‘Class’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Did Dheeraj See On The Night Of The Murder?

Episode six of “Class” gave a picture of what Dheeraj felt towards his brother and Suhani, and he, at this point, is feeling betrayed and hurt. He always knew his brother would take advantage of Suhani, which made Dheeraj all the more livid. Koel Kalra, on the other hand, is sure that it was Suhani who stole the phones from her father. Koel, to that end, has no proof, but all she can do is get the phone back for the sake of her family.


Spoilers Ahead

Suhani’s Pregnancy

Suhani’s pregnancy becomes a sore topic between Suhani and Dheeraj and also between Suhani and the father of the child, Neeraj. Thankfully, Neeraj has not left her but is trying to understand what steps to take from here on. Their only solution is to abort the child. Suhani is only a teenager at this point and frequently intakes narcotic substances. Abortion would be the only solution for her at this point because she cannot be responsible for a child now. Suhani begins clinging to Neeraj, which surprisingly does not bother him. They accept the fact that she is pregnant, and that she will be taking pills to get rid of the child now. Suhani and Neeraj, at this point, seem like they are in control of the situation, and Neeraj has not abandoned her or forced her to stay away from him. He is planning to remain by her side, much to Dheeraj’s displeasure. Dheeraj is still sour about the fact that Neeraj came closer to Suhani way before Dheeraj could.


Neeraj, on the other hand, has decoded all the data on Kalra’s Taurus phone and realized the data in it is far more confidential than he had expected, and he increases his ransom money to 50 lakhs. Veer’s father also wants to get rid of the evidence and asks Veer for help with this. Veer is again new to all of this, and he is not sure how to navigate through these times and make sure he comes out alive, and so is his father. Veer is contacted by Yashika, who selfishly asks him to request his father to speak on her behalf for the scholarship. Veer is furious at Yashika for expecting him to help her at a point where he is not sure if he’ll be able to help his father get bail. This proves that Yashika is a very self-centered girl, and that she has no clue how to navigate through life from here on. All she cares about is the scholarship and nothing more. She is not trying to be there for Veer in these trying times and expects a favor from him and his family. It is soon made clear that Kalra does not want and will never want Suraj Ahuja to get out of jail at any point. The money arranged by Suraj Ahuja from jail is not for his rescue of Koel’s father, Tarun Kalra, but for the purpose of paying back the ransom Neeraj is asking him for. Tarun Kalra is making sure Suraj Ahuja stays in jail because his coming out will be bad news for Tarun and his family now.

‘Class’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – What Did Dheeraj See On The Night Of The Murder? 

It is made clear that Saba and Veer love each other. Saba is trying to be there for Veer during the most difficult times of his life right now. His source of comfort is Saba now, and he misses not being able to meet her in person. Veer is there for Saba, too, in the wake of the matter that Saba’s father might decide to pull her out of the school at any moment. Veer is worried about losing touch with her over time, but he promises to be a better version of himself, and says he will be a better man than his father. Faruq, on the other hand, is doomed. Since Faruq is the elder one, he will be married off soon, and he will be asked to leave for Sharjah. Faruq was not prepared for this piece of news, but slowly he must come to accept that he could not live the life he wanted and that he would have to bend as his family wanted him to. He’s not sure if his father is aware of the fact that Faruq is gay, but it does not matter because he will be married soon. Faruq had a dream for his life: to live like he always wanted, preferably with Dhruv, now that they have confessed their love for each other.


Dhruv is heartbroken after knowing Faruq’s state and is finding it hard to come to terms with it. In a fit of frustration, Dhruv comes out to his parents, and they don’t take it lightly either. His father is furious; meanwhile, his mother shrugs it off as a phase. Dhruv did not want this reaction from his parents at this moment. All he wanted was support and no judgment because he was also going through a heartbreak. Koel, on the other hand, requests Balli to help her with getting the phone back from Suhani, and Balli is not sure if he will be able to help with the same. He tries to get hold of Dheeraj, but he is unsuccessful in getting the phone Koel is looking for. Sharan is obsessed with Koel, and it’s approaching borderline stalking, and he cannot get over the fact that Koel left him. He also confronts Balli on why he keeps hanging out with Koel. Sharan is becoming more and more jealous, and his stalking tendencies are rising, which is making Koel uncomfortable. She makes sure to keep Sharan away from her problem because her only aim is to get the phone back from Suhani. Balli and Sharan end up hooking up with each other, which proves both are lovers and enjoy being intimate with one another if given a chance.

Suhani, in a fit of anger, reveals that she is pregnant with Neeraj’s child. She is planning to leave her family for good and make sure her child is raised far away from the family. Veer is again furious, and in a fit of anger, he asks his friends to join him in beating up Neeraj and asks him to stay away from his sister. Veer is again being the overprotective and overbearing sibling who interferes in Suhani’s life without even asking her if this is what she wants. He is sure Suhani will be forced to abort. Veer heads to the Nurpur area with Dhruv, Sharan, and Aryan and ends up beating up Balli, Faruq, and Neeraj black and blue, but soon the boys are overpowered by people who support Neeraj, Balli, and Faruq. Balli is furious to see Sharan go so far as to beat him. Just hours ago, they were indulging in the most intimate moment of their lives. Balli, in a fit of rage, releases the video between him and Sharan. The rest of the boys are left with nothing but bruises. Back in the interrogation room, Dheeraj is again asked if he had killed Suhani, for she chose his elder brother over him. Dheeraj denies his involvement in the murder, but he finally reveals that he saw someone running away from her body when he was just about to come looking out for her. Dheeraj revealed that the person was his brother. Dheeraj is right now coming across someone who is acting petty, but his memory is not messing with him because he is sure he saw his brother running away after having one look at Suhani’s body. Dheeraj has no reason to lie because he knows if his brother is the culprit, he will be sent to jail for it.


‘Class’ Episode 8: Expectations

Episode eight will be about the closing of all the loopholes and the writers finally letting us know how exactly Suhani died and who killed her. What would they have to gain by killing her? It could be either Neeraj or Dheeraj or her family trying to get rid of her for ruining their reputation. All of this and more will be revealed in the final episode of the show.

Final Thoughts

The penultimate episode of the show should be the one leaving the audience wanting more and increasing the anticipation of what is about to happen. But here, the writers have written in so many subplots at one point the screenplay feels like a mess, and the anticipation of finding out who killed Suhani no longer causes any curiosity or eagerness. The viewer, at this point, wants to know rather quickly instead of beating around the bush on who killed Suhani. The story and screenplay are the only factors that are bothering the pacing of the show, and at this point, it is hard to walk away from the momentum. One can only wait for what is in store for everyone in this story.


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