‘Class’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Where Do Neeraj And Dheeraj Get The Money To Repay The Loan?

Episode four of “Class” was all about Chaudhary and the amount now Dheeraj has to repay with 5 lakhs extra as penalty for his brother, who is now absconding. Koel, on the other hand, stays true to her promise of introducing Balli to the fashion designers, which will help him gain contacts. Suhani finally reveals what happened to her. The interrogation of everyone remotely related to Suhani has not reached any definite end. The suspect is Dheeraj, for he was found at the scene of the crime, but he says he knows nothing more than what he has already said.

Spoilers Ahead

Veer, The Heir

Dheeraj is finally able to get in touch with his brother and tries to understand what kind of situation he is in. Dheeraj tries to understand how they will ever gather 20 lakhs. Neeraj is as clueless as Dheeraj. Neeraj, at various points, suggests robbery, which Dheeraj is dead against. All Dheeraj wants is for Neeraj to bring their lives back on track and live their life with utmost honesty. He also shows the video of the peon being killed mercilessly, saying he does not want that fate for himself and his family. Dheeraj is a kid, and his being worried for his family comes across as an instinctive reaction.

At the Ahuja’s, all the friends and family of Suhani and Veer are invited over, except Dheeraj, Saba, and Balli, to celebrate Veer’s birthday and the fact that he has been announced as the heir to his father’s business. Koel’s father, who is also Suraj Ahuja’s business partner, gifts Veer a one-of-a-kind phone embossed with diamonds and gold. Veer feels overwhelmed by all the love being showered on him, but on the other hand, he does not refuse any of the gifts given to him. His father gives him a vintage car and a special driver’s license. By seeing all the luxury and false hopes being thrown at each other, Koel and Suhani converse and make a promise that they will never become like their families.

Veer also apologizes to Saba, and she is finally ready to listen to him. He apologizes for saying the wrong things at the wrong times and makes a promise to be a better person from here on. Saba accepts his apology, and they move on. Veer starts getting comfortable with Saba, and she starts liking the fact that she wants him to do and be better in life from here on and not become a replica of his parents. Veer feels comfortable in her company as much as Suhani likes Dheeraj’s company. Saba is also applauded for her participation in the Model UN, which again puts Yashika’s plan to get the scholarship on the back foot. Yashika, being herself, tries to seduce her teacher, which works in her favor, and he agrees to put in a recommendation for her. Yashika is a selfish person who seems to have no empathy but just money being thrown at her whenever she asks for it. Yashika, instead of using her ways to manipulate people to get things her way, should have spent time studying and working hard to become eligible for the scholarship.

‘Class’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Where Do Neeraj And Dheeraj Gather The Money For The Loan Repayment?

As Veer joins his father’s company, he starts seeing the changes in people’s behavior towards him. He gets into his father’s office to see a video of his dad in a compromising position. Veer is disturbed by what he witnessed, and he wonders if he would also have to follow in his father’s footsteps to become more successful. He promised Saba to be a better version of himself once he started working, but he does not know at this point which path to take. He is under serious pressure, which of course, he does not show to the world. He only showcases his vulnerable face to Saba, who understands him and what he wants to achieve for himself and the company. Veer and Saba try to kiss, but as the moment passes, Saba is happy to notice they like each other. Veer starts to understand her state of mind and the kind of background she comes from. He tries not to stereotype her or marginalize her but listens to every query she has about herself and her life so far with her family.

Koel, Sharan, and Balli spend time together at a resort, where Balli is asked to model for a shot as promised by Koel. Koel and Sharan are an odd couple who, from a young age, indulged in physical pleasures which are jarring to even comprehend. But since these kids are over 17 at this point, it cannot be termed illegal as well. Koel comes back from the spa to see Sharan and Balli sharing an intimate moment that disturbs her. Koel confronts Sharan, but he gaslights her into believing nothing she is claiming has happened between him and Balli. But Koel knows what she saw, and she starts wondering if Sharan is gay or bisexual. She would rather have Sharan come out to her by being honest, but Sharan is embarrassed and does not try to come clean with her. They have a horrible public break up which Sharan is trying hard to get over.

Dheeraj lets Suhani know that he tried to steal money from her home, but that he decided not to because he cherishes his friendship more than anything in this world. Suhani is livid at Neeraj and Dheeraj, but she comes around when she comes to know how desperate they are to repay the debt. Suhani though she is rich, unlike others, she is empathetic to others’ problems, especially Neeraj and Dheeraj. Neeraj and Suhani continue hooking up with each other without creating any suspicion. She suggests if Neeraj can steal all the precious phones from Koel’s home, that will help him and Dheeraj repay the loan amount. Since she is practically raised in that home, she knows all the ways in and out of the bungalow. Neeraj is halfway through successfully getting hold of the phones, for as per Suhani’s information, nobody would be at Koel’s home that night. As he heads out with the phones, he notices Koel’s father and Suraj Ahuja bring in all their party guests to their home.

To escape silently, Neeraj ends up injuring himself and leaves a trace that a robbery has indeed happened. Koel’s father suspects the escorts were involved in the robbery, but he realizes the room was locked, and the women could not have known the lock combination of the room. He realizes this is an inside job. As Dheeraj comes back with medicines to help Neeraj heal, he notices Suhani and Neeraj acting weird in front of him. Dheeraj realizes Suhani and Neeraj have hooked up, and they are trying their level best to hide their relationship from him. Dheeraj is mad because he had confessed his love for Suhani, and she had kissed him to reciprocate his feelings. Veer, in a fit of anger after knowing Dheeraj and Suhani kissed, reveals to Saba about his brother selling drugs to school kids. Saba confronts her brother Faruq, who accepts it and comes out as gay to her. Saba is supportive of her brother being gay, but she also knows he will be ostracized, or worse, killed, by the family, just like what happened to their uncle. Saba cannot think of losing her brother too.

‘Class’ Episode 6: Expectations

Episode six of “Class” will have Koel’s family panicking over the fact that their precious phones were stolen, possibly by someone close to them. Neeraj and Dheeraj will soon be able to pay their loan back by selling off the phones. Dheeraj, on the other hand, starts getting jealous and suspicious of the fact that Neeraj and Suhani are getting too close, and he will soon know that they have been hooking up since Balli’s party.

Final Thoughts

“Class” Episode 5 usually works as a buffer to what is going to go down in the last few episodes of a season. This episode did just that; it did not take the narrative forward. But the show rightly talks about stereotypes, class division, greed for money, and how uber-rich adults and kids get away with plenty of things without having to work hard for it. Veer was probably chosen just because he is the boss’s son, and possibly plenty of suitable candidates were overlooked so that the route could be paved only for Veer. It is good to see certain characters being given shades of grey, like Veer, Dhruv, and Faruq. Suhani seems like a character who is sadly a train wreck who can’t be blamed for how she turned up. She never had a happy childhood to begin with, which led to her spiraling without even realizing how deep she had gotten into rampant drug abuse. An interesting episode, and hoping that the three episodes will help join the dots.

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