case. Even after he yielded, the K9 injected him with a heavy dose of Psyke, eventually killing him. It was possibly because the new sergeant, Kingston, was concerned only about stealing the limelight in the police department, rather than being focussed on the wellbeing of the people, killing the powered people in the process! The way Kingston had been trying to impose his legal powers on the power-enabled individuals reminds us of the brutal cases of murders and discrimination by white American police against people of color. It is possible that the powered people in the film are impersonations of people of color in America!

How Did Connor Protect Pavani?

Connor was in jail for 5 years, and finally, after coming out, he wanted to lead a life free from all crimes. While working at the community center, he came across Pavani, who was hiding there in fear after witnessing what had happened to her brother the previous night. The K9 had tried to attack her, as she was a witness to the murder, but she somehow managed to escape the situation using her special abilities. She somehow managed to subdue the K9 for a while, fleeing the scene. Later, when the K9 was brought back to the lab for repair, the scientist seemed baffled by the way the device had been broken. Kingston managed to discover a footage of Pavani on the K9, leading him to hunt her down. 


When Pavani narrated the story to Connor, he decided to help her escape from the police. By the time the police came to the community center, Connor had taken her away. He took her to his house, but upon realizing that she had powers too, he thought that it would be risky to keep her there. He decided to take her to Garrett to ensure her safety, as he had a greater network and means to save her.

What Were Garrett’s Intentions?

Connor approached Garrett and asked him to ensure that Pavani was kept safe and was taken out of the town. Upon realizing that Pavani had the powers of a transducer  (she could incapacitate any electronic devices after coming into contact with them) Garrett wanted to ensure that he included Pavani on his team. He further said that in order to work with him, Pavani had to forget what happened on the night of his brother’s murder, so that she would no longer be an eye-witness to Kingston’s crimes and perhaps then the Sergeant would let the innocent girl live in peace. When Connor saw that he had no other means to save Pavani, he agreed to it. 


Why Did Connor Attack Garrett And His Team?

When Pavani was taken to Tamera to erase the memories of her brother, Connor realized that they were trying to delete her brother’s entire existence from her mind. He realized that after the transformation, she would completely forget about her brother, which bothered Connor. When he tried to stop Garrett and his men from doing so, they tried to restrict him. This caused Connor to attack them and flee the place along with Pavani. While they escaped the place, Garrett followed them to track them down. Meanwhile, the cops had also attacked them so that they could get their hands on Pavani, exterminating the others. Connor and Garrett realized that teamwork could save them at that point, and they joined hands again to flee the place and take Pavani to a safe place.

What Did They Plan To Bring Down Sergeant Kingston?

Both Connor and Garrett thought of ways to bring down Kingston, but after consulting Detective Davis, they came to know that he was backed by the DEA and chief of police, which would make it a difficult task. They decided to bring out Kingston’s real face to the world to let them know how he had been using the K9 illegally so that he could be taken down from his post. They decided upon stealing Kingston’s personal K9, which he kept at his house. The footage of Kingston killing Tarak with power had been stored inside the K9, which could prove his crimes. 

Garrett and Connor went to Kingston’s house as members of the Union, seeking to conduct a meeting with him. Meanwhile, Pavani had been waiting outside for an opportunity to sneak into his house and steal the K9. Just when she got an opportunity, she tried to dismantle the K9 momentarily so that they could take it with them while leaving. Meanwhile, Kingston had been alerted by his team that they were a group of intruders who tried to steal his K9, as a security alarm had been set off while Pavani tried to turn its power down. Kingston tried to stop them from taking away the K9, but they threatened to harm his family if he took any further steps. After a lot of hassles, Connor and Garrett were finally able to get their hands on Kingston’s K9! 

Why Did Garrett Turn Against Pavani And Connor?

When they managed to get their hands on the K9, Garrett again switched sides, wanting to keep the evidence against Kingston to himself. He told Connor that he wanted to control Kingston to become a more powerful ganglord. Meanwhile, Kingston arrived at his place, and when Garrett tried to blackmail him into staying out of his business, Kingston stabbed him and cuffed him to the rails outside the building.


When the police were breaking into Garrett’s building, Connor asked Garrett’s gang members to trust him. Together, they attacked the police, and in the meantime, when Pavani and Connor were fleeing the place, a K9 attacked them. It was trying to inject them both with Psyke in high amounts to exterminate them. Connor had also been injected with some of the drugs, making him unconscious for a while, but Pavani managed to save him by using her powers. Pavani was then seen using all her powers to destroy a K9 and got shot by another officer who arrived at the corridor, gravely hurting her in the process. 

How Did Pavani And Connor Expose Kingston?

However, Pavani and Connor somehow managed to save themselves from the police attacks. When they were about to expose to the world how Kingston had been manipulating them into thinking that K9 was a friendly robo-cop, he tried to attack them. Garrett somehow managed to use his powers to stop Kingston from attacking Pavani and Connor, and they were finally able to project the real face of Kingston to the world by using the footage stored in his K9. 


In the end, Connor decided to go back to re-open the community center in order to lead a noble life. He felt it when Mina told him that no one was coming to the community hall these days. Therefore, he made it his mission to devote his time to the community center to make Mina’s dream come true. Eventually, Mina’s dream was turned into reality and kids started coming in. Later, Pavani came in and hugged Connor, revealing that she had managed to survive her grave wounds. Possibly Connor’s prompt action had saved Pavani’s life after she was shot. 

Meanwhile, Kingston was arrested for corruption and for slaughtering powered individuals, and his K9 scheme was thoroughly investigated. In an attempt to help the people impacted by the scheme, the City Council was to pass a bill, releasing millions of dollars for the upliftment of Monument Hill Community. This revelation of Kingston’s scheme also led to a restriction on the use of K9s, as they were declared to be a weapon of destruction against people with powers. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Garrett had still not died and had been sitting in prison, convicted as one of the most notorious drug dealers in Lincoln city.  When he sees the news of Psyke inflow inside the city from an unknown source, he smirks. 


Final Thoughts

The film Code 8 portrayed a dystopian world where the use of machinery prevails over human powers. It brings to the surface the grim reality that no matter how skilled humans start becoming, they can’t be good enough to compete with the highly modernized mechanisms, cutting out jobs. The replacement of humans with machines has been effectively depicted through this action-packed thriller. The way the Jews had been exterminated at the camps, the people with special powers were being exterminated by the police force. It is human tendency to demolish things that they do not understand or are opposed to. Even though Kingston was a person who had special powers himself, he was opposed to similar people, who could pose a threat to his existence in the future. He wanted to eliminate people who could be a threat to his own power position in the long run! However, there is a possibility that a third part of Code 8 will be made, where we will get a peek into Garrett’s criminal racket. There is a possibility that he had been secretly operating his cartel from inside the prison itself. The third part of the film will focus on the corruption of the legal system, and probably a rigorous fight against the drug traffickers operating at the heart of Lincoln City.

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