‘Class’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Is Dheeraj Mad At Suhani? Who Died Along With Her?

The first episode of “Class” was all about the interrogation of Dheeraj because of Suhani’s death. As Dheeraj recalls his first few days in the school, all three of them—him, Saba, and Balli—initially have a hard time getting along, but slowly and steadily, they open up, and the classes and classmates start becoming bearable except for a few. Though Dheeraj takes time, there is a reason why Suhani died. As the interrogation deepens, there is more story to be revealed on what led to her death.


Spoilers Ahead

The Assignment

As Dheeraj, Saba, and Balli settle in the Hampton International School, Saba starts coming up in academics, much to Yashika’s chagrin. Yashika has assigned her boyfriend Veer to ruin Saba’s image by getting his hands on and leaking a compromising video or image of hers. Yashika is hell-bent on making Saba leave the school, which will make it easy for Yashika to apply for the gold scholarship offered by the school. Their teacher asks them to work on an assignment wherein they must pair with a classmate and make a video diary on their life and their struggle. Suhani, who is trying to make Dheeraj comfortable in the school, asks him to partner up with her. Meanwhile, Veer is keen, but Saba is forced to work with him. Balli, on the other hand, pairs with Dhruv, and the rest of the class finds their match for the assignment. Yashika pushes Veer to work on their plan to sabotage Saba. Veer initially plans on doing what Yashika wants him to but soon starts liking Saba’s company. He shows up at her father’s stitching unit, which her father dislikes, and so does she. Veer insists on working on the project at his place because she is not keen on working with him in front of her father and other family members.


Dhruv is trying to bring his nerves and anxiety under control because of the pressure he is facing from his parents. Faruq again tries to calm him down, and, in that process, they end up kissing each other. Faruq and Dhruv are finally able to express their love for each other; even though there is so much difference in personality between the two, they both cannot seem to stop falling for each other. Dheeraj, on the other hand, has become busy with tons of assignments, along with the work he does with his brother at the restaurant. Neeraj keeps informing him about the caste divide and how it will be evident to him one day that a divide like that very clearly exists in society. Dheeraj does not pay any heed to his brother’s words. He has different opinions of how life works and does not believe in indulging in caste-based talks. Suhani comes by his home to work on the project assigned to them at school. Suhani records what Dheeraj’s father had to say about their life back in their hometown and why they moved to Delhi for a better life. Dheeraj’s video is recorded on the terrace, and later Suhani invites him to her place to finish the assignment. Suhani and Dheeraj start getting along, and Dheeraj seems to be the only person in the class that gets her. She slowly starts revealing her non-existent relationship with her parents, who seem to think only about money and reputation over her life and happiness. Dheeraj starts sympathizing with Suhani, and they find more reasons to be with each other. Even though there is a big wage gap between the two of them, they somehow find common ground, which is liking one another as a reason to hang out as often as they can. Neeraj, on the other hand, is constantly harassed by the corporator because his father borrowed 15 lakhs from the said person. Neeraj is trying hard to find money to repay the loan, but it is getting difficult to do so day after day. He is also struggling to make ends meet for himself, his brother, and their father. He has no choice but to steal money and demands Dheeraj steal black money stored at Suhani’s home to repay the loan. Dheeraj refuses to do so because he does not want to hamper the relationship he has built with Suhani.

‘Class’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Why Was Dheeraj Mad At Suhani? Who Died Along With Her?

Koel and Balli sleep with each other, which makes Sharan excited as well as jealous at the same time. Balli is happy to have hooked up with her, but he is noticing that she is finding it difficult to acknowledge him publicly, when they are not behind closed doors. She finds him very appealing. Yashika, too, starts getting bothered by the fact that Saba is getting all the attention, including her securing a spot at Model UN representing the school. Yashika tries to bribe the school teacher and, at the same time, confronts her school principal on why Saba is being encouraged. Yashika claims using Saba’s name helps the school get brownie points in the name of inclusivity. She does not understand that Saba is probably a better student in academia, and her strength lies in the fact that she is working hard; meanwhile, Yashika is busy plotting Saba’s downfall. Yashika, again, is a perfect example of a rich kid not understanding the privilege she carries. Yashika, at this point, is forcing Veer to go ahead with their plan, which makes Vee slightly uncomfortable, but he is unable to address the fact that Yashika is becoming paranoid.


Dheeraj and Saba go to Veer and Suhani’s home, and they are in awe of the grandeur of the house the siblings live in. Even though their parents don’t like the company they are keeping, both Veer and Suhani are not worried about what their parents expect of them. Veer starts enjoying Saba’s company and tries to keep his mind away from Yaashika’s plan. Meanwhile, Dheeraj and Suhani try to finish the assignment, but Suhani ends up taking the usual drug and passes out. Before passing out, Suhani does mention one incident that happened in her life a year ago, and she is trying hard to move on from it, but her parents refuse to let her move on. It is easy to understand that Suhani does not like her parents, and that she has a complicated relationship with her brother. Dheeraj tries to steal the money at his brother’s insistence. He finds the locker but doesn’t steal the money. Dheeraj’s conscience rises, and he realizes Suhani trusted him enough to bring him to her place, and he should not take advantage of the said situation.

Dhruv and Faruq start spending time with each other and understand the love they share. Dhruv is still finding it hard to reveal his true self, especially to Veer. Veer, on the other hand, is trying to figure out why Dhruv is aloof; once they were good friends, they hung out with each other and tried to talk about everything in life. As the assignment is submitted, Dheeraj is mad at Suhani for including his father in the assignment, who spoke in depth about the caste discrimination they faced back in his hometown. His father’s heartbroken talk about why they had to leave the town leaves the whole class stunned and makes Dheeraj angrier. All he wanted was to be accepted for who he was and not gain any sympathy from anyone. Dheeraj wants to achieve goals based on his hard work and not based on his caste. This makes Dheeraj angry at Suhani.


Meanwhile, as interrogation over Suhani’s death is going on, Dheeraj is being questioned relentlessly to know more about Suhani’s life, friendships, and why she was closest to Dheeraj. Since most of her elite classmates end up blaming Dheeraj for the Suhanis’s demise, Dheeraj has nothing much to say but just that she and he were good friends, and he has no hand in the killing of Suhani. Dheeraj and Balli are also questioned at the insistence of their classmates, and Balli is equally clueless about the situation. As Suhani’s autopsy report comes back, it is revealed that Suhani was pregnant when she died, and now her child is dead too. The father of the child can either be Dheeraj if he and Suhani had indulged in a physical relationship or it could be the result of a previous relationship Suhani had been in. 

‘Class’ Episode 3: Expectations

The third episode will shed light on who Suhani last slept with to know the father of her child. Suhani turns out to be a loving girl who is not able to control her vices, but Dheeraj seems to be a good influence on her as she starts opening up about her life. All of this and more will be explored in the next episode. As the interrogation goes on, Suhani’s pregnancy will be the talk of the station, as finding out the father of the child is of utmost importance. There will again be more hints about what happened with Suhani a year ago. Veer’s friendship with Saba, will it be real or fake?


Final Thoughts

This episode takes the story further rather brilliantly without pacing being affected. The pacing of the show is good, too, as there is constant eagerness and questions that need to be answered. The overall whodunnit and what happened scenarios created by the directors and writers make for a dark show which is in front of us. “Class” is slowly becoming a show that must be viewed to understand the class and caste dynamics in the capital city of our country. Again, special mention to the writers Rajesh Devraj, Bhaskar Hazarika, Raghav Kakkar, Kashyap Kapoor, and Kersi Khambatta for keeping the narrative gripping and not letting it go for one second. Looking forward to the third episode and what it has in store for us.

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