‘Class’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Suhani Ahuja’s Killer Get Caught? Will There Be A Season 2?

Episode seven of “Class” ended with Dheeraj finally revealing that he saw his brother walking away from Suhani’s body just minutes before Dheeraj discovered that Suhani was dead. Koel is hell-bent on finding out why Suhani is keeping her father’s phone, and she utilizes Balli’s help to get the phone back, but he is unable to do so. A fight breaks out between Veer, his friends, and the boys from Nurpur over Suhani, after she reveals that she is pregnant with Neeraj’s kid. Veer’s target was Neeraj, but all the boys ended up beating every one of them, including Sharan who beat up Balli hours after becoming intimate with him.


Spoilers Ahead

Kids Finally Making It To Founder’s Day

It can be safely assumed that Neeraj might have killed Suhani. Dheeraj witnessing that and finally revealing his brother’s name comes across as a shock because Neeraj, at this point, felt like he was being supportive of Suhani’s pregnancy, and he wanted to take responsibility for it. Dheeraj feels betrayed by his brother not just for keeping him in the dark about this relationship but also the fact that Neeraj killed the one person he dearly cared about.


Veer, on the other hand, is profoundly apologetic for the way he behaved at Nurpur when he arrived with a gang of boys to beat up Neeraj and his friends, which included Balli, Dheeraj, and Saba’s brother Faruq. Veer is aware his actions have been reprimanded by Saba, and he knows from this point on she might not speak to him ever, for she believes he has two faces, and she is afraid of his other side. Saba was right about Veer being too aggressive when furious, which is something she had asked him to work on, and he had promised to be a better person than he was. His actions proved his words wrong, and that’s the reason Saba chooses to stay away from him, and he understands that. He promises to work on himself before pursuing Saba from here on.

Balli begins to blackmail Sharan about the video, and he does not shy away from doing what he has to do. He has already leaked a video of his, and he will not hesitate to leak more portions, which will end Sharan’s social life. Balli, if required, can be a person who would do anything to save his reputation. But he isn’t afraid of what he wants in terms of physical pleasure. Sharan is mad about the fact that he cannot live his life as openly as Koel or Balli can. He has restrictions in his mind, but he is unable to crack them and move forward. Balli leaks the video anyways, to Sharan’s horror. Yashika has become a loner, and the fact that she is a social media influencer and has no one to turn to in her hour of need puts her in a very bad state of mind. All she wants is the scholarship that will help her get out of Delhi and the country, and she will not look back on this life. Neeraj now has proof that Tarun Kalra and Suraj Ahuja had caused the arson in Nurpur’s school to get the land they are looking for for the redevelopment project. Neeraj fears asking for the ransom money, but he goes ahead with it anyway.


‘Class’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Who Killed Suhani Ahuja? Is The Killer Caught?

Neeraj and Suhani plan to elope to Kasol with the ransom money he will collect from Kalra. Suhani agrees to the plan. They both decide to elope on the night of the Founder’s Day function at school. Suhani has been stuck at home thanks to her overbearing mother and brother. She finds it hard to get rid of them at this point. On Founder’s Day, the Hampton Gold Scholarship winner will be announced. Saba is favored to win this scholarship, and so is Yashika. As Suhani and Veer reach school, Neeraj discreetly meets her and asks her to keep the Taurus phone with herself and secure it till he comes back with the money. Suhani heads to the women’s locker room in the school and pretends to have stored it safely in it because she knows Koel will be following her. The phone is still in Suhani’s hand. Suhani is making sure all her loose ends are tied up before she leaves her family for good.

Neeraj, on the other hand, receives the ransom and asks Karla’s men to join him to collect the phone from a safe location. Neeraj is more than happy to have received a huge amount, which he plans to use once he is out of the city with Suhani. Neeraj, at this point, still comes across as a decent man whose first priority is for Suhani to be safe and sound. Neeraj is headed back to school to collect the phone. Koel is sure the phone is in Suhani’s locker, and she again asks Balli for help. As they break into Suhani’s locker, there is nothing to be found. Sharan, who is following Koel, overhears the conversation that Suhani has the phone on her. Koel is obsessed over the phone because her family’s reputation is hanging on the data that the phone carries. She wants the phone at any cost just to make sure her family is safe.


As the Founder’s Day function begins, Saba is made the runner-up of the coveted Hampton Gold Scholarship; meanwhile, the scholarship is given to Suhani Ahuja. It is obvious at this point that Suhani’s mother bribed the school officials to let Suhani have the Hampton Gold Scholarship, which will force her to go abroad and study. The scholarship will make sure she cannot elope with her boyfriend. In this way, her mother has managed to bring her under control. Suhani and all her classmates are shocked to see her getting the scholarship when the clear winner was Saba, who had given everything to make sure she won it. Suhani gives an awkward speech, but she is still hoping to elope with Neeraj and never come back. Faruq and Dhruv realize they are not meant for each other, and they meet one last time at the Founder’s Day event and decide to part ways, which is the only way out for both of them. Faruq is being forced to marry, meanwhile. Dhruv has a tough time being openly gay for the first time in front of his parents.

Veer, on the other hand, feels helpless because he is unable to stop Suhani from leaving their family, and he is confused about what path to take now that he is running his father’s business in his absence. Veer has tough calls to make. Suhani makes it clear that their parents are toxic, and that they will drive him away too. Suhani asks him to make better choices and stay away from them. Suhani might have been right about it because her parents always treated her differently, which is what led to her spiraling and making awful decisions. Suhani now knows her only way to survive is to stay away from them, and she begs Veer to do the same, if he ever wants to live the way he wants to.

As Suhani is headed towards the spot where Neeraj asked to meet, she is confronted by Sharan. He forces her to give him the phone that she is carrying. She refuses to part ways with it and lets out plenty of homophobic slurs, which triggers Sharan. Sharan snatches the trophy from her hand and beats her to death with it after taking away the phone he wants to give to Koel. He meets Koel, all covered in blood, and gives her the phone with the hope of winning her love. Sharan killed Suhani because he thought that this would be the only way he could showcase his love for Koel. An extreme form of love, but at this point, Sharan has been acting weird and overly sensitive, which made him commit a murder right in the parking lot of the school premises. Koel makes sure Sharan is not caught for the murder. She disposes of the clothes he was wearing and gets rid of the murder weapon.

Neeraj, on the other hand, found Suhani’s dead body in front of him and left immediately to avoid getting into any trouble, which is what Dheeraj saw. Neeraj is not from a privileged family, and he knows if he had been found first at the scene of the crime, there is no way the police would have trusted his words. But Dheeraj, being eyewitness to the fact that Neeraj left Suhani’s body as it is and did not inform the police, makes him seem like the culprit. Neeraj was thrown into jail for killing Suhani. Sharan and Koel are back together. They are the most twisted couple there is. Koel is excited about the fact that Sharan helped her get rid of Suhani and got back the phone, which brought back all the love she had for him.


Sharan is happy to be back with Koel, for he was miserable when they broke up. He had gotten used to the idea of Koel being his girlfriend, and that’s why he went and did the deed of murder so that Koel would come back to him. Koel’s father, Tarun, is impressed by the fact that Koel struggled, but was finally able to save the reputation of her family. The show ends with Sharan and Koel being blackmailed with pictures of Sharan in bloodied clothes holding the trophy that he used to kill Suhani. The blackmailer could be Yashika or Balli.

Will There Be A ‘Class’ Season 2?

There is no news as to if “Class” is getting a second season, but the cliffhanger moment in the show suggests that “Class” will be renewed for another season. The next season will probably focus on the blackmail plot line, where Koel and Sharan are being harassed by the one person who knows Sharan killed Suhani. “Class,” though it had a glitch halfway through the season, deserves a season two to tell us more about the elites and the hypocritical lives they live.


Final Thoughts

The direction and screenplay of the show were way too similar to “Big Little Lies,” where half the show was all about the interrogation of the murder suspect and placing who the killer is, based on the story we are being told in the most unbiased fashion. Though the premise looks vaguely familiar to “Gossip Girls,” “Class” though, is darker and murkier and handles topics in hand with much more finesse, unlike “Gossip Girls,” which was only a drama. The direction and screenplay of “Class” pretty much derailed after the fifth episode. Writers Rajesh Devraj, Bhaskar Hazarika, Raghav Kakkar, Kashyap Kapoor, and Kersi Khambatta lost the plot, and the narrative felt too rushed in places and too slow in others. No balance was maintained.

The storytelling became a mess for the writers, and the directors tried to fit in as many subplots in the show, and in a hurry to close the loopholes, they increased the pace of the narrative, which did not give the viewer any time to breathe. “Class,” though, raised many pertinent questions about the Delhi elites. Discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, and class is tackled without sugarcoating it. It is refreshing to watch a commercial show that deals with the topic without erasing the sensitivity that is attached to it. “Class” is a good watch because of the performances, especially of the kids. They are a great find this year. Looking forward to seeing them getting more work from here on. Overall, “Class” is a good watch.


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