Amelia In ‘Class Of ’07,’ Season 1, Explained – Why Does Amelia Act Indifferent?

Creator Kacie Annings made sure to bring out plenty of ugly, despondent, yet strong and willful sides of a woman. “Class of ’07” is not sugar, spice, and everything nice. The show began with this premise, but things go south very quickly. The women are back again to celebrate their reunion and the meeting of the women now who were girls back then. Times have changed, and so have their lifestyles. Some are married, some are not, some are not financially secure, some are successful businesswomen, and some are trying to conceive a baby. All these people have insecurities, but they don’t surface until a natural calamity hits them. Kacie Annings and a bunch of writers make sure to tell us a story of normal working women who go through a lot to get through a day. Be it as a working professional or not, their choice of life is always questioned and easily judged. All of this is covered in detail by the “Class of ’07,” thanks to an excellent ensemble cast.


Many women in this group are hoping not to see each other again after that one night of celebration. Amelia, on the other hand, is back at this school, hoping to run into her old best friend, Zoe. Though all the other women are having a gala time reminiscing about the times they spent as girls in this convent school, breaking the rules relentlessly, Amelia is glancing at the door, hoping she will see Zoe walk in so she can have the long-lost conversation she always wanted to have. Zoe makes an appearance, but she is not dressed for the occasion. She walked into her school because her home was submerged in the water, thanks to a natural calamity. Her school was marked as a safe space, and this forces her to come by this place, where she runs into her old friends. All her classmates are keen on knowing about her disastrous appearance on the dating reality television show, while Amelia makes sure she does not bombard Zoe with questions. Seeing each other after a decade surely brings back a lot of memories. Amelia is planning to have a heart-to-heart with Zoe. It is revealed that Amelia left the school in the last year of their schooling, but no one knows why, including Zoe. Zoe is more than happy to have run into Amelia, but she refrains from asking any questions about her leaving the school. Zoe keeps her distance because by the end of the school year ten years ago, Zoe and Amelia had stopped being friends, and her sudden exit left a deep impact on Zoe as well.

Amelia tries to have a conversation when she realizes Zoe is under Saskia’s influence. Amelia never had a good impression of Saskia ten years ago, and even seeing her at the reunion, she senses something off about her composed nature. Saskia, though, is deemed changed by everyone but Amelia, who refuses to buy it. She realizes she does not fit in anymore and decides to leave the party early when she is the one to break the bad news. The water has surrounded their school property, making it an island, and all the women were probably stuck forever. Amelia initially loses her mind over Zoe not letting anyone know of the calamity. Zoe tries to justify herself, but she is angry about the fact that Amelia blames her for something she was warning them of when she entered the reunion party.


Amelia comes across as someone who has severe trust issues, and she is having a hard time being around Zoe and helping her find a solution to their problem of connecting to the outside world. Zoe and Amelia have multiple conversations about what happened ten years ago, but Amelia ends up shutting down and walking away from the conversation. She realizes Zoe has gone far away from her to the point that she is unable to be in sync with how Amelia thinks. Amelia’s trust issues fester from the fact that Zoe never asked her why she left and never bothered to get in touch with her after her exit from the school. Though Amelia ended up getting married to her high school sweetheart, there is still an issue that is brewing in her that was never dealt with. Zoe defends herself, which makes Amelia all the more livid. Amelia is hoping that somehow Zoe will be able to see through her and find out that Amelia is struggling. Zoe is informed that Amelia is taking antidepressants. Zoe, from here on, helps Amelia, but she refuses to acknowledge Zoe’s attempts to be her friend. Amelia is far from caring about what Zoe wants anymore. The depression that she is suffering from is making her run far away from someone who is trying her best. Amelia reveals her mother committed suicide, which might have sent her into depression, and she probably never got out of it. Her willingness to believe Zoe dips every day. Amelia’s state of mind stems from the fact that she felt betrayed by Zoe ten years ago, and she has never been able to recover from that pain. The depression makes her go further away from her ex-best friend, even though Zoe is trying hard to be there for her.

Her state of mind forces Amelia to go through one last blowout party because she is sure no one is coming to look out for them. Amelia comes up with the theme and brainwashes the women around them into believing that this is the end. Amelia doesn’t realize the party would mean a shortage of the food that has been rationed up until now. Her fear stems from the fact that she has given up and does not want to live, knowing no one will come to rescue her. Amelia is spiraling, and she can’t seem to find a way out of the situation they are in. After dealing with Zoe and the tyrant Saskia, Amelia has had it, and she can only hope to give up from now on. Even though she knows Saskia apologized for her inhumane behavior during school and her role as the leader since the calamity, Amelia is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that there is a world out there for them. Soon she offers herself as a sacrifice, for she has no hope, and she wonders if her life is of any use to anyone. Zoe stops her from making a mistake and asks her to leave the island on the boat she made for themselves. Amelia asks Zoe to join her in finding another land with the hope of coming back and rescuing the women there. Zoe is finally happy to have found a breakthrough in her friendship with Amelia. Amelia asking Zoe to join her is proof that there is a chance their friendship can be revived, and they can stop being strangers. Amelia stayed indifferent for her reasons, and she knew there was probably no one who could understand her, including her husband. But with Zoe’s relentless effort, Amelia is finally allowing herself to be vulnerable again, and she is not shutting the door on her. Amelia also begins as someone who is depressed and losing hope, but Zoe’s effort to be with her has opened her heart once again.


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