‘Class’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Does Koel Confront Suhani?

Episode five of “Class” delved deep into the robbery conducted by Neeraj at Koel’s home because both he and Dheeraj were in dire need of cash, and this was the only solution Suhani could come up with in the meanwhile. Veer, on the other hand, is struggling in the office after being named the heir. He wants to do the right thing, but there is also the shadow of his father looming over him, who is the most notorious and corrupt man in Delhi. How will Veer step away from the limelight? Will Saba be the guiding force he is looking for?


Spoilers Ahead

Suraj Ahuja’s Arrest

Surah Ahuja, father of Suhani and Veer, is arrested for his alleged role in the arson that gutted the Nurpur local school and killed many students. Veer is doing everything he can to control the situation. Since he has taken over the business, he must find solutions to make sure his father is given bail as soon as possible. Koel’s father is worried that his one of a kind phones are stolen because one of them was a Taurus phone, which is encrypted with a lot of data. If the phone ends up in the hands of any wrong person, the data in it will make sure his family and his business are finished in no time. Koel, on the other hand, is still confused about what Sharan is into and the fact that he keeps coming back to talk to her, but she refuses to deal with him. It is jarring to know her father is going through actual problems that could sink their lives, but Koel is engrossed in knowing what is wrong with Sharan instead. Koel has not been informed about the stolen phones yet because the parents want to solve the matter from their end without burdening their daughter with the business-related matter.


Suhani purchases narcotics from Saba’s brother, and she is busted in school. Suhani, to avoid getting suspended, reveals it was Faruq who sold her these substances. Saba, Faruq, and their parents are called to the school to understand the depth of the matter. Saba’s father is angry to see the condition of his son. Saba faces possible suspension because the principal has all the right to be suspicious of the fact that Saba knew of her brother being the supplier. Saba is not suspended but left with a warning, but these allegations were enough for her parents to remove her from the school and make a full and final decision on Faruq. Saba is asked during the police interrogation after Suhani’s demise if she was the one who killed her, for Suhani busted her brother, which gave her a motive. Saba denies her role in Suhani’s death.

Yashika, though, is facing a massive financial crunch because her father’s stopped funding her lavish lifestyle, and her mother does not have the means to fund her current lifestyle. Yashika is depressed, and she is having a hard time being with Veer as well as keeping herself happy. Yashika is a product of a rich family who never bothered to take care of her; only showered her with money and luxuries. Yashika’s only aim is to bag the scholarship, the odds of which look gloomy because of Saba, who is marching ahead in every subject in school.


‘Class’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Why Does Koel Confront Suhani? 

Dhruv’s father gets hold of the drugs on his son and starts hyperventilating over the fact that his son might get rejected during the swim meet. Dhruv is not interested in knowing what his father wants at this point. Neeraj, on the other hand, tries to sell the phones he stole from the Kalra, and to his horror, all of them together are worth no more than 5 lakhs, and one of them has data encrypted on it. Neeraj takes this as an opportunity to blackmail and extract 25 lakhs from the Kalras. Neeraj knows the Taurus phone is a goldmine, and he can use it as leverage and so he starts blackmailing Kalra, hoping to get the money and solve his debt problem. Sharan, on the other hand, is denying everything Koel is accusing him of, and he keeps gaslighting her to the point he is in denial about what transpired in the bedroom between him and Balli. Sharan cannot come to terms with the fact that he might be bisexual. He is embarrassed enough to admit that something very intimate happened between him and Balli.

Suhani faints in front of Neeraj and Dheeraj. The doctor at the clinic confirms that Suhani is pregnant with a child, and they should stop her from taking narcotic substances regularly, which will not only affect her but her baby too. Dheeraj is shocked to realize that it is Neeraj’s child she is carrying, and he cannot control his anger at this point. Dheeraj loved Suhani, and he had made his feelings clear, but Neeraj and Suhani continued hooking up with each other felt like a betrayal to Dheeraj. He is unable to come to terms with the fact that his elder brother stole the woman he loved the most in a long time. He confronts his brother, but Neeraj is in no mood to have a confrontation with his brother.


Koel wonders if it was Suhani who stole the phone because she was the only one who knew about her broken window in the bathroom and the passcode of the room where the phones were kept. Koel also wonders if Suhani stole the Taurus phone to help her father get bail in case there is some incriminating evidence favoring Suraj Ahuja. Suhani is confronted by Koel in school, and she is rattled by the questions asked by her childhood friend. Suhani quickly understands that Koel is catching up on her and probably knows it was her who stole the phones, but Koel does not have any proof against Suhani. All Koel wants is to get hold of the phone, which will help her family save some face, right before Suraj Ahuja opens his mouth during any interrogation.

‘Class’ Episode 7: Expectations

Episode seven will take the story deeper into its last stages, where finally, the truth about Suhani’s death will come out. Was it Neeraj who was killed after finding out she was pregnant with his child? Or what is Dheeraj, who killed her to choose his brother over him? Meanwhile, Sharan is obsessed over Koel breaking up with him and cannot seem to get over the fact that Koel might have finally taken a stand about their relationship.


Final Thoughts

The sixth episode became messy as the writers tried to bring in too many subplots into one platter, which led to the episode being all over the place. The screenplay seems to be in a hurry to close all the loopholes leading to Suhani’s murder. But the writers, at this point, seem a bit confused about what to keep in the screenplay and story, what to remove, and what new to add. Adding a new plot point at this juncture will never make sense. This episode is an example of a big, messy plate of food.

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